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  Groping about the Chin of the Black Dragon to Get a Pearl-Bringing Out the Best

  Long,Long age,there lived a family by the Yellow River.They lived a very poor lift,depending on cutting reeds,weaving hanging screens and dustpans for a livelihood.

  One day,the son was cutting reeds by the riverside.With the scroching sun directly overhead,his head was swimming,so he sat down to take a rest.Looking at the river water in front which was his father had once told him.in the depths of the river there were a lot of rare treasures,but nobody dared to get them because a fierce black dragon was residing there.He thought that,if he could dive into the depts of the river and get the treasures,the whole family would not have to toil from morning till night and yet could not have enough to eat as now.He thought it would be better to have a try,and he was resolved to try in desperation.So he took off his clothes nimbly and dived into the cold water with a splash.

  At first,he could see small fish here and there all around.However,the deeper he dived ,the darker it became,and the colder the river water.At last,it was pitch-dark all around,and he could see nothing.He became frightened,and was at a loss where he should swim to.Just at that time,he noticed a round object which was glittering not far away.He fixed his eyes on it,and saw it was a bright pearl.He held his breath and swam over there,held the pearl with both hands,pulled it with a great effort,and the bright pearl come into his arms.He came out from the water immediately,climbed up the bank,and made off for home at once.

  His father saw the bright pearl,and asked where he had got it.He told his father the whole story exactly as it had happened.Hearing this,his father said repeatedly,"How dangerous it was!This precious pearl was grown on the chin of the black dragon.The black dragon must have been sleeping when you were pulling the pearl.If the black dragon were awake,you would be dead."When the son heard this,he considered himself very lucky indeed.

  This story appears in The Works of Zhuang Zi.From this story,later generations have derived the set phrase "groping about the chin of the black dragon to get a pearl-- bringing out the best" to indicate that an article is to the point.






  In the last years of the Three Kingdoms period,Sima Yan conquered the Kingdom of Shu and seized the state power of the Kingdom of Wei, and became Emperor Wudi of the Jin Dynasty. Then he planned to send his troops to attack the Kingdom of Wu so as to unify China. He called his civil and military officials to discuss the plan to destroy the Kingdom of Wu. Most of them thought that it would be difficult to try to destroy the Kingdom of Wu with one action because the Kingdom of Wu was still powerfull. So it would be better to wait until fuller preparations were made. However,General Du Yu did not agree with them, so he wrote a memorial to the throne. According to Du Yu, it would be better to destroy the Kingdom of Wu as soon as possible, because it was still weak at that time. It would be more difficult to defeat the Kingdom of Wu later if it became stronger. After reading it, Emperor Wudi decided to send troops to attack the Kingdom of Wu as early as possible, so as to avoid future trouble. So Emperor Wudi made up his mind, and appointed Du Yu the Grand General for Conquering the south . In 279, sima Yan, Emperor Wudi of the Jin Dynasty, mustered more than two hundred thousand troops who were divided into six army divisions to proceed by both land and water to attack the kingdom of Wu. Battle drums thundering and the colours fluttering, the soldiers were full of power and grandeur. The next day, Jiangling city was captured, and a general of the Kingdom of Wu was killed. And the Jin army pushed on in the flush of victory. Hearing this, the troops of the Kingdom of Wu south of the Yuanjiang River and the Xiangjiang River were overwhelmed with fear, and they opened the gates of cities and surrendered one after another. Sima Yan ordered Du Yu to advance to Jianye, capital city of the Kingdom of Wu, by water.Someone feared that the Yangtze River might have a sharp rise and thought it more advantageous to withdraw the troops for the time being and wait until winter came. Du Yu resolutely opposed the idea, saying ," Now our army's morale is high,and our army is winning one victory after another, just like a sharp knife splitting a bamboo. It won't be too strenuous to conquer the Kingdom of Wu with one action. " Under Du Yu's command , the Jin army charged at the capital city Jianye, occupied it ,and thus destroyed the Kingdom of wu. In this way, Emperor Wudi of the Jin Dynasty unified the whole country. This story appears in "The Life of Du Yu "in The History of the Jin Dynasty. Later the set phrase" like splitting a bamboo" is used to refer to irresistible force or victorious advance.


  大将杜预不同意多数人的看法,写了一道奏章给晋武帝。杜预认为,必须趁目前昊国衰弱,忙灭掉它,不然等它有了实力就很难打败它了。司马炎看了杜预的奏章,找自己的最信任的大臣张华征求意见。张华很同意杜预的分析,也劝司马炎快快攻打吴国,以免留下后患。于是司马炎就下了决心,任命杜预作征南大将军。 公元279年,晋武帝司马炎调动了二十多万兵马,分成六路水陆并进,攻打吴国,一路战鼓齐鸣,战旗飘扬,战士威武雄壮。第二年就攻占了江陵,斩了吴国一员大将,率领军队乘胜追击。在沅江、湘江以南的吴军听到风声吓破了胆,纷纷打开城门投降。司马炎下令让杜预从小路向吴国国都建业进发。此时,有人担心长江水势暴涨,不如暂收兵等到冬天进攻更有利。杜预坚决反对退兵,他说:“现在趁士气高涨,斗志正旺,取得一个又一个胜利,势如破竹(像用快刀劈竹子一样,劈过几节后竹子就迎刃破裂),一举攻击吴国不会再费多大力气了!” 晋朝大军在杜预率领下,直冲向吴都建业,不久就攻占建业灭了吴国。晋武帝统一了全国。



  During the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Fu Jian, king of the State of Qin, controlled northern China. In the year383, Fu Jian led 900,000 infantry and cavalry troops to assault the State of Jin which was south of the Yangtze River. Xie Shi and Xie Xuan, senior generals of the Jin army, led 80,000 troops to offer resistance. Knowing that the Jin army was short of men, Fu Jian wanted to seize this opportunity of being much more numerous in armed forces to stage a quick attack.

  Unexpectedly, the van of Fu Jian's army of 250,000 troops was defeated in the Shouchun area by an ingenious military move of the Jin army and suffered heavy losses. The senior general of the van of Fu Jian's army was killed, and there were heavy casualties of more than 10,000 soldiers. Fu Jian's army was dispirited and its morale was shaken. Many soldiers were in such a great panic that they waited for opportunities to run away. Standing on the city wall of the Shouchun City, Fu Jian and his brother Fu Rong saw that the ranks of the Jin army were in good order and that the morale of the Jin army was high. Turning to his brother, Fu Jian said, "What a powerful enemy this is! Why did people say that the Jin army was short of men?" He deeply regretted that he had taken the enemy too lightly.

  Overshadowed by the disastrous defeat, Fu Jian ordered his troops to be deployed in battle formation on the north side of the Feishui River, in an attempt to regain the initiative by relying on the superior geographical conditions. Then Xie Shi and Xie Xuan, the senior generals of the Jin army, suggested that Fu Jian's army retreat a little bit, leaving some space, so that the Jin army could cross the river to conduct ooperations. Fu Jian thought that his chance had come, believing that the senior generals of the Jin army did not have the elementary knowledge of warfare. It was his plan to stage a sudden attack while the troops of the Jin army was busy crossing the river, and he was sure that his plan would word. So he willingly accepted the suggestion of the Jin army.

  Unexpectedly, the moment the order to retreat was given, Fu Jian's troops were utterly routed and could by no means be controlled. Taking advantage of this favorable situation, the Jin army crossed the river, pursuing and attacking the enemy. The trooops of Fu Jian's army threw away everything in headlong flight, and the field was littered with the corpses of the soldiers of Fu Jian's army. Fu Rong was killed in the tangled fighting, and Fu Jian was hit by an arrow and ran away. The Jin army won a brilliant victory by defeating a big army with its limited armed forces.

  This story comes from "The Life of Fu Jian" in the volume "Records" of The History of the Jin Dynasty. The set phrase "every bush and tree looks like an enemy" is subsequently used to refer to a state of extreme nervousness.












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