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  Polar bears, is also called arctic bear in the arctic grows, it is the largest predator on land. In its existent space, it is the topmost food chain. It has thick fat and hair to stay warm, its white appearance on white snow is good protective coloration, and it can on land and sea, so it can catch food in the arctic this extremely harsh climate survive.


  Last spring, even under the rain for several days, the entrance of the bush more than a small squirrel. Head on the tree On a nest, I do not know where it is not from the fall. Small squirrels will not Pashu, trapped in the ground, among the fallen leaves to drill to drill, from time to time in its mother Seeing as the vicinity. We take bread to small squirrels less Paren, Zuichan not only seriously doing their own things: Pashu. It miso on the jump to Shugan, Wang Shangpa a few steps and then parked in an awkward, off a A second to fall. Climbing tired of playing it in the grass. Squirrels mother to its meeting to Chinai.


  "I..." I just out of a word, I can not speak it out, because I really don't know what to. I paused for a moment, oh, the truth to her say, "I do not intend to, every day will be sleeping, watching tv." She said: "so many times not to slip away? Time is like gold, you can grasp, it will experience its valuable; let it go, it is like a runaway horse, will runfaster. I'm going to the university entrance exam, taking advantage of the summer to prepare high schoolcurriculum, so that the school would not be too nervous, summer vacation is not white. You should have a goodplan, make full use of the long summer vacation." She had to shoulder the burden, tossed braids, looked at thepiece of the old table, apologetically said: "I do not like this, to teach you. I'm sorry, time is early fall. I should go."

  In the summer, do not go to school free for me is a kind of enjoyment. Only a few days, I have homework to finish,then it is nothing to do. Gradually I got to sleep habits, people will become lazy.

  No, I don't get out of bed at eight or nine. These days, but out of a sell tofu, at dawn to yell. The voice was less than the soprano, and are at my window "of hong".



  Polar bears straits:the tragedy is not only kill each other


  Starving polar bears turn to cannibalism.


  New pictures show that polar bears are beginning to cannibalise each other as global warming destroys its hunting grounds.


  Polarbears usually subsist on seals,which they hunt from a platform of seaice.But the melting of sea ice as a result of rising globaltemperatures has made it more difficult for polar bears to hunt sealsat sea,confining the bears to land.


  Drowning is also more common as bears are forced to swim further out to sea to find food.


  Theimages add to the evidence that polar bears are increasingly huntingeach other for food in their desperation to survive.Scientists say theyare aware of eight cases so far this year.


  Recentanalysis by the US Geological Survey and World Conservation Union foundthat two-thirds of the 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears in the world couldbe lost in the next 50 years as warming temperatures melt the ice.


  Withoutthe sea ice habitat,the polar bear will not survive in the long term.There are other threats,such as oil and gas drilling,shipping andtoxins,but th ey pale in comparison to climate change and the loss ofthe sea ice



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