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  Honey, I'm thinking of you, I want to give you a hug! And a warm kiss on Thanksgiving day! I wish you a happy thanksgiving!


  The sky of life, because of you and become beautiful and colorful; the passage of time, because you become fragrant and sweet; the mood of the rise and fall, because you become happy forever; the blessing of sincere, because you become sincere warmth. I wish you all the best, happy Ankang!


  Come, go, go, go to drink a cup of tea! The work, also hope to be. Sims after a few hours, remember to rest, provided fine repose recovery of physical strength, but also to promote Ankang!


  Friend is the most beautiful scenery on the road of life, friendship is connected to each other with a beating heart. We use the pen and ink, dotted with life on the road of the scenery, with sincere to pay, the harvest of the world's most moving friendship.


  Send you a high mountain, board it can catch a glimpse of the well-being of the look; give you a piece of the sea, looking at it can find a different kind of beauty; send you a message, read it will leave all the troubles. Wish every day happy!


  Wishes: Happy bulldozers pushed away your troubles and Meiqi; good luck sharpshooter, destroyed your pain and sorrow; happy death squads, send longing and comfort; sweet instructor, happy to let you ten thousand years!


  Life is more trouble, don't mind the troubles. Happy over a lifetime, the envy of their own happiness. Despite the selfishness and greed, rely on their own hard work. There is no no, not just the heart pain. May you grasp your own life, happiness and more!


  Little blessings, with my sincere heart, patches of flowers, with my sincere care, sentence greetings, with my sincere blessing, wish friends: a memorable yesterday, there is a happy today, there is a better tomorrow!


  Thick friendship and blessing, continuous yearning and greeting, in this beautiful day, may wish with card bring you warm greetings, I hope you can often think of me, I also hope you can know, regardless of the ends of the earth I deeply bless you.


  Friend is the life of the forest, is the soul of the rest of the station, is the feelings of the apartment, savings emotional baggage, no matter how much wind and rain on the way of life, friends such as the umbrella with you clear sky all the way! May your sky be more blue, life is the most beautiful!


  Spring breeze willow, willow Liao heart, heart missing, missing Chung mind, mind you, you and me two, two separated thousands of miles and miles pass greeting, greeting warm heart heart, sweet in fine threads. Wish you happy!


  I use the most true heart compose a song of Thanksgiving melody, accompanied by Lang Lang in the night sky twinkling starlight night pray for you, wish the world all love my life is safe. Happy thanksgiving.


  New year's footsteps near, the heart is difficult to calm. Go out for nearly a year, more homesickness. Hurry home bags, buy tickets. Parents hope children early return at the door. The new year is coming, I wish you the way back home Everything is going smoothly!


  Push open the doors and windows, to meet the brilliant sunrise; open the chest, the fragrance of the flowers in the respiratory; stride, follow your dreams; troubles away, flower blooming face. Spring has arrived, the spring breeze to convey my wishes. I wish you happy, the body of Ankang!


  Years, interdigital flow away; tea, long lasting appeal; alcohol wine, drunk is comfortable; miss, Xpress; friendship, qingshenyichong, greetings, Qin you Syndrone; blessings, send sincere; I want to, I wish you a happy birthday!



  Worry, never disturb you; injury, never with you; happy, never abandon you; happiness, never leave you; and I, always with you. Dear friends, in this pious wish you: I wish you happy, happy Ankang!


  If there is no spring, where the flowers blooming? If there is no affection, which came the return of Yan? If there is no greeting, which come of the wind light call? If there is no thinking, which to the full text of the language? If not you laugh, which come of my heart wide? Sincerely wish you all will!


  Emotion, corners of the penetration of life; friendship, life irrigation. Friendship, nourishing the happy life; greetings, warm friend of the pit of the stomach. Friends, I wish you well, always wishful!


  Do not have to ask the flower, the smile left; set out a piece of landscape clean, amount of a coast to coast; branches and buds of happiness to reveal, good luck many a little makes a mickle; thinking is always in the watch, affection is simple and unadorned; message infinite blessings, may future picture you!


  Sometimes, as regards fish breathe, a mouth is turned into a string of ellipsis, I do not know where to start. I had to leave the memories of the love hidden in the heart. A common greeting, wish you all the best!


  Life always has too many helpless, forgive, forgive, to understand, simple good. Life does not need to care too much, let nature take its course will be easy, let you feel calm, everything is good!


  Untold thousands and thousands of words, is always the bottom of my heart the true blessing you put the most sincere blessing with me, let the happiness forever with your heart have a kind of worry, leisurely message to the distance you, may happiness accompany with you.


  Day leisurely walk, light to the ups and downs. Friendship is a touch of light, you have to remember me. The smile left, so that the life of the song, refresh the beautiful life. Every day, I wish you a happy life!


  God give you warmth, to give you a warm, I give you a blessing. I wish you luck as rain! Worry as fly like a cloud, as sad as the extinction of dinosaurs, happiness is as sweet as honey.


  In the window you have engraved in dreams, waiting for you to spring out of the window. Put down the down right, don't run for the future. Yesterday will be lost, tomorrow is also lost, only today's flowers, still blooming quietly. I wish a happy weekend!


  Time in the staggered, shines bright color; days in succession, emitting a halo of happiness; emotional during heating, friendship collision sparks; friends in contact, transmits the mind greetings. Friends, wish you happy, happy every moment!


  Open the window, let the dream to fly, with the bright stars, emitting a happy fragrance. Ignite sincere wish in peace, happiness taste. Life is always beautiful, all things don't worry, even if you fall asleep, you have to smile. I wish you happiness, happy and safe!


  Friends do not always meet, may occasionally have no time to contact, but never forget each other; the information is not necessarily a lot of words, perhaps a few words of greetings, but never thin friendship. Wish peace and happiness!


  Other people, no matter how good, is always someone else; yourself, no matter how unbearable, always be yourself, is unique. So, as long as we try to do their best, it is enough in my life. Friends, cherish their own!


  In a hurry is you, unloading is you, little I'm playing you good sweet! Thank you, thank you, little love in the big city only for you! Happy Thanksgiving, happy every day!






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