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  Right now, millions of people are digging into their food with two sticks that have stood the test of time as a utensil for humans, even when countless thousands of other tools, gadget s and products haven't. But what's so special about them?


  What can we learn from mere chopsticks?


  Personally, I have used them all my life, but it was only recently I realised the depth of influence they had in many people's way of life. They teach us the importance of:


  Simplicity. They can come in all kinds of colours and sizes but essentially they are just two long sticks. There's hardly anything more simple than two bits of wood being pushed together. With new technology being released everyday and adverts bombard ing us with the need to be able to do more with less, multi-tasking and multiple-use devices, it is sort of refreshing to still have something which has just one use—simply to eat. Chopsticks are a living example that simplicity simply works, and we don't need to keep developing, improving and fixing things all the time.


  Versatility. Chopsticks can be used for picking up all kinds of food; meat, veg, rice, even the bones from fish, because by nature, their simplicity means that they are adaptable. Instead of aiming for a niche in an attempt to find a "gap in the market", or to fill a hole that probably doesn't need filling, they cater to a wide range purposes. Imagine being like chopsticks in this way, able to appeal to many people because you are useful, without worrying about being "more innovative " or "better" in anyway. They just do what they are made to do; they just are.


  Aim. If you've ever tried using them, you know that you can't get what you want by just stabbing at the plate. To be able to get what you want, you have to aim for it. There's n o way you can pick up everything in one go. Know what you want, and just do it. Sometimes, a little bit of focus makes the difference between success and failure.


  Practice. Using chopsticks doesn't come naturally. You have to learn to use them and practice it. But how will you learn? Should you just read about it? Most would agree that there's no better way to practice than to look at the delicious food in front of you and tell yourself that you can't have any until you can use the chopsticks to get it. In real life, you can read as much as you like about all the things you want to do, but it will just amount to dreams and theory if you don't try actually doing it. Don't just watch others eating, put yourself out there and give the chopsticks a go.


  Slowing Down. A common health tip is to try to eat with chopsticks when you can. Why? Because it slows you down and allows your stomach to tell your brain you're full before you overeat. Eating with chopsticks is a slower process, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes we need to slow down and take things one step at a time, break it down at each stage so that we have time to think, to realise that we're actually full and that we don't have to keep charging full speed all over our life.



  Toast Speech by Richard Nixon


  Mr. Prime Minister and all of your distinguished guests this evening:


  On behalf of all of your American-guests, I wish to thank you for the incomparably hospitality for which the Chinese people are justly famous throughout the world. I particularly want to pay tribute, not only to those who prepared the magnificent dinner, but also to those who have provided the splendid music. Never have I heard American music played better in a foreign land. Mr. Prime Minister, I wish to thank you for your very gracious and eloquent remarks. At this very moment through the wonder of telecommunications, more people are seeing and hearing what we say to them than on any other such occasion in the whole history of the world. Yet, what we say here will not be long remembered. What we do here can change the world.

  我谨代表你们的所有美国客人向你们表示感谢,感谢你们的无可比拟的盛情款待。中国人民以这种盛情款待而闻名世界。我不仅要特别赞扬那些准备了这次盛大晚宴的人,而且还要赞扬那些给我们演奏这样美好的音乐的人。我在外国从来没有听到过演奏得这么好的美国音乐。 先生,我要感谢您好作的如此盛情和意味深长的讲话。此时此刻,通过电讯的奇迹,在 观看、在聆听我们的讲话的人数是空前的。也许,我们在这里的讲学不会长留于人们的心中,但我们在这里所做的事却能改变世界。

  As you said in your toast, the Chinese people are a great people, and the American people are a great people. If our two peoples are enemies, the future of this world we share together is dark indeed. But if we can find common ground to work together, the change for world peace is immeasurably increased.


  In the spirit of frankness vvhich I hope will characlerize our talks this week, let us recognize at the outset these points: We have at times in the past been enemies. We have great differences today. What brings us together is that we have common interests which transcend those differences. As we discuss our differences, neither of us will compromise our principles. But while we cannot close the gulf between us, we can try to bridge it so that we may be able to talk across it.


  So, let us, in these next five days, start a long march together. not in lockstep, but on different roads leading to the same goal, the goal of building a world structure of peace and justice in which all may stand together with equal dignity and in which each nation, large or small, has a right to determine its own form of govemnient, free of outside interference or domination. The world watches. The world listens. The world waits to see what we will do. What is the world? In a personal sense. I think of my eldest daughter whose birthday is today. As I think of her. I think of all the children in the world, in Asia,in America, in Europe, in the Americas, most of whom were born since the date of the foundation of the People's Republic of China.

  因此,让我们在今后的五天里在一起开始一次长征吧,不是在一起迈步,而是在不同的道路 上向同一目标前进。这个目标就是建立一个和平和正义的世界结构,在这个世界结构中,所有的人都可以在一起享有同等的尊严;每个囯家,不论大小,都有权利决定它自己的政府形式,而不受外来的干涉或统治。全世界在注视着,全世界在倾听着,全世界在等待着看我们 将做些什么。这个世界是什么呢?就个人来讲,我想到我的大女儿,因为今天是她的生日。当我想到她的时候,我就想到全世界的儿童。亚洲、非洲、欧洲以及美洲的儿童,他们大多数都是在中华人民共和国成立以后出生的。


  What legacy shall we leave our children? Are they destined to die for the hatreds which have plagued the old world, or are they destined to live because we had the vision to build a new world?


  There is no reason for us to be enemies. Neither of us seeks the territory of the other, neither of us seeks domination over the other, and neither of us seeks to stretch out our hands and rule the world.



  Chairman Mao has written, "So many deeds cry out to be done, and always urgently; the world rolls on, time presses. Ten thousand years are too long, seize the day, seize the hour!"


  This is the hour. This is the day for our two peoples to rise to the heights of greatness which can build a new and a better world.


  In that spirit, I ask all of you present to join me in raising your glasses to Chairman Mao, to Prime Minister Zhou, and to the friendship of the Chinese and American people that can lead to friendship and peace for all people in the world.



  The Power of a Smile---Mr. Phil


  As a guest in a beautiful country-China, I have been treated with great love and respect, even though I know that it is not always easy for my students to understand me in my class. I consider myself to be like a grandfather to many of them.


  Two years ago, in the Chinese classroom, waiting for my students, when a lovely young lady entered the room. Suddenly the room was warm and cheerful. I marveled that how the change from a dim and somewhat drab classroom came to be a bright and happy classroom could happen so quicklyy. Seeking the answer, I looked more closely at the Chinese girl who stood before me. By all accounts, she could be described as ordinary except for the one characteristic that had an immediate effect on me and my class: her smile.



  She had the most beautiful smile I think I have ever seen. I was so impressed by her smile that I told my wife about the experience when I arrived home after ending the class. Since then when I saw this young lady, she had the same beautiful smile. She and I have become very good friends. I know there are at times when she has trials and reasons not to smile. Nevertheless her smile is always there and she never fails to warm my soul.


  Many times I have pondered the effect a smile had on others. I have decided that a smile is one of the greatest powers we possess. If we have an angry heart, we quickly make our people around us instantly unhappy.But if we smile,we have the effect on everybody and they may become happy and warm.



  I have decided that as I walk along the lovely pathways of my beautiful campus, I will smile and say hello to all those I meet. The smile makes all of us instant friends. In America we have many instant foods that only require adding a liquid such as water, juice or milk to make a delicious meal. The smile makes instant friends and is the magic ingredient that makes us all brothers, sisters and friends.


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