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  冬日漫步A Winter Walk

  The wind has gently murmured through the shutters, or puffed with feathery softness against the windows, and occasionally sighed like a gentle summer wind, lifting the leaves. We sleep and eventually wake up on a winter morning. The snow lies like cotton down upon the window sill。


  The stillness of the morning is impressive. The trees and bushes raise white arms to the sky on every side; we see fantastic forms of walls and fences stretching happily across the dusky landscape, as if nature had strewn her fresh designs over the fields at night as models for man’s art.


  Opening the gate, we walk rapidly along the lonely country road. The ordinary rural sounds are musical, and the jingling of the ice on the trees is sweet and liquid. There is the least dampness in the atmosphere, all being dried or frozen, and it is of such extreme softness that it becomes a source of delight. duanwenw.com The wonderful purity of nature at this season is a most pleasing fact.

  走出院门,我们以轻快的脚步,踏上寂静的乡间小路。一切平凡的乡村声音,此刻听来都美妙悦耳;树上的冰凌撞击之声,妙似音乐,宛如流水。大气里没有了一点儿水分,或是干化了,或是凝结成了冰霜;空气软绵绵的,简直就是快乐的源头。 大自然在这个季节,显得特别纯洁,这使我们感觉尤为高兴。

  It is invigorating to breathe the pure air. Its sweetness and purity are visible to the eye, and we would like to stay out long and late. The strong wind may sigh through us too, as through the leafless trees, and fit us for the winter. We hope to borrow some pure and firm virtue.



  生活在于分享Life is Meant to Be Shared

  A lonely life is the saddest kind. Life is not meant to be spent behind closed doors or on an island trapped by a boundless ocean.


  The beauty of life can only be experienced in the wonderful harmony of various relationships —between yourself and your family, your friends, your neighbors, even a stranger. Life is meant to be shared. People who feel their lives are incomplete need to find someone to complete it. The poor need help, it’s true, but the lonely need it even more.


  We all know how to meet the emotional needs of others: through symp

  athy, help, kindness and love. However, we tend to hold ourselves back because of our fear and mistrust. We tend to think that people who seem to need us are just pretending, or that they’re not really worthy of our help.


  True, there are people who just want a free ride or a free lunch, and will take advantage of those who are warm-hearted. duanwenw.com This should not hinder us. We need only think of the story of the good Samaritan, who gives new life to a total stranger through a selfless act of love. Don’t be afraid to help, and don’t be scared to approach someone who seems to need it. Reach out, open the door of life and let those who need help know that someone is there to lend a helping hand. duanwenw.com Life really is meant to be shared.



  林湖重游Once More to the Lake

  In the summer of 1904, my father rented a camp on a lake in Maine and took us there for the month of August.


  That vacation was pleasant, and we thought there wasn’t any place in the world like that lake in Maine.


  We returned summer after summer-always for the full month of August. I will always remember the restlessness of the tides and the ceaseless wind. A few weeks ago this feeling was so strong that I bought a couple of hooks and a spinner, and revisited the old lake.


  I took my son with me, who had never seen any fresh water, and had seen lily pads only from train windows. On the way I began to wonder what it would be like —the coves and streams, the hills, the camps and the paths. It’s strange how much one can remember about the places of one’s childhood. You remember one thing, duanwenw.com and that suddenly reminds you of another. What I remember clearest are all the early mornings, when the lake was cool and quiet. I always got up first, and dressed softly so as not to wake the others up. Then I crept out of the door and started out in the canoe, keeping close to the shore in the long shadows of the pines. I remembered being very careful for fear of disturbing the stillness of the lake.








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