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  We had a remarkable sunset one day last November.


  I was walking in a meadow, the source of a small brook, when the sun, just before setting, after a cold gray day, reached a clear stratum in the horizon. The softest and brightest evening sunlight fell on the dry grass, on the branches of the trees on the opposite horizon, duanwenw.com and on the leaves of the shrub oaks on the hillside, while our shadows stretched long over the meadow eastward, as if we were only motes in its beams. duanwenw.com It was such a beautiful sight that we could not have imagined a moment before, and the air was so warm and serene that nothing was needed to make a paradise of that meadow.


  The sun set on that retired meadow, where no house was visible, with all the glory and splendor that it lavished on cities, as it has never set before. There was only a solitary marsh-hawk having its wings gilded by the golden light. A hermit looked from his cabin, and a little black-veined brook meandered through the marsh. As we walked in that pure and brilliant light gilding the withered grass and leaves I thought I had never been bathed in such a golden flood, and never would again.



  十月之湖October Lake

  The October leaves have fallen on the lake.


  On bright and calm days they lie in thousands on the now darkening water. Most of them are the yellow leaves of poplars, which shake even in the windless air.


  On rainy days, or after rain, these leaves seem to swim or be driven away, and nothing remains to break the surface of the lake except the olive-yellow leaves of lily pads. Now the lilies also have gone — the yellow small-headed kind that in bud are like swimming snakes. And the reeds are going, woven1 by wind and frost into untidy basket islands.


  All summer, in this world of water lilies, the coot and moorhen lived a confused life. There was no place for them to swim, and all day they could be seen walking daintily, heads slightly aside and slightly down, across the lily-hidden water. They were as confused by the world of leaves as they had been in winter by the world of ice.


  On the clearer water they are more active. The lake is long and unbroken except for two small islands. The birds fly up and down happily, just like small black seaplanes. Besides them, the arrival of the wild ducks, at much higher speed, is almost majestic. The necks of the drakes shine like royal green satin.



  致我的朋友To My Friend

  If you ask me how much you mean to me, my answer will be that you are unique, my friend.


  You are a wonderful addition to my life. Believe me there is no one else like you.


  When I am in trouble and pain, you reach out and help me go through the hard days.


  You contribute your time to smoothing my feelings.


  When my dreams come true, you even feel happier than me.duanwenw.com You have given me many hopes and brought many unforgettable experiences tome.


  Even though more friends have appeared in my life, your position in my heart never changes. Don’t doubt your value in my life. Remember we are always with each other. When you feel confused, I will also be there to support you and give you advice just like what you have done for me.


  I want to tell you that I am always proud of you.








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