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  John and Bobby joined a wholesale company togther just after graduation from college the same year. Both worked very hard. After several years, however, the boss promoted Bobby to theposotion of manager but John remained an ordinary employee. John could not take it anymore, tendered his resignation to the boss and complained the boss did not know how to delegate and did not value hard working staff, but only promoted those who flattered him.


  The boss knew that John worked very hard for the years. He thought a moment and said, "Thank you for your criticism, but I have a request. I hope you will do one more thing for our company before you leave. Perhaps you will change your decision and take back your resignation."


  John agreed. The boss asked him to go and find out anyone selling watermelon in the market. John went and returned soon. He said he had found out a man selling watermelon. The boss asked how much per kg? John shook his head and went back to the market to ask and returned to inform the boss $1.2 per kg.

  约翰允许了。 老板让他去市场找到一个卖西瓜的人。约翰去了并很快回来。他说他找到了一个卖西瓜的人。老板问他每公斤多少钱?约翰摇摇头,回到市场去问,而后又回来告诉老板每公斤1.2美元。

  Boss told John to wait a second, and he called Bobby to come to his office. He asked Bobby to go and find anyone seling watermelon in the market. Bobby went, returned and said, boss, only one person selling watermelon. $1.2 per kg, $10 for 10kg, he has inventory of 340 melons. On the table 58 melons, every melon weights about 2 kg, bought from the South two days ago, they are fresh and red, good quality.


  John was very impresed and realized the difference between himself and Bobby. He decided not to resign but to learn from Bobby.


  My dear friends, a more successful person is more observant, thinks more and explores in depth. Chances exists in the daily details. For the same matter, a more successful person sees more and farther so that he can find out an opportunity and catch it to realize his aim. If a person sees one year ahead, while another sees only tomorrow. The difference between a year and a day is 365times, how could you win?



  The Ugly Duckling


  One evening, the sun was just setting in with true splendor when a flock of beautiful large birds appeared out of the bushes. The duckling had never seen anything so beautiful.They were dazzlingly white with long waving necks. They were swans and uttering a peculiar cry. They spread out their magnificent broad wings and flew away from the cold regions toward warmer lands and open seas.


  They mounted so high, so very high, and the ugly little duckling became strangely uneasy. He circled around and around in the water like a wheel, craning his neck out into the air after them. Then he uttered the shriek so piercing and so strange that he was quite frightened by himself. Oh, he could not forget those beautiful birds, those happy birds.And

  as soon as they were out of sight, he ducked right down to the bottom and when he came up again, he was quite beside himself. He did not know what the birds were or where'd they flew. But all the same, he was more drawn towards them than he had ever been by any creatures before. He did not envy them in the least.e How could it occur to him even to

  wish to be such a remarkable beauty'? How thankful he would be if only the ducks would have tolerated him among them, poor ugly creature.


  Early in the morning, a peasant came along and saw him. he went out onto the ice and hammered a hole in it with his heavy wooden shoe, and carried the duckling home to his wife. There, it soon revived. The children wanted to play with it. But the duckling thought they were going to ill use him and rushed in and he frightened to the milk-pan, and the milk spurted out all over the room. The woman shrieked and threw up her hands. Then it flew to the butter-cask and down into the meal-tub and out again. Oh, just imagine what it looked like by this time. The woman screamed and tried to hit it with the tongs, and the children tumbled over one another in trying to catch it, and they screamed with laughter.


  By good luck, the door stood open and the duckling flew out among the bushes and the new fallen snow. And it lay there, extremely exhausted, but it would be too sad to mention all the privation he had to go through during that hard winter. When the sun began to shine warmly again, the duckling was in a marsh, lying among the rushes. The birds were singing, and the beautiful spring had come. Then all at once, he raised his wings and they flapped with much greater strength than before and bore him off.Before he knew where he was, he found himself in a large garden with the apple trees in full blossom. And the air was scented with lilacs, the long branches of which overhung the shores.Oh, the spring freshness was so pleasant. Just in front of him, he saw three beautiful white swans advancing towards him from a thicket. With rustling feathers, they swam lightly over the water. The duckling recognized the majestic birds, and he was overcome by a strange melancholy.


  "I will fly to them, the royal birds, and they will hack me to pieces because I who am so ugly venture to approach them. But it won't matter." So he flew into the water and swam towards the stately swans. They saw him and darted toward him with ruffled feathers."Kill me ,oh, kill me." said the poor creature. And bowing his head towards the water, he awaited his death. But what did he see? Reflected in the water, he saw below him his own images, but he was no longer an ugly clumsy dark gray bird.He was himself, a swan.



  Death of the Wicked Witch of the East


  She was awakened by a shock, so sudden and severe that if Dorothy had not been lying on the soft bed she might have been hurt. As it was, the jar made her catch her breath and wonder what had happened; and dog Toto put his cold little nose into her face and whined sadly. Dorothy sat up and noticed that the house was not moving; nor was it dark, for the bright sunshine came in at the window, flooding the little room. She sprang from her bed and with Toto at her heels ran and opened the door.


  The little girl gave a cry of amazement and looked about her, her eyes growing bigger and bigger at the wonderful sights she saw.


  The cyclone had set the house down very gently in the midst of a country of great beauty. There were lovely patches of greensward all about, with stately trees bearing rich fruits. Banks of attractive flowers were on every hand, and birds with rare and brilliant plumage sang and fluttered in the trees and bushes. A little way off was a small brook, rushing and sparkling along between green banks, and murmuring in a voice very grateful to a little girl who had lived so long on the dry, gray prairies.


  While she stood looking eagerly at the strange and beautiful sights, she noticed coming toward her a group of the queerest people she had ever seen. They were not as big as the grown folk she had always been used to; but neither were they very small. In fact,they seemed about as tall as Dorothy, who was a well-grown child for her age, although they were, so far as looks go, many years older.


  Three were men and one a woman, and all were oddly dressed. They wore round hats that rose to a small point a foot above their heads, with little bells around the brims that tinkled sweetly as they moved. The hats of the men were blue; the little woman's hat was white, and she wore a white gown that hung in pleats from her shoulders. Over it were sprinkled little stars that glistened in the sun like diamonds. The men were dressed in blue,of the same shade as their hats, and wore well-polished boots. The men, Dorothy thought, were about as old as Uncle Henry, for two of them had beards. But the little woman was doubtless much older. Her face was covered with wrinkles, her hair was nearly white, and she walked rather stiffly.


  When these people drew near the house where Dorothy was standing in the doorway,

  they paused and whispered among themselves, as if afraid to come farther. But the little old

  woman walked up to Dorothy, made a low bow and said, in a sweet voice:


  "You are welcome, most noble Sorceress, to the land of Munchkins. We are so grateful to you for having killed the Wicked Witch of the East, and for setting our people free from bondage."


  Dorothy listened to this speech with wonder. What could the little woman possibly mean by calling her a sorceress, and saying she had killed the Wicked Witch of the East?Dorothy was an innocent, harmless little girl, who had been carried by a cyclone many miles from home; and she had never killed anything in all her life.


  But the little woman evidently expected her to answer; so Dorothy said, with hesitation,"You are very kind, but there must be some mistake. I have not killed anything."


  "Your house did, anyway," replied the little old woman, with a laugh, "and that is the same thing. See!" she continued, pointing to the corner of the house. "Them are her two feet, still sticking out from under a block of wood."


  Dorothy looked, and gave a little cry of fright.There, indeed, just under the corner of the great beam the house rested on, two feet were sticking out, shod in silver ,shoes with pointed toes.


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