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时尚的英文文章  随着日新月异的时代更新步伐,时尚演绎成为社会发展的最重要驱动力之一。下面是学习啦小编带来的时尚的英文文章,欢迎阅读!



  6年双重生活 他是光鲜时尚摄影师也是流浪汉

  Some people think that being a working male model is totally glamorous, filled with celebrity-packed parties, beautiful clothing, and ritzy apartments in the most cosmopolitan cities. But for Mark Reay, a 56-year-old 'silver fox' originally from New Jersey, it wasn't quite such a gilded existence.

  有些人认为做个在职男模简直就是光芒四射,满是明星云集的派对、美丽的华服和还有大都市昂贵奢华的豪宅。但对于现年56岁的 “银狐”马克·雷伊而言却非完全如此光鲜。

  True, the model, actor, and photographer lived in New York City and regularly attended Fashion Week - but he was also homeless. For six years, Mark called a sleeping bag on a friend's Manhattan rooftop home - all while working with some of the biggest names in the business and appearing in major movies and TV shows.


  He'd had a long career as a model and fashion photographer by the time he ended up sleeping on that friend's roof, having begun to pose professionally after graduating from college. In his 20's, he lived in models' group apartments in places like Milan, Paris, and Madrid, and walked runways for major designers, including Versace, Moschino, and Missoni.


  At 6'3" with a confident posture and grey hair, Mark looked clean and handsome. While most people imagine the homeless to be drunk and dirty, Mark always kept up appearances. To get ready for his modeling and acting jobs, Mark would use the public bathrooms in Tompkins Square Park. There, he would get dressed, shave, and brush his teeth. He even duct-taped a mirror to a bathroom stall to check out how he looked.


  His jobs earned him a small amount of money which he'd spend on a $90/month membership to the gym where he could shower, as well as keep suits and an iron in a locker. He also shelled out for a cell phone, health insurance, and food that he'd pick up cheap at local delis.


  To most people, that kind of rootless existence might seem awful - but Mark didn't hate it. His view of Manhattan was 'magnificent' from the rooftop, he said, and he felt like he 'had the world at his feet'. He would also be invited to sleep over at friend's places when the weather was particularly bad.


  Then, in 2010, he reconnected with an old friend named Thomas Wirthensohn, a filmmaker. The two decided to make a documentary together about Mark's experience. The film, called Homme Less - a play on the word 'homeless' and the French word 'homme'.

  后来,在2010年的时候,他和名为托马斯·维尔滕松的电影制作人的旧识重逢,两人决定一起制作一部有关马克经历的纪录片。片名为《Homme Less》,玩的是“homeless(无家可归)”和法语单词“homme(男人)”的文字游戏

  However, by making the film, Mark was blowing his cover - meaning he can no longer sleep on the East Village rooftop that he'd called home for six years. Now, he splits his time between living with his mother in New Jersey and couch-surfing in New York City.




  McDonalds left an audience of fashionistas drooling after the fast food chain's packaging made its way all over a runway during fashion week in Florida.


  These iconic wrappers were not filled with Big Macs or fries because they were instead adorned on models strutting down the catwalk on Thursday during the McDCouture Fashion Show at Miami Beach Funksion Fashion Week.


  Aspiring designers from Miami International University of Art and Design were challenged by a South Florida McDonald's franchisee to create an original collection made entirely out of the fast food chain's wrappers.


  The students used more than 4,600 McDonald's sandwich wrappers, 1,770 fry boxes, 1,100 straws, 600 to-go bags, 500 sandwich boxes, 200 soft drink cups along with 500 ketchup holders and 100 McFlurry cups to create their unique designs featured in the 20 look couture collection.


  Featuring evening gowns, skirts and ponchos, the show came complete with a wedding dress, just like a true couture collection, and was designed with more than 900 white wrappers just like a true couture collection, according to US Magazine. The wedding look even came with a bouquet made out of the packaging.


  Following Thursday's show, the looks will be on display at the Miami International University of Art and Design.


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