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  你知道吗?Did You Know?

  Did you know that Calvin was 26 when he published his "Institutes"?


  Did you know that Newton had largely discovered the working of the law of gravitation duanwenw.com when he was 23?Did you know that Mozart only lived 35 years?


  Of course, most of us will never achieve the success of these extraordinary people. Nor should we —we are each cut from a unique pattern, but many people feel as if they should be leaving more of a mark on the world.


  It helps to remember that there is a time for everything and everybody. Our time to bear good fruit may be yet to come. In fact, we may do our best work, or find our unique place, later in life.


  Colorado aspen trees grow strongly. After the destruction of a forest fire, aspens are sometimes the first trees duanwenw.com to return. They reforest an area quickly, providing shade for those evergreen trees. The evergreens grow slower, but may live many years longer than the aspens. Each tree grows in its own time.


  The same applies to each person. Some people come to fruit quickly; others contribute more significantly in their later years. If you have not yet come into your own, don’t worry. Take good care of your work and desires. Don’t give up, but rather be patient, for growth can be slow.


  Remember, storms and diseases are disturbing, but they can also make you stronger.duanwenw.com With proper nurture, you will in time enjoy a full harvest.


  There is a time for everything and everybody, and the time to begin is now.



  我的远大抱负My Great Expectations

  Time is like a sharp knife.


  It can carve hard lines on beautiful faces and wear out youth year after year, but using it well can make a piece of simple stone into a great statue. St. Mary Academy is still a simple piece of white stone briefly carved, but as time marches on, duanwenw,.com it may be spoiled by dust, worn out by weather, or broken into separate pieces. It may be also carefully carved by knife into wonderful statues. Everyone at school, including our schoolmates, controls this knife.


  If I have a chance to live to be an old woman, I shall, in my peaceful dreams, seek the old paths leading through the trees which I used to travel down in my earlier days. The old bell tower, standing in the golden sunlight, makes a slow, solemn1 sound as girls pour into the church like a stream. duanwenw.com There they will kneel, pray and whisper to their spiritual Lord about the little things in their lives. They will ask him to help them in reaching their future goals and I can hear the old church tower whisper in return, "Yes, St. Mary certainly possesses the most hard-working girls that shall glorify2 her with their bright futures!"


  What I feel when I hear these words depends on whether I have done anything meaningful over the years. duanwenw.com If I have been successful, I will smile with pride and contentment, for I have taken a part, though a very small part, in carving out, with the knife of time, this wonderful model of school life.



  往前一步是天堂Pie in the Sky

  There is actually a pie in the sky. It was made especially for you. It is your favorite flavor. You can eat as much of it as you want. It is all yours and you don’t have to share it with anyone.


  Now, all you have to do to get your pie is build a set of stairs,duanwenw.com climb up your stairs, and reach out your hand to take it.


  First, you must figure out what the design of your stairs will be. If you don’t know, find a person who has managed to build a set of stairs to reach his pie, and find out what needs to be done.


  Next, you will need to prepare for your stairs. You need to buy the wood and the tools. You might need to replace some broken tools.


  Finally, and this is the hardest step, you need to focus your mind on your work. The actual work requires constructing the stairs. You may find that you’ve worked really hard for days, weeks or even months, and then suddenly find that your stairs are not going to line up with your pie. So you need to make sure that you still have money to buy new materials and rebuild your stairs in the right direction.


  With proper planning and careful pacing, you will be able to reach your pie. Your pie is right there, right above you. All you need to do is get it.








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