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  Dear earthquake-stricken people:

  How are you!

  I wish first of all what the children were injured a speedy recovery and return to school.

  A few days ago, where you have taken place in 7.8 strong earthquake, so that some school buildings were seriously damaged, and even some schools has become an instant ruins, you would never see some of the children and some amiable can Yinrongxiaomao King teachers. Some of the most beloved children lost their loved ones. This has caused in your mind how much trauma, I can not understand that. But on the television screen some deeply touched me, to see what to dig out from the ruins of the dead and seriously injured the children, my eyes can not help the tears out of sadness, feeling very bitter.

  Disaster is irreparable, but no disaster Valentine's love. The people of the world to you will lend a helping hand to people in disaster areas rebuild their homes contribute, and a dedication of love. Today, we are all teachers and students money and materials for you donate money, give our sincere love. These money and goods to disaster areas as soon as possible to the most serious area, to which the people of much needed help.

  Disaster areas of children, I hope you will not be too sad, take heart, brave face. Although some children lost their homes and loved ones, but they still can rely on a big family - beloved motherland! The motherland and the people all the time in the interest of you, you are to rebuild their homes as soon as possible, to return to school.

  Disaster areas of children, although the number of a thousand miles away from us, but I and your heart is closely linked to one another, I used the one you love soothe the wounds which the soul! To act quickly! Where are you now although no Huanshengxiaoyu, this is only temporary, I think there will be the future. Finally I wish you an early peace and happiness!



  Friends from afar!



  One day a young man was writing a letter to his girl friend who lived just a few miles away in a nearby town. Among other things, he was telling her how much he loved her and how wonderful he thought she was. The more he wrote the more poetic he became. Finally, he said that in order to be with her he would suffer the greatest difficulties, he would face the greatest dangers that anyone could imagine. In fact, to spend only one minute with her, he would climb the highest mountain in the world, he would swim across the widest river, he would enter the deepest forest and with his bare hands fight against the fiercest animals.

  He finished the letter, signed his name, and then suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to mention something quite important. So, in a postscript below his name, he added: "By the way I'll be over to see you on Wednesday night -- if it doesn't rain."





  This is the first time I write to you. I feel very gleeful as well as somewhat gloomy. Why? Let me approach your heart in details.

  First of all, I have to say that I am greatly proudly of you. I pride you on your study, your life and your work. To begin with, you really harbor a heart of virtue. You treat your friends and classmates as well as your coworkers cordially. Never ever have you borne a wicked thought towards people around. What you do is showing your love and sympathy to those needy and miserable. You are ready to help those in need, especially your kindly friends. That is a signal of your success in life in regards to your behaviors.

  Besides managing a wide networking perfectly, you have also achieved a lot in the past years of your college life. Your study, though still needs improving compared with some superb students, is far more than so-so. You have got three scholarships successively since you stepped into campus. You have been focusing on your study all the time, especially your beloved subject, English. You bend over backwards to embrace her as if she is your valentine. Actually I remember at a given time you really told me English is authentically your lover. You told me you cannot live without it even for one day, isn’t it? Hehe! That is really fantastic and well worthy. You are gradually realizing its great significance and the huge profits it has brought to you. you have been an English teacher for two classes of adults in a training institute for more than one year, during which you have developed a lifelong friendship with your dear students and meantime elevated your English skills. Your harvest is far more than merely material benefits. All these demonstrate that your painstaking efforts on English has greatly paid off and will continue to yield more sweet fruits to you in the coming future! So just persist in pursuing your dream! As a song sings, you will when you believe!

  This semester I know you are totally burdened to death. In order to learn more you choose another academic degree to learn, that is accounting. You need to learn much more than your peer classmates. Hence when most of your classmates have few classes each week, you are otherwise occupied with piled workloads. You need to rise from bed early in the morning, fly to school on your bike, devour your breakfast life a wolf, then begin your reading English loudly in an empty area. Following your reading is endless classes during the rest of the day, which renders the teaching building another of your dormitories. When the weekend is approaching, when you think you can seemingly have a break, enjoy what you are keen to do, the reality is so cruel that it barely allows you to have your personal time. You need to combat with the lessons you have not finished during the past five days, go to teach your students, and prepare and hold the English corner on Sunday evening. After you tear a dog-tired body to your dormitory, you are thinking that the commitments for the whole week finally come to an end and feel extremely released. However, such feeling of ease will just last no more than 5 seconds, for your will have to be perplexed by what you should do during the following week. Then another exhausting week is impending…….

  It is difficult to imagine how you can toil away with such great persistence to the present. Maybe it is your unfailing dream and target that wheel you to wherever you want. After wrestling with BEC Higher for more than two months, now you have to fight with lots of exercise of the past paper of CET6. actually you do not need to feel such a great nervousness because you can surely pass it. But I know what you are thinking. You are a somehow idealist and determine to perform to the best in the exam. That is really wonderful! Besides, everyone around you places great anticipation on your exceptional performance, hence you are moving heaven and earth to fulfill your dream! So cheer up and keep on! I believe you will be a glorious victor then!

  Now the final exams are in store now and you have so many courses, therefore you must establish a timetable and scheme in order to achieve an effective review that will guarantee you a satisfactory result. While study accounts enormously in your life, you should always remind yourself that health comes first before everything! I know you are aware of attending yourself, cos I see you exercising regularly in the gym. A healthy and vigorous body can ensure you exhaustless energy to accomplish your work! So do keep a perfect balance between your study and your health!

  Ok, it is deep in night now. it is the time for me to hit the sack! You should also go to bed now! touch you next time!

  Best wishes











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