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  "I'm spiritual but I'm not religious" is now a commonplace among people in Britain, the majority of whose population live their lives without reference to organised religion. In my role as an Anglican priest, I meet significant numbers of people who are on the cusp of leaving the church or on the cusp of wondering whether there's anything in it - people who are very unsure about the role faith or religious practice should or does have in contemporary society. I met a woman recently who works in the NHS who said that she found it a lot easier to say to work colleagues that she was gay than a Christian, as it was hard to be associated with the church in this generation.

  “我有精神信仰,但我不信宗教”,这是英国民众当下的口头禅,大部分英国民众都不参加有组织的宗教活动。作为英国国教牧师,我遇到过相当一部分英国民众正游离于远离教会的边缘或正在思考宗教到底有些什么内容 -- 他们怀疑宗教活动或者宗教信仰在当代社会到底有什么作用,或者应该起一个什么样的作用。我最近碰到个在NHS工作的女性,她说与其跟同事说自己信教,还不如说自己是个同性恋来的好理解,因为这一代人很难跟教会产生共鸣。



  More recent and disturbing history will be reviewed this week by a court in Oslo. While Anders Behring Breivik will present his own warped view of reality, victims and bereaved families will confront again the terror of what actually happened. To resist simple vengeance, pursue justice and to relive the pain is a brave thing to do and shows in the words of the commentator Libby Purves that "the default setting of Western civilisation is not hatred or fear but hope".Perhaps, part of that default setting of hope stems from our Judaeo-Christian history. The last steel ingot from the Consett steelworks was made into a cross and is kept at a local Roman Catholic Church. It represents for me the pain of the past but also hope for the future.It is tempting to despair for the future of the world, in a time of financial insecurity and mindless terrorism. Yet history does remind me that human communities of justice and love still triumph.

  这周奥斯陆法庭将会翻开最近一段纷扰的历史。尽管Anders Behring Breivik会继续歪曲事实,受害者和受害者家庭将为还原真实恐怖事件而战。不为复仇,只想讨回公道而自揭伤疤,这种行为是勇敢的,用评论员Libby Purves的话来说,“西方文明的本质不是仇恨或恐惧,而是希望。”可能,这种希望的本质部分来源于犹太-基督历史。Consett钢铁厂最后一块钢锭做成了一个十字架,现存于当地的一家罗马天主教堂里。对我来讲,这代表了过去的伤痛和对未来的希望。当遭遇财务危机或者无端恐怖事件时,人们很容易会对这世界的未来失望。但是,历史告诉我们,公道和爱终将胜利。



  Love Philosophy


  The fountains mingle with the river; And the rivers with the ocean,


  The winds of heaven mix forever with a sweet emotion;


  Nothing in the world is single. All things by a law divine


  In one another's being mingle. Why not I with you?


  See the mountains kiss high heaven. And the waves clasp one another;


  No sister-flower would be forgiven. If it disdained its brother:


  And the sunlight clasp the earth. And the moonbeams kiss the sea


  What are all these kissings worth? If you kiss not me?




  The trouble about money is that it is often linked to power. Money well used can do greatthings which benefit many people, anything from funding the arts to bringing food and waterto a starving nation. It has great pragmatic possibilities. But there is another power which hasto do with the presumption that enough money should buy influence and assure control tothe benefit of those who are wealthy.As a Christian I could never demonise money. Jesusmentions it in half his parables. He relies on charitable giving especially from women, and he'sclearly at ease in the company of affluent people. There is nothing in the Jewish-Christiantradition or in any great world religion to my knowledge which says that money is intrinsicallybad. Nor can it be claimed that moral questions only rise when we consider the unhealthyaddiction some people have to accumulating wealth.The primary moral issue is whether indealing with wealth, we become less concerned about the good things our money can do, andmore convinced of the presumed synonym that money equals power.




  Love's Secret

  Never seek to tell thy love, Love that never told can be;


  For the gentle wind doth more Silently,invisibly.


  I told my love, I told my love, I told her all my heart,


  Trembling,cold,in ghastly fears Ah!She did depart!


  Soon after she was gone from me, A traveler came by, Silently,invisibly:


  He took her with a sigh.


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