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  About Environmental protection

  The air we breath, the water we drink, the animals with us...We are engaged in building a harmonious relationship between the nature and we human beings.

  As a supervisor of HSE management in an oil company, I can see the environmental protection in a different way.

  In 1989, an oil tanker hit a rock off the northwest coast of Alaska. 35,000 tons of oil poured into the sea. The accident was one of the worst in history. More than 34,000 birds and 10,000 animals were killed. 4,800 square kilometers of ocean were polluted.

  The poured oil long-time coverd the surface of ocean and the bodies of marine creatures.We call oil as "black gold",at that time, it turns out to be "black killer".When I saw the famous French film"The travelling birds", thousands of birds are stuck by black sticky oil and died in a few days,many species are no more exist. I'll never forget that sight-shocking scene.

  Therefore, we ought to bound up environmental protection with industrial safty control.

  Secondly, when oil tankers use ultrasonic waves to test underwater oil stocks, many whales' sensing system is spoiled by the instant powerful ultrasonic bolt. Once they were hit by a ultrasonic bolt,they were almost deaf. They can't effectively respond dangerous surroundings around them and are liable to be reeled in the engine of oil tankers or be killed by whaler and other natural enemies.Thereby,we can see the quantity of whales declines very fast.

  It's a shame that a great many oil companies haven't even realized that. Highly attentions needs to be paid on to keep improving the exploring technology of drilling work on the sea.

  All in all, Enviormental protection is an extremely wide subject, In my short essay I can hope at most to lift one small corner of that field and yet it is a critical corner


  Secondary school students as our primary task is to do a good job learning that is the protection of the environment on the basis of the knowledge you learn in their own minds, they can form a sense of environmental protection only do you have about your sense of action in order to have the idea then you have to do our best to influence People around to learn about the environment to understand the importance of environmental protection and you will make every effort to persuade friends and family and You fight side by side together to protect our common Earth


  Now in some places of our country, a number of people have been cutting down the trees in the forests because they need wood and more farmland. The areas of forests are getting smaller and smaller. Some scientists say that there will be no vast forests in 20 or 30 years. It is really a terrible thing. Where the forests disappear, dust storms will occur occasionally. The weather will get hot and dry. The whole earth will become a big desert. A lot of plants and animals will disappear.Crops will not grow anywhere. Life will be difficult for everyone. The human beings will be punished for their forest-destroying activities.

  Therefore, we should realize the importance of taking care of our forests. We should do our best to protect our living environment and keep our mountains green,the water clean, and the sky blue.





  These days, we discuss about how to protect the environment and built the harmonious society. Many students give us their ways and I think theses ways will be helpful.

  In my opinion, how to dispose of rubbish is a very important thing. First, rubbish is a great pollution in city, and how to deal with them has been a big problem .There are many ways such as classify ,collect, sometimes we can buy the rubbish and don’ t forget to deal with the polluted water .Also, the ways of provide against the pollution is very important .We should make laws to stop people from throwing away the rubbish and make city more beautiful.

  Anyway ,the society is ours, the world is ours. All of us should make contributions to protect the environment, protect everything around us. I believe, if everyone an help. we can make a harmonious society in a short time.





  Keep Square Clean, Tidy

  On Sunday, still on display on Tian’ anmen Square were dozens of

  floats that were paraded along Chang’ an Avenue during the National

  Day celebrations. Thousands of people strolled on the narrow lanes be-

  tween the floats that fragmented the square, busily taking photos.


  far from the noisy crowds, yellow leaves fell nonchalantly from locust

  trees along the driveway, sending out the first signals of the coming

  autumn. But even if all the leaves fall, they still cannot cover the

  brown and black spots on the whitish stones in the huge square.

  Such stains of chewing gum, stale oil or some worse blemish have

  remained a constant pain for city cleaners since the square ’was re-

  opened a few months ago after renovations to celebrate the 50th anni-

  versary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

  Few renovation project planners likely foresee this discouraging

  outcome. Originally, they merely intended to give the city a face-

  lift. The square was indeed impeccable when new: The-white terrazzo

  surface not only looks clean but it was made with materials that help

  prevent it from becoming slippery.

  However, as time goes by, the virtue becomes the vice: the sur-

  face attracts and accentuates dirt. As a result, China’ s most high -

  profile site has to suffer the indignity of being paraded daily before the

  public in a humiliation state.

  While the tourists who litter should bear the bulk of the blame,

  the renovation designers should also have learned something: including

  the square’s sanitary maintenance issue into their consideration.

  From this cartoon, we can see that at the top end of the river, is a chemical factory and a paperrnaking factory which send out and poisonous wastes. And the river has been seriously polluted, n be seen from the color of it. Along this “black” river, there are a few people selling fresh water which must have been taken from far away places. At the first glance, it is very strange to us how can people sell wa- ter along the river, but this is the case, because the water in this river is undrinkable. This presents a serious social problem——environmental pollution. With the development of economy, our living standards have been greatly improved. But we can‘ t ignore the fact the air we take in and the water we drink today are not as fresh and clean as they used to be. Some kinds of pollution can even be deadly to people. It is high time that we took some measures to solve the problem. I think we can first call people’s attention to this problem so that they will be aware of the serious consequences of it. Then,we can pass certain laws to restrain the factories from sending out wastes. Finally, we can do more resarch work to find out ways to deal with the wastes.







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