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  The Old Man who Plant Oak


  A young traveler was exploring the Alps. He came upon a vast stretch of barren land. It was desolate. It was the kind of place you hurry away from.


  Then, suddenly, the young traveler stopped dead in his tracks. In the middle of this vast wasteland was a bent-over old man. On his back was a sack of acorn. In his hand was a four-foot length of iron pipe.


  The old man was using the iron pipe to punch holes in the ground. Then from the sack he would take an acorn and put it in the hole. Later the old man told the traveler, "I've planted 100,000 acorns. Perhaps only tenth of them will grow." The old man's wife and son had died, and this was how he chose to spend his final years. "I want to do something useful," he said.


  Twenty-five years later the now-not-as-young traveler returned to the same place. What he saw amazed him. He could not believe his own eyes. The land was covered with a beautiful forest with two miles wide and five miles long. Birds were singing, animals were playing, and wild flowers Perfumed the air.


  The traveler stood there recalling the desolation that once was; a beautiful oak forest stood there now - all because someone cared.



  Never Want too Long


  Each spring brings a new blossom of wildflowers in the ditches along the highway I travel dailyto work.


  There is one particular blue flower that has always caught my eye. I've noticed that it bloomsonly in the morning hour, the afternoon sun is too warm for it. Every day for approximatelytwo weeks, see those beautiful flowers.


  This spring, I started a wildflower garden in our yard. I can look out of the kitchen windowwhile doing the dishes and see the flowers. I've often thought that those lovely blue flowersfrom the ditch would look great in that bed alongside other wildflowers.


  Everyday I drove past the flowers thinking, "I'll stop on my way home and dig them." "Gee, Idon't want to get my good clothes dirty..." Whatever the reason, I never stopped to dig them.My husband even gave me a folding shovel for my trunk to be used for that expressedpurpose.


  One day on my way home from work, I was saddened to see that the highway department hadmowed the ditches and the pretty blue flowers were gone. I thought to myself, "Way to go, youwaited too long. You should have done it when you first saw them blooming this spring."


  A week ago we were shocked and saddened to learn that my oldest sister-in-law has a terminalbrain tumor. She is 20 years older than my husband and unfortunately, because of age anddistance, we haven' t been as close as we all would have liked.


  I couldn't help but see the connection between the pretty blue flowers and the relationshipbetween my husband's sister and us. I do believe that God has given us some time left to plantsome wonderful memories that will bloom every year for us. And yes, if I see the blue flowersagain, you can bet I'll stop and transplant them to my wildflower garden.



  The Basis of Love


  The following story took place long ago in Israel. One day when government officials wererebuilding a barn, they found a mouse hole in a corner and used smoke to force the mice insidethe hole to come out. A while later they indeed saw mice running out, one after another.


  Then, everyone thought that all the mice had escaped. But just as they about to start to cleanup, they saw two mice squeezing out at the exit of the hole. After some endeavor, the micefinally got out. The strange thing was that after they came out of the hole, they did not runaway immediately. Instead, one chased after the other near the exit of the hole. It seemed thatone was trying to bite the tail of the other.


  Everyone was puzzled, so they stepped closer to take a look. They realized that one of themice was blind and could not see anything, and the other one was trying to allow the blindmouse to bite on his tail so he could pull the blind one with him to escape.


  After witnessing what happened, everyone was speechless and lost in thought. During mealtime, the group of people sat down in a circle and started to chat about what happened to thetwo mice.


  One serious Rome official said: "I think the relationship between those two mice was that ofemperor and minister." The others thought for a while and said: "That was why!" Thus theRome official showed his arrogance superciliously.

  严肃的罗马长官说:"我认为刚才的两只老鼠是君臣主仆的关系众人思考一会后说原来如此! "于是罗马长官摆出一副高傲的模样。

  A smart Israeli said: "I think the relationship between those two mice was husband and wife."Again the others thought for a while, and all felt it made sense; so they expressed assent.There-fore, the Israeli's countenance, showed self-satisfaction.


  A Chinese, who was accustomed to the firm tradition of loyalty to parents, said: "I think therelationship between those two mice was that of mother and son. " Once again the othersthought for a while, and felt this was more reasonable. So they expressed assent yetanother time. Therefore, the face of the Chinese conveyed professional humility.


  At that moment, one pure-minded Samaritan who was squatted on the ground resting his chinin his palms, hewilderedly looked at other people, and asked: "Why did those two mice have tohave a certain relationship? "

  此时,单纯的撒玛利亚人蹲在地上托着下巴,呆呆地望着众人,问道:"为什么两只老鼠一定要有什么关系呢? "

  Suddenly, the atmosphere froze. Stupefied, the group looked back at the Samaritan andremained speechless. The Rome official, the Israeli and the Chinese who had spoken earlier alllowered their heads in shame, and did not dare to respond.


  In fact, the true love is not established on benefit, friendship and loyalty or bloodrelationship. Instead, it is based on no relationship.


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