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  In hangzhou, there is a legendary famous scenic spot - the west lake. The west lake is a landscape, called "just". Looked from a distance, the greenery yiyi, carpet of flowers. Faint show pavilions in the woods, like a fairyland. Legend su dongpo when local officials in hangzhou, dig deep lake, let it grow more water and drought irrigation field. People later in the deepest place water set the three pagodas as deep water mark, this is the just now.

  People in the expansion of the lake, dig out the mud heap became a long beach, is now the su causeway. If walking among them, as if back to ancient times. Great poet su dongpo was fascinated by the beauty of the west lake, in his "the drink attendance after the rain on the lake," a "to the west lake than west, c plus always right", and compare the west lake to xi shi, that is to say the west lake as beautiful as beauty, both in the sunny or rainy days are all the same.

  Hangzhou is not only the jingmei, silk is also the world famous. Hangzhou cheongsam, it is with the finest silk carefully sewing together. A cheongsam at least take hundreds or thousands of silkworm cocoon, also explains the great contribution of silkworm.

  Hangzhou silk by warm, soft. This is a masterpiece of the workers, they want the silk layers into a quilt, combined with a quilt. This kind of pure handmade quilt is one of the best, so also is very popular with people.

  Hangzhou has a good place worth a visit, that is wuzhen. Wuzhen is a genuine water. On either side of the water is black and white tile brick build by laying bricks or stones into the house. Residents here by ship when transport... All this as I went back to the hundreds of years ago, back to the ancient times, was intoxicating.

  Beautiful hangzhou! Let people linger!


  Ladies and gentlemen:

  To hangzhou before, you must have heard of "above there is heaven, there are suzhou and hangzhou" this famous saying! In fact, to compare hangzhou to heaven on earth, largely because the west lake. For one thousand years, the west lake scenery with charm, the charm of those she does, is love at first sight. Even the great tang dynasty poet bai Ju yi still remember when you leave the hangzhou west lake, "failed to have to go to hangzhou, stay half is the lake." Poet said he was reluctant to leave hangzhou, the main reason is because hangzhou has a beautiful west lake. "The west lake 36, medium is hangzhou" best!

  Friends: here are from YueMiao harbor by boat to visit the west lake with me. Before the ship did not start, I introduce the situation of the west lake: first is located in the west of hangzhou, west lake, surrounded on three sides by mountains and faces the east near downtown, north and south 3.2 kilometers long, about 2.8 km wide from east to west, almost a week 15 kilometers around the lake. Area of about 5.68 square kilometers, including the lake island 6.3 square kilometers, 1.55 meters, the average water depth in 2.8 meters or so, most the most shallow place less than one meter, the storage capacity between 8.5 million to 8.7 million cubic meters. Su causeway and bai causeway will be divided into the lake, lake in the north, outside the kiosk YueHu and small lake nanhu five parts. On history of the west lake has wonderful scenery everywhere, in addition to the "qiantang ten scene", "west lake 18 scene", one of the most famous is the southern song dynasty named "west lake ten scene", mother: su causeway chunxiao, qu yuan prescribed by ritual law, pinghu harvest moon, broken bridge cx, flower view fish, nanping bells, twin peaks piercing the clouds, the world sea smell Niao afterglow, just, OARS. At every word to as connotation, which is: spring, summer, autumn and winter flowers, clouds late evening willow. No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, the author points out whether MingHui terminator, the west lake scenery is constantly, everywhere in the feature. In 1985 was named the "new xihu ten scene". At 60 square kilometers to the west lake as the center of the garden scenic spot, there are more than 40 awarded the main scenic spots, there are more than 30 key cultural relics. In summary the west lake scenery mainly one lake, two peaks, triple falls, four temple, five, six, seven holes tomb, eight, nine streams, ten views for victory. The state council on November 8, 1982 to the west lake as one of the first batch of national key scenic spot. In 1985, in "China top ten scenic spots" in the west lake was named the third.

  The west lake is so beautiful, of course, pregnant with many wonderful and moving legends. Legend in a long time ago, the sky has jade dragon and her on the silver river island found a piece of white jade, they are thinking about for years, white jade became a radiant pearl, pearl according to where the orb, where trees are evergreen, flowers are blooming. Message to the heavenly palace, the day after tomorrow will send heavenly queen mountain god will come to snatch a pearl. Yulong jinfeng and hurried to SuoZhu, was she refused, so he fight and she is down, with a loose, the pearl will fall to the earth, into a crystal clear lake, and subsequent landing, yulong jinfeng and turned into a jade dragon mountain (namely YuHuangShan) and phoenix mountain, forever guardian in shore of the west lake.

  Just some friends ask why water is so clear and pure of the west lake? The cause of this is from the west lake about: west lake in 12000 years ago or shallow bay of communion with the qiantang river, long in wushan and stone mountain, north and south, the west lake, is a two way around the bay. Later, due to the impact of the tide sediment silting, separating the bay and the qiantang river, the western han dynasty (206 BC - AD 24 years) of the west lake lake have been fixed, the west lake really is fixed in the sui dynasty (581-618), by shallow bay on the geology evolution of lakes called lagoon. Since the west lake bear mountain spring of living water wash, and then experienced all previous dynasties by bai juyi, su dongpo, Yang Mengying, RuanYuan governance, such as five times launched large-scale artificial dredging, finally from a natural lake become beautiful semi-enclosed shallow lakes scenery.

  There are many names in the history of the west lake. The han dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) when called wulin, Taurus, Ming sacred lake lake water; The tang dynasty (618-907) called Shi Han lake, qiantang lake. In addition to Gao Shihu, sage lake, lake, longchuan, money, etc. In the northern song dynasty (960-1127), su dongpo when making hangzhou local officials, wrote a poem of praise to the west lake: "above the billow sunny side, mountains, emptiness rain also, for the west lake than west, c plus always right." Poet fancy compare west lake to Chinese ancient beauty xi shi, as a result, the west lake has a "scenery" bills.

  As the famous west lake landscape, many Chinese and foreign celebrities have a special liking to this. Life of the communist party of China MAO zedong 40 times to hangzhou, the longest lived for seven months, he put the hangzhou as a "second home". MAO tse-tung often praised the beautiful west lake, but he was never formally published about the poetry of the west lake. A great man like the west lake in China, international friends of the west lake is linger. The former US President Richard Nixon to hangzhou twice, he praised: "Beijing is the capital of China, and hangzhou is the heart of the country, I will come again." Nixon also the hometown of the California redwood to hangzhou.

  Our ship has slowly started. I look over the whole trip on the lake trip simply introduce: around the scenic spots have mountain and two dike of the week. Mountain butte, referring to the isolated hill scenic area scenic spot and historic resort up to more than 30, the lake can appreciate to go on to a bridge, qiu jin tomb, xileng printing society, building outside the building, zhongshan park, etc. After isolated hill is bai causeway, from pinghu harvest moon, finally broken bridge cx, bridge and the famous stone, and landscape flow chardonnay. Watching the lake scenery, we go to the lake three island, a cruise ship shore finally in the su causeway.

  The ship is now moving from west to east, everybody is in xiaogushan area scenery. Solitary shanxi go on bridge, east bai causeway, 35 meters, covers an area of 200000 square meters. Isolated hill scenery between tang and song dynasty has been known, south the Confucian cases in the construction of large-scale palace of the western Pacific b, the most isolated hill is divided into the imperial. The qing dynasty emperor kangxi was built in the palace, the yongzheng emperor palace instead holy temple, and the time of the lingyin temple, net Keats temple, according to their temple said "four big jungle" west lake. Some friends may ask: isolated hill is the biggest island in the west lake, why the name "isolated hill"? This is because the mountain scenery especially beautiful in history, has been called the emperor alone possession, so for the butte. Tell from the geology, butte is composed of the rhyolitic volcano, the bird is and land together, so "xiaogushan not solitary, middle-east, longbridge not long" quiet is known as the west lake.

  You see in front of the seat ring hole in the stone bridge, is located in the west xiaogushan, named go on bridge. It is known as the west lake and middle-east, longbridge ancient three big bridge.

  Go on to the bridge, after isolated hill foot of green leaves with white marble statues, see the heroine akimbo, left hand right hand by the sword, eyes, head to look at the front, like exploring the revolutionary truth. Who is she? She is the pioneer of Chinese women's liberation movement, to overthrow the qing dynasty, the struggle for national independence and heroic sacrifice of "no woman" qiu jin. Tomb this statue is 2.7 meters high, 2 meters high, positive monument there the sun on the calligraphy "heroine" four big word. Qiu jin martyr statue, gives us an inspiration: is famous for its west lake, is not only of the landscape, it is more because of many historical figures and multiplication. Within the west lake scenic area, is known as "three jie" on the lake of yue fei, Yu Qian, Zhang Cang water, and together with qiu jin for the revitalization of the Chinese modern hair to the revolutionaries Xu Xilin, TaoChengZhang, buried the west lake.

  We ship to continue driving slowly to the east, you see in front of a white wall, courtyard is famous xileng printing society. Mid-stream and the right, this match well of Chinese and western architecture, is a one hundred - year - old building outside the building. Building outside the building, founded in 1848, the name is taken from the southern song dynasty poet Lin Sheng "mountain castle peak building outside the building" a sentence. Building outside the building, geographical and human conditions and that has received many Chinese and foreign celebrities. Building outside the building on the number of take charge of famous west lake vinegar fish, it is the choice of the west lake culture within the prescribed scope of grass carp, first hungry a second day, the fish in clean water to remove dirt, and then cooking. Into cooking after west lake vinegar fish, colour and lustre is red, the meat is tender, sweet and delicious, with a crab flavor, is the most representative flavor dishes in hangzhou.

  Now the ship is heading to zhongshan park, the main gate of xiaogushan right here. "The mountain is not high, with fairy is name", isolated hill is a famous mountain scenery, is a famous mountain culture. Isolated hill's status in the west lake scenic area is so important, because it is rich in historical and cultural connotation, there are the famous "west lake scenery all over the world," still memory of the northern song dynasty poet reclusion and Lin jing put crane pavilion. These sites were we went to visit.

  Near the zhongshan park, we saw a group of architecture is a newly built completion "museum" of zhejiang province. Then surface display up to 7000 years ago the hemudu culture, down to the modern exhibits more than 1700 pieces of cultural relics. Museum is at the back of the ancient buildings in the qing dynasty royal library Wen Lange, it is our country for collection "ku" of one of the seven book cabinet.

  See that highlight the cement of the lake in front of the platform faced pavilion has show before our eyes, this building was built in the qing dynasty emperor kangxi years, named pinghu harvest moon. It is the starting point of bai causeway, is also one of the three largest moon resort in hangzhou. In the history of hangzhou people Mid-Autumn moon have three options: just one of the first three islands in the lake, the mountains should be lunar phoenix mountain scenic spot, as to the shore, is the number that the beautiful and quiet night, water days of the pinghu harvest moon!

  Now you see the front the between willow of peach "between" causeway to travel is bai causeway. When our ship sailed to here, the west lake is the most beautiful scenery appeared in front of everyone. Look! On each side has a line of willows, prunus persica, especially in music, willow green, peach purples, a TaoGongLiuLu scenery, visitors to this, as if in the fairyland. Bai causeway formerly known as "white sand dam", as early as one thousand years ago in the tang dynasty, is famous for its beautiful landscapes. Although it with white in the host bai causeway is not in a position of the building, but as a reminder of the hangzhou people made outstanding contributions in hangzhou in "the old mayor", still put it named bai causeway. Built it with su dongpo presided over the two jin su causeway is like lake zone, colorful, hand in photograph reflect. Everyone to see, bai causeway in the middle of the bridge is called jin belt, is a wooden bridge before, "green bridge" in the name, now renamed the stone bridge. At the end of bai causeway, the broken bridge, 1 km of the bai causeway is the "break".

  Broken bridge name originally taken in tang dynasty, song dynasty said treasure Hu bridge, also called period of yuan dynasty home know, used to be a moss was the ancient stone bridge. Although we now see the bridge arch is a very common, but its name and "white snake" story relates in together, thus became one of the most famous bridge in the west lake.

  At this point, I saw some friends already in careful observation, maybe you will ask right away: the bridge is not broken, why the name "broken bridge"? Let me to answer this question. Broken bridge is one of the famous west lake ten views, because of the broken bridge position in the back of mountain city, is in the north outside the lake and lake water points, in the field of vision is open, is the best place to watch the west lake snow scenery in winter. When snow attendance, the positive aspect has deglaciation snow bridge, and the shadow of the bridge still snowy, from a distance, the bridge seems broken broken, hence the name "broken bridge can xue". Also, the broken bridge and the end of bai causeway, bai causeway that runs from the foundation to the interruption. At this point, you may have understood, the original is "dam broken bridge".

  Everybody look at broken bridge behind the mountain called stone mountain, elevation 78 meters. The rocks of the mountain and hills west lake, mainly composed of igneous rock in the flow lines and tuff, one is called "gem" jasper, embedded in the purple grey stone, in the sunlight, attention, this is the origin of stone mountain is named. The mountains that tall and straight, stand high tower, full names baochu pagoda. The early baochu pagoda will unveil for nine stupas, now was rebuilt in 1933. It is made into solid structures, minus eight arrises type, 45.3 meters high, and well-balanced, soft beautiful lines, in the lake in the tower, baochu pagoda will unveil the modelling of the most handsome, the most gentle and graceful shape. History and baochu pagoda will unveil the and a corresponding coasts, in the west lake landscape layout, and located in a central axis, north island and south island, on the other side of the lake, a sincere and elegant, a slender and pretty. Before both coasts not collapsed, the west lake was presented on the north-south confrontation, one lake "hit the twin towers of the places, so people have" world such as na, protect Chu such as beauty ", says the when the coasts and baochu pagoda will unveil the different charm.

  Each friend: along the coast of the west lake landscape is introduced here, and then we go to watch the three islands in the lake.

  First of all, let's take a look at the big island in the west lake "just", also called small ying state. This is a "lake island, island in lake" garden on the lake. The whole area of 70000 square meters, of which the water accounted for 60%. Island is "tian" glyph, something even the willow embankment, the civil building winding and winding side and plant with large red, white and all kinds of water lilies. In addition, in the history of three pools of money month also famous for planting the west lake water shield.

  Below please island tour with me, just the island, in the early build-up in thirty-five years Ming wanli (1607), is made of dredging lake mud accumulation. Its essence lies in three stone tower, south of the island. See: three elections tower on the lake, 2 meters high tower, the towers are spherical, lined with five small round hole, the top of the tower a gourd shape, beautiful modelling. Every night, especially in the Mid-Autumn festival, bright, people light candles in the tower, along the mouth with tissue paper, candles, outside the "shadow, cloud and shadow" dissolved into a piece, "candlelight, moonlight, lake" hand in photograph reflect, in the refraction of light, tower lights through 15 round hole projection on the surface of the water, with a total of 30 moon, plus 1 early a water in the sky, the lake can be reflected in 32 small moon, present "the day round last month, the lake shadow into three" the beautiful scenery, is "one lake jinshui to dissolve in the autumn," unspeakable poetic.

  Then we look at the lake the cornice of the newborn pavilion, named lake. It is the largest of the west lake a pavilion. Is also part of one of the earliest construction in west lake three island island, built during Ming jiajing thirty-one years (1552 years), from reading has a history of 440 years. "Central plain jams" is one of the ten views qiantang. Stand in lake place overlooking the lake, cloud-covered mountains, panoramic view, the west lake scenery, take in everything in a glance.

  Lake in the northwest of the island, called RuanGong pier. The west lake three island, the smallest one, has an area of only 5561 square meters. It is in the qing dynasty jiaqing years (in 1800), the governor of zhejiang RuanYuan with dredging silt after the west lake together. Nguyen pier fishing has become a good place for hangzhou citizens holiday leisure, nguyen pier rides are for the tourists around the grand launch of a feature of the west lake in the summer.

  Visited the three islands in the lake, our ship has been to the dock in direction - su causeway. You see: this article from the south and in front of the weak across the lake, 2.8 km long beach of the lake is the su causeway. Pangde, a total of six stone arch Bridges are reflected wave, lock rings, wangshan, dike, dongpu, across a rainbow, bank planting peach willow, lotus, form "the west lake scenery, six bridge a willow a peach" view. Said to the su causeway, people will naturally think of the northern song dynasty poet su dongpo, su dongpo had twice as a magistrate in hangzhou, the west lake, he organized 200000 migrant workers dredging then use mud fenchyl grass lake, built the from nanping mountain foot of qixia ling long beach, later generations to commemorate his great deeds, named "su causeway". Now the southern tip of dike built "su dongpo memorial" for people to visit, honoring the achievements of su dongpo.

  Friends: people often put the hangzhou west lake and lake Geneva, Switzerland lemmon compared to the east and the west reflect two stars in the world of bead, it is because of the west lake, just for the Italian Marco Polo to hangzhou classics as "the world's most beautiful city of showily. The west lake as a famous scenic spot, received of the heads of state of the world. As a result, not only is the pearl of hangzhou west lake, is the Oriental pearl, the pearl of the world.

  "Yi jiangnan, most have is hangzhou. Find out the laurel blossoms filled the air. Yamadera months, county kiosk pillow watching tide. When more revisit?" This is bai juyi for the praise of the west lake to leave aftertaste endless song. My dear friends, when we the end of the west lake when do you feel the same? I hope see you soon, we meet again, full sleep (An reward the laurel blossoms filled the air. And the qiantang river on the tide, mountains and rivers, to the west lake always retain fond memories of you.


  Hangzhou is a beautiful city, is one of the seven ancient capitals in China, is also the capital of zhejiang province, has long been the folk known as "paradise on earth". Hangzhou has a long history, since warlords set qiantang county, has 2200 years of history. Hangzhou is one of the birthplace of Chinese civilization. As early as 4700 years ago, humans thrive here, and generate the liangzhu culture is known as the dawn of civilization.

  Hangzhou was the five dynasties and the southern song dynasty two generations of its capital, is one of the seven ancient capitals in China.

  Hangzhou called money don. The sui dynasty huang nine years (589) waste county down money, hangzhou, hangzhou in the name of first appeared in history. The southern song dynasty built three years (1129), Gao Zongna crossing to hangzhou, rise to linan hangzhou mansion. Eight years (1138) the southern song dynasty shaoxing formal its capital linan, lasted more than 140 years. The first year of the republic of China (1912) to the original, benevolence and county and hangzhou qiantang county. Sixteen years of the republic of China (1927), precipitation and hangzhou county city of hangzhou, hangzhou city beginning this. On May 3, 1949, hangzhou liberation, from now on developing new history in hangzhou.

  Hangzhou uptown and downtown, Jiang Gan, GongShu, west lake, high (binjiang) eight, xiaoshan, yuhang district, building heart, fuyang, linan three county-level cities, tonglu, ChunAn 2 counties. The city's total area of 16596 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 3068 square kilometers. Hangzhou probably around 6.6 million population, is also China's population density is one of the big cities, what's more, every day there are thousands of tourists come here to travel.

  Because hangzhou has a long history, rich culture and material heritage.

  Is one of the earliest origin, hangzhou name by yu ever shed hang on here as a water conservancy, hangzhou is the ark, the meaning of ship, the posterity called hangzhou yu hang then, don't know from when, why, people call yu hangzhou yuhang, so far there are still in hangzhou yuhang this place name, the qing dynasty was one of the biggest grievance "Yang Naiwu and Chinese cabbage" story took place in yuhang.

  The tang dynasty and song dynasty famous poet bai juyi poetry su shi, has office in hangzhou, perpetual west lake landscape masterpiece of masterpieces, write down a lot of popular, may today.

  Hangzhou development to now such prosperity, the largest contributor of the kingdom of wu yue. Builder - nearby lutetium, his condition was advantagious policy, make China's land has a piece of land to recuperate in the war. Kingdom, hangzhou culture construction in the sculpture art achievements, klippe statues is one of the masterpiece.

  Northern song dynasty time, already became the first state in the southeast of hangzhou, not to mention the southern song dynasty, the central government in the capital, hangzhou became the largest city in the world at the time, the world's first metropolis. Song room south crossing, the artists gathered in hangzhou, greatly promoted the prosperity here. In the yuan dynasty, Italian Marco Polo sent a heartfelt sigh, said that hangzhou is "the most beautiful and elegant city in the world", this is the highest praise to the city.

  Ming and qing dynasties, hangzhou as the most prosperous city jiangnan, not only celebrities, and special economic boom, as on of the biggest cities in the plain of hangzhou, because the traffic is convenient, the trade is very convenient, one of the most representative character is red top businessman, hu xueyan.

  Hangzhou can use four sentences, sixteen words to sum up: a paradise on earth, the silk mansion, tea city, the city of delicacies.

  Said that hangzhou is a paradise on earth that can branch half with the false, the ancients cloud: above there is heaven, below there are suzhou and hangzhou. Compared in hangzhou is a paradise on earth, generations of scholars are also to the paradise city left many familiar chapters.

  Officials and scholars praise the beauty of hangzhou, the United States in the west lake, the famous tang dynasty poet bai juyi once said: the west lake 36, on the most beautiful in hangzhou. Place called west lake under the sun too much, but not a city are comparable to those obtained with the west lake in hangzhou west lake. So is the heart of hangzhou west lake, from the tang dynasty bai juyi, su dongpo song dynasty, five dynasties money Yang Mengying lutetium, Ming dynasty, new west lake to now, only the beautiful west lake, is the beauty of hangzhou, only there are so many scholars praise poem, there are so many flood of visitors.

  When it comes to water in hangzhou, have to say to the beijing-hangzhou grand canal. The beijing-hangzhou grand canal, 1794 km, while the spring and autumn period and the prince was the first to build the Han ditch, but the real digging is emperor yangdi period, all roughly until the yuan dynasty. This article through the Beijing, tianjin, hebei, shandong, jiangsu, zhejiang 4 provinces and two cities of artificial canal, communicate the Yangtze river, Yellow River, haihe river, huaihe river, the qiantang river, the five water system, also for the this city at the end of the grand canal brought infinite prosperity and development.

  Hangzhou qiantang river is a main river, originated in huangshan mountain, the thousand island lake xin an river flows all the way to the southeast, due to the qiantang river estuary is a bell mouth, affected by the moon, every lunar calendar is a form of the spectacular qiantang river tide in mid-august.

  Have since ancient times, jiangnan silk, suzhou and hangzhou silk is famous around the world, hangzhou outside of mulberry Lin illustrates this point more, in ancient times, silk clothing is noble and representatives of senators today, from the silk dress, silk quilt, to silk umbrella into the folk, for the majority of the people, and all sorts of hangzhou silk products are one of the representative.

  Tea are found everywhere in China, but in the green tea, longjing quality, only hangzhou west lake, "tiger springs with longjing tea" that is hangzhou's double. , the first top ten green tea, longjing tea is not wave get hollow reputation, west lake longjing tea to green color, fragrant, green, form beauty is famous for its "four unique". Into a flat without tea, smooth and well-balanced, yellowish green; Bubble is in the cup, the buds into a flower, a flag one gun, photograph is unripe brightness, bud bud upright, lifelike; If relapsed, lofty lasting; Looked bright, flavor pleasant delicacy. People kua call it "gold bud", "unique", has become a national senior gift of tea. Of so hangzhou is also known as "tea".

  Hangzhou cuisines, the now famous all over the country, many dishes are all familiar: dongpo pork, west lake vinegar fish, song putting fish soup, dry Fried ring, beggars chicken, Fried shrimps with longjing tea, and so on. The building outside the building might be the most familiar restaurant. And every dish has its own a beautiful legend!

  Hangzhou many historical figures: the establishment of The Three Kingdoms wu sun quan, the inventor of the movable type printing was used, the MengXi writing, "shen kua, the author of the Ming dynasty gold star Yu Qian resistance, etc., and worked here and one of the most famous is bai juyi, su shi, yue fei, etc., all adds infinite charm for hangzhou landscapes.

  Attractions in addition to the west lake in hangzhou, and bamboo diameter, linyin temple, six harmonies pagoda, the cloud nine streams 18 bay, YueMiao, residence of hu xueyan, Wan Song academy, songcheng, etc., many scenic spots. These spots are filled with beautiful legends, and among them the white niang son and her husband, liang shan bo and zhu yingtai, su xiaoxiao and ruanyu, Eva and flower gu story makes hangzhou a love of all. Young lovers at dusk pacing slowly under the west lake, willows, steeped in the legend of the romantic and beautiful scenery, it will be how poetic! If you want to see how these legends real show in front of you, it is recommended that you can go to the songcheng see a good show!

  As will be in hangzhou, zhejiang province, rapid economic development, there is little not the contribution of zheshang, wahaha, wanxiang group, juneyao group and so on. Hangzhou is a city of leisure, so has also become a consumer city, tea, bars, dance halls, casinos, restaurants, subway, crowing. The taxi is the best, the taxicabs, from modern to nissan, and even a Mercedes; The buses here is also the most beautiful, jinlong air-condition, Volvo, and antique sightseeing bus. The nightlife here also is very rich, bars, dance halls, clubs, and many are open 24 hours a day. Of course, the house price is very expensive here, to be able to see the west lake a little house of figure, can sell for 25000 yuan/square meters, so the consumption of hangzhou online is in addition to Shanghai's most expensive city in eastern China.

  Due to the transformation of the city, many figures of the old place already can't see, but hangzhou on protection and development of scenic spots still can. Today's hangzhou is a beautiful and modern city, high-rise buildings, elevated highway and mountains, the city will give you more surprise and sigh!







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