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  What do you think of the increasing openness accompanying the ongoing sexual revolution ? Do you ever fantasize ? Answers to these questions should be based on a determination between appropriate and inappropriate behavior .


  Judging from the reams of evidence presented , we can safely conclude that the Three Gorges Project will change the lives of an untold number of people forever .


  The ample evidence presented enables us to reasonably

  conclude that the scourge of AIDS will be brought under control in the foreseeable future .


  We must seek immediate solutions for problems leading to the rapid depletion of the earth's ozone layer . If allowed to proceed

  unchecked , the problem will undoubtedly exacerbate global warming and threaten life as we know it today .


  Quite obviously , immediate action is needed to extricate 80 million Chinese people from the grips of poverty in order to remove the danger of social unrest and ensure continuing stability .


  It is high time we put an end to the deplorable practice of infanticide. 我们早该杜绝杀婴这种应遭谴责的做法。

  There is little doubt that immediate action is required to eliminate the scourge of corruption once and forever .


  Two major factors contributed to devastating summer flooding along the Yangtze River and its tributaries . First , erosion resulting from excessive deforestation in the upper reaches of the river and ,second ,heavy silting which raised the riverbed in the main channel .


  Greed and a total lack of social consciousness have been cited as major reasons for the dramatic rise corruption .



  There are several reasons for the marked increase in China's crime rate—the dramatic influx of itinerant workers in urban areas ; declining social values ; and widening disparities between the haves and have-nots . 中国的犯罪率显著升高有很多原因——城区大量流动工人的涌入;社会价值的贬低以及贫富之间日益扩大的差距。

  Why are an increasing number of elderly Chinese parents living apart from their children ? One reason is the increasing upward mobility of the younger generation . Another is expanding social opportunities for the elderly . Perhaps the main reason , however , centers on dramatic changes in traditional concepts .


  What has sparked the increasing interest in exercise ? For one thing , people have gained a greater awareness of the need for physical fitness . For another , the constantly improving standard of living enables Chinese people to patronize the increasing number of recreational venues . The main thing perhaps centers on the healthcare and psychological benefits exercise provides .



  The explanation for the phenomenon of the rising teenage suicide rate involves many complicated factors . Some attribute the rise to an overemphasis on early success , others point to mounting peer pressure , and still others to confusion over changing social values .


  The reasons for antisocial behavior are both complicated and varied . I suggest the phenomenon results from inappropriate role models and the lack of well-defined norms of behavior . However , the main reason is quite likely the continuing degeneration of social values . 反社会行为的原因既复杂又多样。我认为这种现象是不恰当的角色典型和缺少行为规范的很好的定义造成的。然而,主要原因很可能是不断贬低的社会价值。

  The causes of racial hatred are not readily definable . Sociologists , however , attribute them to the misguided concept of a superior race andan innate mistrust of people of color . Perhaps the main cause is quite simply ignorance .


  The scourge of HIV/AIDS currently engulfing the world will quite likely be brought under control within the next few years thanks to the untiring efforts of scientists and researchers worldwide .


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