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  汉语解释:莲子,中药名。为睡莲科植物莲Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.的干燥成熟种子。分布于我国南北各省。具有补脾止泻,止带,益肾涩精,养心安神之功效。常用于脾虚泄泻,带下,遗精,心悸失眠。那么,你知道莲子的英语怎么说吗?

  中文: 莲子

  莲子的英语释义: [医] semen nelumbinis ;



  Each of you is a wonderful seed like the lotus seed.


  The lotus seeds could be collected to make cakes or buns.



  The professor again took out the lotus seeds and filled the space that the walnuts leave up with them.


  Adventitious buds mainly originate from the supernumerary cambium of the anomalous roots.


  Milling time has significant influence on the apparent viscosity of lotus seed starch paste.


  They stoop to pick lotus seeds,Seeds as tra lucent as water.


  Study on the ABA Content and SOD Activity in Ancient Lotus and Modern Lotus Seeds


  It has become one of the most serious exotic noxious weeds in Jiangsu Province.

  1. Can the seed core that thoroughly cook eat together go down? 煮熟的莲子芯可以一块吃下去 么 ?

  2. Objective: To survey the resource of Alternanthera philoxeroides anddiscrepancy in quality. 摘要目的: 了解空心莲子草资源分布及品质差异情况.

  3. This is including the lotus seed of red garment namely. 这就是包着红衣的莲子.

  4. The most important thing is Tremella, lotus seed drink some soup! 最主要是银耳, 莲子汤多喝些!

  5. Give me the lotus seed soup an some pineapple. 那就来一点莲子汤和菠萝吧.

  6. I'll tell you how to make this lotus seed into lotus pond. 一会儿,我将告诉你们怎样将一粒莲子变成一片荷塘.

  7. There is a protruding above the philoxeroides head. 上面有一个个突起的莲子头.

  8. With flavours of sweet orange, husked lotus. Dry and lively , rich, goodaftertaste. 此酒散发着柑桔和西蕃莲子的果香, 口感清爽, 带有淡淡的柑桔余味.

  9. Conclusion: Alternanthera philoxeroidesare rich in natural resources and thequality is effected notably by ecological environment. 结论: 空心莲子草植物资源丰富,其品质具有显著的生态地域性差异.

  10. Whether walnut, peanut, melon seeds, chestnut, almond, seed calculate theplant fruit heart or not! 核桃, 花生, 瓜子, 栗子, 杏仁, 莲子算不算植物果心!

  11. There are lotus seed sweet soup made of white fungus and red dates. 有莲子银耳红枣做成的甜汤.

  12. Add lye water into lotus seeds , mix and leave aside for 20 minutes. 在莲子中加入碱水, 混合均匀放置20分钟.

  13. When sugar turns light brown, put in blended lotus paste and the remainingsugar. 当糖变成浅棕色的时候, 加入搅拌好的莲子糊和剩下的糖.

  14. The lotus seeds were wraped in the lotus seedpod , which looked very cute. 莲房包裹着莲子看起来很可爱.

  15. Lotus seeds hypnosis: delicious lotus Qingxiang, a heart - Yipi , nourishingand soothe the nerves, and other effects. 莲子催眠: 莲子清香可口, 具有补心益脾 、 养血安神等功效.

  16. Agasicles hygro phila a hollow philoxeroides important natural enemies ofinsect feeding exclusively. 空心莲子草叶甲是空心莲子草重要的专食性天敌昆虫.

  17. Big jujube, is water of lotus seed red pond helpful to low blood pressure? 大枣, 莲子红塘水对低血压有帮助 吗 ?

  18. The content of neferine Plumula Nelumbinis wsa determined by dualwavelength TLC scanning. 采用双波长薄层扫描法测定莲子心中甲基莲心碱的含量.

  19. The Relationship Between Climate Change and Pest Generation Reproduction , Overwintering and Migration Flight. 温、湿度对空心莲子草叶甲生长发育的影响.

  20. This is the secret: you have to help the water to penetrate into the lotusseed. 秘密就在这: 你们必须让水渗透进莲子.


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