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  人生的四季The Four Seasons of Life

  Our journey on earth consists, like the year, of four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.


  Life is only loaned to us, and as with everything borrowed, must someday be returned. We are only here for a short stay, and have many tasks. We must contend with pain in order to achieve peace, accept problems if we are to reach success, and shed tears if we are to share laughter. duanwenw.com We have many lessons to learn. Each and every moment of life is an important one.


  In spring, everything grows fresh and new. Lilacs blossom, and the maple and oak trees produce new leaves. It is a time when we are as if newly born into the world.


  You are now entering the summer of your life. Everything is now in full bloom. The trees and flowers proudly display all their beauty and elegance. This season doesn’t seem as if it will end, yet it slips by before you know it.


  The fall is next, when the leaves drop to the ground, and the farmers gather their crops and reap the rewards of their labor. The harvest moon is full and round, and slightly misted by a passing cloud. This is the most satisfying of the four seasons.


  Then all too quickly the winter of your life is upon you, and everything is barren. However, duanwenw.com there is a peaceful sort of beauty in the wintertime. If you allow your spirit to be free, you will remain youthful longer than you thought possible.


  Is winter truly the season to end all seasons?



  乡间春色Country Spring

  One spring I went on a walking tour in the country.


  It was a sunny and joyous spring, and as I wandered through the waking land I saw the dawning of the coming green. I watched the blush upon the hawthorn1 hedge deepening day by day beneath the kisses of the sun. There were the proud old mother trees dandling their numerous baby buds and with strong arms holding them high for the soft west wind to caress.


  As the west wind passed laughing by, the yellow primrose4 crept across the paths in the woods. duanwenw.com I also saw the new flush of the field and heard the new-found gladness of the birds, and, from the wood and farm and meadow, the timid calls of little new-born creatures. They must wonder to find themselves in such a world. I smelt the freshness of the earth, and felt the promise in the air and the strong hand of the wind. My spirit rose. Spring had also come to me, and stirred me with a strange new life and hope.


  I, too, was part of nature! Tender leaves and blossoms were unfolding within my heart, duanwenw.com and bright flowers of love and gratitude were opening round its roots. I felt new strength in all my limbs, and noble thoughts rising in my brain.



  在海边At the Edge of the Sea

  The shore is an ancient world. Yet it is a world in itself, and each time I enter it, I gain new awareness of its beauty and deeper meaning.


  The shore makes me think of a pool hidden within a cave. One can visit it rarely and briefly, when the tide allows one, and perhaps that is what gives it some of its special beauty.


  One day I got up early, hoping for a glimpse of the pool.


  The tide was to be on the ebb early in the morning. When I looked out, the sky was full of gray dawn light, duanwenw.com but the sun had not yet risen. Across the bay the moon was a luminous1 disc in the western sky, suspended above the dim line of the distant shore. A gull flew by above the spruces. Later, as I stood near the entrance to the pool, I saw rosy light appearing in the sky. From the base of the rock on which I stood, a moss-covered ledge stuck into deep water. The ledge was the path to the small hidden cave and its pool. Occasionally a swell rolled smoothly over the rim of the rock. But the intervals4 between such swells were long enough for me to see the cave.


  The moment I looked into the cave, a little spider was coming down, suspended by a thread. It reached down to touch its own reflection, duanwenw.com making itself seem not to be one spider, but two. The beauty of the reflected images, and of the pool itself, was the beauty of things that are ephemeral5, existing only until the sea would return to fill the little cave again.








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