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  Parting tears of pure like pearls, we would like to each other.


  The clouds parted, water ten years. Love laughter as the old, the temples have been spotted.


  Say goodbye to the arm, the more recent is the soul.


  My youth, draw a perfect full stop!


  In a number of later, will be precipitated into the most beautiful memories.


  After long do not ask, do not say everything.


  The infinite sky gradually far gradually, like all its constantly.


  After a few years, it will be the most beautiful memories.


  I promise you I will smile to leave this school, with us this to the most real memories, leave.



  Parting, I hope you can remember me. Don't ask the world tomorrow, would it be the same.


  Neither turn back, why not forget? Since there is no reason, how to pledge today all kinds of? Water marks, tomorrow evening, no stranger.


  Sunset sent you on a journey, and send you away, leaving the night sky clouds. When you return, under the window, both the shadow?


  You are gone. At the long time, my heart is like a tree in autumn, leaves helpless fall down to the ground, only the lonely hung on the branches.


  Whitecaps give you flowers, sunshine and you hug, the seagulls say good-bye to you, ah, life big hajto with your youth ships set sail.


  Not be daymark Sishou, does not need to be made a solemn pledge of eternal love, just remember that moonlit night, as long as remember the hour, and the affectionate kiss.


  Waved goodbye, sails, forget is the friendship that you throw of the cable, the invisible firmly lines in my heart.


  In particular, the rabbit said: you are good to me, I will remember this life, in my most painful time, you have been with me.


  Departure will weaken the superficial feeling, but the deepest feelings more profound, as the wind blows out a candle, but the fan a fire hotter.


  Not every effort will have a harvest, but each time the harvest must be hard, this is an unfair irreversible proposition.


  That did not pull your hand is my fault, either at the ends of the earth or near in front, you are my heart the deepest thoughts of the deepest pain!


  My dearest rabbit, swallow, marshal, Ya Rui, pan jing. I really want to hold you tight, good do not give up, really good reluctant.


  The vast sea of humanity, I let you instantly meet and instantly part, however you my heart forever, with the tacit understanding.


  I promise you: I will smile to leave this school, with our years of the most real memories, to leave.


  Last night, the moon is dim, I quietly send you away, then, the horizon had a small star with tears.


  Let's have a happy graduation! My classmates forget the unhappy things, to retain the most perfect memories.



  Red clouds in the rain, sincere friendship in the rear, stone and water do not stop, friendship is not far away and sparse.


  Let's have a happy graduation! My classmates. Forget the unhappy things, to retain the most perfect memories.


  A friend is a treasure, a brother is a brother. Some words needless to say, I wish you a happy life, health, treasure.


  You go, drop the words, in my calm heart lake, with dazzling ripples, mysterious dreams.


  To know you is to be happy, to leave you is pain, in the absence of the days, to support me is to meet the joy of the deep hope.


  Why don't you wipe the tears, I can cry you can not cry, take good care of yourself, nothing to contact, something on the more contact.


  Don't say goodbye, don't say goodbye, so quietly leave. I wish, in the golden autumn, the tree of friendship will be fruitful.


  Blue sky white cloud continuously, that is my mind filar silk leaves light sorrow; however my bosom and the sky as gloomy, because I think the reunion.


  We began to sing and dance, gifts, photography, spray ribbons, the six, we really very happy, every day carefree, the departure, very exciting.


  I cherish every time in my life to know each and every one of heaven and earth, each of the friends of the intimate understanding of the separation, but also it is seen as a double happiness in order to meet again.


  We have been wandering through the woods, we have seen the blue and yellow pink flowers, everything, is still the same. What time will you come back, we'll get together with?


  You and I in the rush through the many stories and the vicissitudes of the heart has how many to wipe the memory, the real future will tell you more real, so that once the story yundanfengqing.


  Love is like a cup of coffee with milk, fragrant floating on the outside, sweet floating on the surface, the acid containing inside, struggling to sink to the bottom and vaguely to you are reflected in the coffee.


  Dear people, let me call you the last time, I have to go, although I have a lot of care, but I firmly believe that it is time for me to go. No, honey! Take care!


  Your last smile although only a short moment, but to shoot the film in my heart, but left the eternal. I always think of it in the palm of the hand, the image is so real, so clear!


  Even if I leave you, I will not be separated from you, because in my mind, has been filled with memories of you... That sleepy, tender lips and eyes that will torment my memory.


  Happy three years later, we will face the suffering of the three years, we hope that a lot of efforts to fight for their ideals. I will also smile to meet their first life turning point.


  Forgotten is the fate that we can not change, all of which are like no alignment of the drawings, the past can not go back to the past so slowly extending the point of the wrong. Perhaps stagger the things we really should be forgotten.


  Real friends do not have to say anything, we are very excited, is also very playful, but sooner or later you will have their own life, to strive for their future life, say are the stories say it's no fun, what also do not say, the wine!!


  A friendship in prosperity, tested in adversity, in the long river meandering, time passes like water. I do not know to cherish together, leaving only show love. At the moment, I can only use a text to say a: brother, take care!


  Some people are so clearly destroyed in the scenery along the way. I learned to secure and learned lies, learned to calm, learn to silence, learned perseverance. Remnants of happiness in BaiZhuanQianHui broken into a glass, I stand in the wind swept them into the bottom of the darkest corners, then it does not matter.


  This year the season, missed the waiting, after falling cherry blossoms in the shadow of the trees, and remember her beautiful memories together. "If thousands of years to look back in exchange for a world looks keep, I would like to be your side a strain corniculatum, every quarter of the flowers bloom, only for you back Gu", those long and short sentences, a little bit of time delaying, transcribed in days away, but people don't know where.


  If cry occupies the themes of separation, then bid farewell to the overture will be full of weeping, let a laugh to see us off the is our true friendship.


  Blue sky white cloud continuously, that is my mind filar silk leaves light sorrow; yet my mind and the sky was clear, because I think soon reunion.


  Parting is to get together, meet people who will meet again from rain all alcohol, stay two brothers a worldly reunion, two brothers, do not need to too much language.


  Flowers bloom, four years of time, not long. At this time, we are standing at the crossroads, and only at this time, we really taste the taste of parting.


  Really hear from your mouth no longer love me, is so overwhelmed. You take everything I have, the rest is just an empty shell and a broken heart.


  We are in a hurry to bid farewell to their distance, no language, no tears, only the eternal thoughts and blessings, in each other's hearts a deep resonance.


  Is to be wrong all has passed through, although you are no longer stubborn you, I am also no longer stray me. Therefore, we still need to be with the deepest love and.











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