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  Task 1

  The university currently requires all the students to take the physical education course to get graduate. Which of the following choice will you choose? A, soccer B, dancing

  Sample Answer:

  As for me, I will choose cycling. On one hand, cycling doesn’t involve any difficult skill and I’ve started the sport item since my childhood, which will guarantee me a good score in the PE exam. What’s more, it must be exciting to take such PE classes, cuz it’s likely that we have to tour off campus by bike in order to practice. How fascinating it is! Actually, cycling is more of a recreational activity than a course.

  On the other hand, I’m not cut out for soccer and dance. The former is too intense for me since it involves much running and kicking while the latter calls for great flexibility and balance ability which I’ m not endowed with.

  Therefore, cycling is really a safe choice as well as an interesting one.

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  Task 2

  Imagine that you have been accepted by two different universities, one university is well-known for its excellent academic program, but it’s expensive, while another is less well-know, but has offered you with scholarship to pay for your intuition fee. Which university would you prefer, explain why.

  Sample Answer:

  I will choose the expensive one well-known for its excellent academic program because it’s beneficial for my long-term development. I spare no effort to get in a university for the academic knowledge and elites in my major. Undoubtedly, in the university famous for its academic program, I will have more access to experienced professors who can offer me professional guidance and insightful perspectives. Also, I can have more opportunity to pitch in on some advanced academic studies so as to get informed with the most up-to-date information in the field. Therefore, considering my purpose for attending a university, I believe it is a better choice. All of those aforementioned meet my demand closely.

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  Task 3


  标题:Professor Should Provide Lecture Notes







  Sample Answer:

  In the reading, a student proposes that professors should give out handouts containing lecture notes at the beginning of a class to help students concentrate better on the class and make preparations for exams.

  In the listening, the woman disagrees with the proposal because of two reasons. First, the woman says that she will have difficulty in focusing on classes without taking notes. Second, if handouts are provided, students will rely on them and thus skip classes. They might miss the improvised contents because classes are not always going on according to the planned handouts, which is not good for their study.

  Therefore, based on these two reasons, the woman disagrees with the proposal.

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  Task 4


  标题:Peer Reinforcement



  例子:老师在课堂中制定了一些规则,然而sarah是一个不循规蹈矩的孩子,总是忽略老师的规则,没有按照老师的要求put away toys,因此老师表扬了在这方面做的很好的paul,以此促进sarah行为的改善。

  Sample Answer:

  In the reading, the article talks about Peer Reinforcement which means a technique that teachers use to modify students’ inappropriate behaviors by praising their peers publicly.

  For example, the professor requires all students to put away their toys when game time is over. However, a girl named Sarah once failed to put away her wooden building materials after the game time. She kept playing with them despite the professor’s repeated request. Then the professor praised another boy named Paul publicly by saying that “Paul, I really like the way you deal with it”, which attracted Sarah’s attention successfully. Sarah stopped playing and put away her toys immediately.

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  Task 5








  Sample Answer:

  In the conversation, Karen’s moved to a new apartment, but it is so expensive that she can’t afford the school’s meal plan.

  There are mainly two solutions. The first is to cook at home and take the meal to her school; the second is to draw on the money she’s saved for the trip to Mexico. As for me, I prefer the latter one because of two reasons.

  First, although she enjoys cooking at home and it’s also a good way to save money, she has no time to manage it. Note that she is short of both money and time. Well, cooking is always time-consuming and exhausting, which will take a heavy toll on her study sooner or later.

  Second, travelling is secondary to meal when her budget is tight. For all her unwillingness, she has to cancel the trip to Mexico cuz no one can sell the cow and drink the milk.

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  Task 6


  话题:自然界中,young animal总是有很多特征来保护自己不受predator的袭击。


  例子1: 小狮子三个月以内的时候,毛发上就有斑点,来适应周围的色彩,保护自己

  要点2:moving quickly


  Sample Answer:

  In the lecture, the professor talks about two features that help young animals to survive in the wild.

  There are two key points. The first is camouflage. For example, young lions that are below 3 months old would have furs with spots and thus they can blend in the circumstances. In this way, it’s hard for predators to spot them. When they get older and obtain other skills to protect themselves, the spots will disappear. The second is features that help them to move fast. For example, a type of under-water birds has fingers under their wings when they are too young to fly and they can climb trees fast to escape. The fingers will disappear when they get older.

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  Conversation 1

  话题分类: professor and student

  内容回忆: 学生询问了推荐信的事情,但是这不是重点,后来开始谈论一个叫“Green Building Tour”的项目,这个女生要参加,所以向教授询问一些相关内容,教授介绍说了这些建筑的特色,着重讲了一个叫”Pump-heat system”的技术等,正因为为了展示这个技术,这个项目才在冬天举行了。后来学生说可不可以参观fitness center。教授说这没啥特色。

  Conversation 2

  话题分类 professor and student

  内容回忆: 学生和教授就一个作业展开对话。学生要写一个关于城堡的小论文,但是不知道怎么组织,以及参考文献格式。教授询问他已经做的一些研究状况,最后教授建议他参加一个weekly workshop,可以得到关于参考文献格式的介绍和小册子。

  Conversation 3

  话题分类 professor and student market planning

  内容回忆: 学生感谢教授让他论文延期的事情,后来重点讨论的其实是学生参加的一个“Market Planning”小组项目。说到其进程,学生说还没完,教授就说是不是有组员没有努力做,学生说没有。但任务量分配的不合理,别的同学有的任务都做完了但他的却做不完,教授让他把自己的任务再细分,让别人分担一些。

  Lecture 1


  标题: city planning

  内容回忆: 教授介绍了一本建筑书籍,作者Ed Bacon (20th) ,他是20th世纪人,贡献有建造老城区及复兴society hill,主张建筑与周围环境协调并考虑居住者的感受,他也受到其他建筑家的影响。

  Lecture 2

  学科分类: Archaeology

  标题: 历史遗迹不能说明一切,有时候还原的不一定是真相。

  内容回忆: 中世纪早期历史遗迹Yeavering vs 古罗马时期历史遗迹Bradley Hill。前者为木质茅草顶,不结实,所以留存下来的很少,瓷器色泽与土相近,不容易被发现。后者的建筑多为混凝土,屋顶为瓦,很结实故留存下来的多,瓷器闪闪发光因此很容易被发现。

  Lecture 3

  学科分类: Biology

  标题: 土地用途改变产生的影响

  内容回忆: Juniper得以扩张的原因及危害(待补充)

  Lecture 4


  标题:Coral reef



  3)珊瑚面临的问题 bleaching


  Lecture 5


  标题:Cloud-seeding 的过程

  内容回忆:涉及术语——Bergeron process

  Lecture 6



  内容回忆:对比Expressionism 与 Realism. 以及Expressionism在theatre的体现,play script.


  Passage One


  题目:Increasing Jellyfish population



  第1段: Whether we should worry about the increasing jellyfish population. On the one hand, prey population increases and water temperature changes; on the other hand, it occurs in many places. Then take Japan as example, whose jellyfish population drifted to the sea has raised up to 500 million each day.

  第2段: 指出导致jellyfish population增加的因素,其一是人们对seafood的喜爱导致overfishing,使得predator的数量减少。

  第3段:指出另一个因素是jellyfish’s thrive features: global warming and acidification.


  第5段:other aquatic life forms cannot exist, 但是jellyfish有几个特征使得其能生存:good survival rates, rapid reproduce and low oxygen level。 第6段:benefits from globalization.


  unprecedented = never seen before

  permanent = constant

  excessive= too many

  inadvertently = accidentally

  Passage Two


  题目:The Importance of Mail Service in the Early United States



  第1段:America formation promotes circulation of news and information, both velocity and volume,people trades with one another in distance。

  第2段:The United States Post Office makes news circulation easy and free. 随后介绍了two decisions that help postal system to improve integrate nation: one is post office is granted to sell all the newspapers at low price, another is Congress never turning down any petition for new road or new post service.

  第3段:提出虽然post service由political purpose决定,但是它也影响了business,举了wheat的例子。

  第4段:transportation improvements. new built roads提高了mail service的capacity and speed up service, too。随着交通的发展,越来越多的方式 can deliver mails:sailing ship, stagecoach, steamboat, canal boat and railroad.


  explicit= clear stated

  integration = unit

  suspicion = distrust

  Passage Three


  题目:The Green Revolution


  第1段: The green revolution can date as far back to 1930s. 农业科学家做实验以manipulate the seed of crops to improve productivity. 随后指出科学家把中国大米和印度大米作为 parents研究出IR8,优点是 bigger head of grain and stronger stem。虽然IR8提高了产量,但是科学家仍然不满足,于是研究出了IR36,优点是:来自13个parents(母本),可以抵抗15种pests,110 days of growing period and three crops each year。

  第2段:global hunger makes the green revolution extraordinary。India can be self-sufficient in crop production and Asia increases the crop production.

  第3段:非洲的地理环境使得其受益较小,故科学家研发出新的super rice,which can be transplanted that depended on seeding directly instead of seedling。

  第4段:指出the green revolution 有很多detractors,比如 chemical fertilizers and pesticides can reduce the organic matter in the soil, and many small-scale farmers lack of financial resource to purchase genetical enhanced seeds.


  experimenting with = trying to

  drastic= extreme

  acquired = obtained

  Passage Four


  题目:The Origin And Rise of Modern Birds


  第1段:指出all bird groups are classified as Neornithes, 科学家使用 K-T extinction作为新旧鸟类的dividing line.

  第2段:传统认为modern birds 起源于cenozoic。

  第3段:指出有新的研究利用 molecule time estimation得出modern birds实际上起源于Cretaceous.

  第4段:指出尽管 molecule time estimation是根源于gene sequence,但是不能解释导致mass extinction产生的evolution process.


  vacated = emptied

  counterpart= equivalent

  compelling = convincing

  essential = principal



  Topic: the reason of collapse of Akkadine Empire讨论曾经很繁荣的Akkad Kingdom覆灭原因。


  1. 征服地区人民频繁反抗、起义,伤了帝国根基。

  2. 阅读分论点2-降水少导致农耕受影响,没有充足食物供给(enough food supply)。

  3. 阅读分论点3-帝国很霸道,总是企图控制贸易(听力中称为unfair trade),并且把自己的条件强加给其他国家,引起周边国家不满甚至导致了几十个外国国王对其宣战。举例海战。


  1. 征服地区的城墙被征服拆了,起义军没有城墙保护很容易会被政府军镇压。

  2. 粮食并不短缺,农耕技术很先进,甚至掌握灌溉技术(irrigation),北方缺水能从别的地区引水。并且知道存储粮食(store grain)

  3. 听力分论点3-海战是真实的,虽然和一些国家会有摩擦,但战后新的机会和资源都会变多,弥补(make up)损失。

  Sample Answer:

  Regarding the collapse of Akkad Kingdom which once experienced prosperity, the reading puts forward three reasons. Yet, all of them are contradicted by the listening with the following illustrations.

  Frist, in the author’s point of view, the frequent revolt from the conquered areas damaged the kingdom. The listening, on the other hand, argues that in the conquered areas, the rampart was torn down, which makes it easy for the government army to suppress them because they were under no protection.

  When it comes to insufficient food supply being attributed to the damage on farming caused by less precipitation, the listening is totally in disagreement with this point in the reading. The listening states that actually they did not suffer food shortage. Their cultivation skills were quite advanced and they even mastered irrigation skills. If the northern area encountered the lack of water, it could take water from other areas. What’s more, they had the insight of storing grain.

  The last point raised by the reading material is that the unfair trade imposed by Akkad Kingdom on other countries stirred wars such as naval battle. This is also refuted by the listening which mentions that it is true that naval battle did happen. But despite of the conflict with other countries, Akkad Kingdom was exposed to more chances and resources after the battle, which could compensate for the losses.

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  You have long been friend with someone. If they do something that you don’t like , should you still be friends with him or her?

  Sample Answer:

  Friends are those who would like to unconditionally offer us both physical and emotional support. For this reason, friends for years are as precious as jewels in our life that deserve our cherishing. Even though my friends, especially those old ones, may sometimes do something that I dislike, I would definitely continue our friendship without hesitation.

  First and foremost, a long-lasting friendship usually based on common interests and values will not and should not be disrupted by trivial things. As a proverb goes in China, people having shared hobbies and values always form a solid circle of friends. That denotes friends staying by my side are congenial with me who enjoy what I am fond of, who focus on what I am dedicated to and who stick to what I persist in. Through years of communicating and interacting, our friendship is successfully built and well-maintained. Hence, it is irrational and unreasonable for temporary conflicts to tear us apart. Speaking of my younger female cousin, the most intimate friend that I have, she is always leaving important things behind when we hang out, the most annoying thing for me that never fail to stir a quarrel. Rather than becoming estranged from her, I gradually regard this habit of hers as a natural thing due to the awareness of the deep love for her deriving from years of being accompanied and mutual support. Besides, from the angle of individual development, being tolerant of our friends contributes to a better adaptability to the modern society with complex interpersonal relationship. To put it more clearly, modern society is a big network of relationships. On most occasions, handling practical problems related to daily work equals to relating with others. Therefore, it should not be surprising that those who are proficient in effective communication manage the skill of how to collaborate well with others. And an objectively treatment and pleased embracing of the things done by our friends which we do not like symbolizes the gaining of the knowledge of how to relate well with others. Again I would like to take myself as an example. By tolerating my younger female cousin’s drawbacks, I, after stepping into the work field, make it to get rid of negative state of mind when it comes to the encounter with carelessness of my colleagues or customers. As a result, they are all willing to cooperate with me when assignment comes.

  To put it in a nutshell, it is more favorable for me to maintain the friendship with those who may behave improperly sometimes but join my life for years.

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