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  1980年12月,Ms. Liz一如既往地在Salt Lake City的家中为家人,朋友,同事准备圣诞礼物,当然还打算捐助Salvation Army等慈善组织。礼物多得甚至没过了圣诞树,但Ms. Liz觉得少了一些什么。这时,她想起了当地报纸Deseret News的Santa's Helping Hand,也就是圣诞节帮助困难家庭准备礼物的活动。Ms. Liz报名参加了。收到Helping Hand family的礼物要求时,Ms. Liz震惊了,孩子的内衣。赠送礼物的当天,Ms. Liz和家人备受启发:Sheltered by our overabundant life, we had forgotten that some people had to live like this. Ms. Liz和家人真正感受到了圣诞节的精髓:给予,帮助和爱。 是的,予人玫瑰,手留余香。

  Helping-the Greater Gift

  By Ms. Liz

  "Shall we do Helping Hand this year?" I asked my husband.

  "Mmmm." he replied, and we came to no decision.

  We had finished our Christmas shopping unusually early. Like many Christmases, this was an "overspent"one as we tried to fill every request of our five children. The loot nearly submerged the Christmas tree, and Santa was yet to come! My husband's line of work was most rewarding that year. Because he made enough money-even "after inflation," we could give very generously to our children.

  We hadn't forgotten our extended family. Parents, brothers and sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins received Christmas gives. We gave to my husband's office staff, business associates and to our personal friends.

  And our children gave to their friends, teachers and to each other. Three times we replenished our supply of Christmas wrapping paper!

  We remembered the less fortunate, too: Salvation Army, Christmas Seals, Quarters for Christmas and United Fund. We provided for people we loved and people who needed.

  But something was missing.

  As a family we reviewed the marvelous story of the birth of the Christ Child. We listened to Christmas music for weeks and had Christmas decorations throughout the house. Our Christmas cards were mailed.

  Yet somehow we felt uneasy, depressed. We could not catch the elusive and sought-after spirit of Christmas.

  Every year we talked about providing a Christmas for a Helping Hand family, but we never did sign up. Our children participated at school in the program, but as a family---no.

  One early December day, almost on impulse, I called the newspaper. We requested a family with five children, so that each one of ours could have a child to shop for. In a few days we had our family.

  I was stunned.

  They had requested only one thing through Helping Hand: children's underwear. I stared at the letter in disbelief. After the bounties of my own household, one homely item was incredible.

  At Family Home Evening before Christmas, we bought the necessary underwear. Then each child selected two or three things his Helping Hand child might enjoy. My husband and I added a few items for the parents, and we went home to wrap everything.

  Two days later, we delivered the gifts. Since the home was quite far from our suburban neighborhood, we had some difficulty finding the address in a rural part of the valley. A single, bare light glowed through a curtainless window. We crossed the frozen pasture and quietly stepped on the porch.

  Sitting around a small, black-and-white TV, wearing coats and huddled under blanket, was our Helping Hand family. Three daughters and the mother sat upon a sagging sofa. The father and two children were on the floor, wrapped in an old quilt. There was no other furniture in the room, no Christmas tree.

  We were speechless. Sheltered by our overabundant life, we had forgotten that some people had to live like this.

  And all the wanted for Christmas was underwear for the children.

  We knocked on the door. When the children saw our boxes piled high with colorfully wrapped gifts, their mouths dropped and their eyes sparkled. The father of the family shook our hands and thanked us; the mother hugged us. We stood in the doorway and wept with gratitude and joy.

  On the way home we were silent, a million thoughts in our minds. We were humbled, taught and blessed by the tremendous experience of giving-not only to those we love, but also to the truly needy.

  But we were the recipients of a far greater gift. For only a fraction of what we lavished on our own family we received the true spirit of Christmas into our hearts.

  This is what Christmas---the mission of Jesus Christ---is all about; a personal sharing of abundance and need, a face-to-face loving of our brothers and sisters.

  And that is the Christmas I will always remember.


  Stars on a Snowy Night


  The thermometer had dropped to 18 degrees below zero, but still chose to sleep in the porch as usual. In the evening, the most familiar sight to me would be the stars in the sky. Though they were a mere sprinkle of twinkling dots, yet I had become so accustomed to them that their occasional absence would bring me loneliness and ennui.



  It had been snowing all night, not a single star in sight. My roommate and I, each wrapped in a quilt, were seated far apart in a different corner of the porch, facing each other and chatting away.


  She exclaimed pointing to something afar, "Look, Venus is rising!" I looked up and saw nothing but a lamp round the bend in a mountain path. I beamed and said pointing to a tiny lamplight on the opposite mountain, "It's Jupiter over there!"



  More and more lights came into sight as we kept pointing here and there. Lights from hurricane lamps flickering about in the pine forest created the scene of a star-studded sky. With the distinction between sky and forest obscured by snowflakes, the numerous lamp-lights now easily passed for as many stars.


  Completely lost in a make-believe world, I seemed to see all the lamplights drifting from the ground. With the illusory stars hanging still overhead, I was spared the effort of tracing their positions when I woke up from my dreams in the dead of night.



  Thus I found consolation even on a lonely snowy night!



  Bringing Me Back to You

  I traded your heart in, for a full tank of gas and an open road.

  Cuz there was big world, and I wanted to taste it,

  And I thought that meant forgetting all I've known.

  So if I let you go…

  Bringing Me Back to You

  Why do I see your, smile on, every new face?

  I swear, the wind it, whispers, whispers your name.

  And I'm starting to think….

  That running away is just no use…

  Cuz every road keeps bringing me back, bringing me back to you.

  Can't look at, a sunset, without remembering your colors washing over me.

  Can't turn on, the radio, without hearing something stirring up a sweet memory.

  All this time, you were where I'm supposed to be.

  Why do I feel your kiss on my skin, whenever it rains

  Bringing Me Back to You

  I swear, the wind it, whispers, whispers your name.

  And I'm starting to think…. that running away is just no use…

  Cuz every road keeps bringing me back, bringing me back to you.

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