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  I Am Willing That It Is a Torrent


  Petofi Sandor


  I am willing that it is a torrent


  the river in the mountain


  pass the rock on the rugged mountain path


  Only my spouse It is a small fish,


  swim happily in my spray.


  I am willing It is neglect woods


  two sides in river


  to a burst of blast,


  Fight bravely


  Only my spouse It is a bird Dense in mine


  Make the nest among the branch Pipe.


  I am willing that it is the ruins,


  on high and steep mountain and rock,


  this ruin mourned in silence does not make me dejected,


  Only my spouse It is the blue and green blue and green Chinese ivy,

  只愿我的爱人 是青蓝的常春藤,

  along my bleak and desolate volume,


  climb up by holding on to and rise on intimate terms with each other.


  I am willing that it is the thatched cottage,


  in the deep mountain valley bottom,


  endure the strike of the trials and hardship to the fullest extent on the top of the thatchedcottage,


  Only my spouse It is the lovely flame,


  in my stove,flash slowly happily


  I am willing that it is a cloud,


  it is the grey breaking the flag,


  swing too lazy to feel like floating in the vast sky ,


  Only my spouse Coral's the setting sun,


  draw near me pale face and show bright-colored brilliance.




  When We Two Parted


  George Gordon Byron


  When we two parted in silence and tears,

  当我们俩分手时 沉默不语满含泪花

  Half broken-hearted to sever for years,

  想起来都心碎 要分离好几年

  Pale grew thy cheek and cold Colder thy kiss;

  你的脸苍白冰冷 吻你似冰霜

  Truly that hour foretold Sorrow to this!

  当时真预兆了 今天的悲痛

  The dew of the morning Sunk chill on my brow

  早晨的寒露 覆在我的眉毛上

  It felt like the warning Of what I feel now.

  那种感觉好像是 对我发出警告

  Thy vows are all broken,


  And light is thy fame: I hear thy name spoken,

  变得声名狼藉 我听到别人说你的名字

  And share in its shame.


  They name thee before me, A knell to mine ear;

  他们当着我的面讲你 如丧钟入耳

  A shudder comes o'er me—Why wert thou so dear?


  They know not I knew thee


  Who knew thee too well: long, long shall I rue thee,

  对你太熟悉了 我将长久为你感到惋惜,

  Too deeply to tell. In secret we met- In silence I grieve,

  悲痛不已 我们秘密相会 我感到默默悲伤

  That thy heart could forget, Thy spirit deceive

  你的心把我欺骗 以致遗忘

  If I should meet thee


  After ling year, How should I greet thee?

  多年以后 我该如何招呼你?

  With silence and tears.




  One of the features in common between the phone hacking scandal, the various banking scams and the latest row, over the failure of G4S, is that the men at the top claim not to have known what was going on. OK, you can't expect the top person to know all the details of what their subordinates are up to. So what can we expect? I'd suggest two things.


  The first responsibility of a leader, whether it's in business, the church or in politics is to appoint people they can trust to be honest and competent. Secondly, given the fact that there are bound to be some human failures, to ensure that the fail safe mechanisms for detecting honesty and competence are firmly in place and ready to detect something going wrong at an early stage. It's quite possible for a person at the top not to know personally about a particular failure, but still to regard themselves as rightly responsible. So we can have such a thing as an honourable resignation and I think of the resignation of Lord Carrington in 1982 over the invasion of the Falklands.


  Accountability is a key concept not just for people in business or politics but for everyone. There is a powerful statement of Jesus which goes"To whom much is given, much will be expected". And he made it quite clear that every human being is ultimately accountable on this basis. Which is a rather scary idea. Certainly the church in the past rammed this home in an unpleasantly threatening manner.So I find it more helpful to think of this accountability in terms of a story about our life which we each have to tell or can tell to someone whose judgement we deeply respect. Each one of us has a unique story, which only we can recount. Some are conscious that life has dealt them a very good hand indeed. For example, in his recent memoirs, the former editor of The Times, William Rees Mogg says that his earliest memory is of his third birthday standing on a hill overlooking his parents' house and feeling"I'm very much myself, am William Rees Mogg and this is a good thing to be". For others the experience's been very different.

  “问责”也是一个重要的观念,这不仅是对商界或政界而言的,对每个人来说都是如此。耶稣有一句非常有力的警句:“凡得多者须多付出,别人多他的期望也高”。在这一点上,他非常清楚明了的表明,每一个人都必须负起责任。这是一个相当可怕的想法。当然,过去的教会总是充斥着这种威胁性的方式,令人不悦。 我们会因公正的判断而十分尊重一些人,而我发现,如果把“问责”作为我们人生中的一个故事来向这些人讲述,就会更有帮助。我们每个人都会有一个独一无二的故事,只能由我们自己来讲述。有些人会觉得,人生对他们不错。例如,《时代》周刊前主编威廉•李斯-莫格在他最新的回忆录中说道,他最早的记忆是在三岁时,当时他站在山上俯瞰自家的房子,感慨着“我就是我自己,就是威廉•李斯-莫格,这是再好不过的事情了”。而对于另外一些人而言,他们的人生经历大为不同。

  A man suddenly started to turn up to services at the church where I was serving and when I got to know him he told me his history. He'd been abandoned by his parents and brought up by his grandparents who were addicts. His earliest memory is of them crawling around the floor. For years he did this and that including being a male prostitute. Then, when he told me all this he exclaimed"Out of this mess has come me." Wherever we've come from, what we end up with is a me with a story, what's made us happy and what's sad, where we feel we've made a contribution and where we might have failed. It's our tale, our account of ourselves, which we can tell, if not to a friend, at least to ourselves.



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