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        当财富掉下来 When Fortune Falls

  Everybody needs to work hard to realize their dreams, but sometimes when they are tired and wish to get the big fortune without effort, they will naturally think about hitting the big lottery and then just get rid of working, how wonderful it is. While the fact is that hitting the lottery won’t help people get rid of poorness. A research has been done to see what happened to the persons who hit the lottery and the result surprised all the people. When the persons got the great fortune, they quit their work and just spent the money, now they are poor because they become lazy and don’t have money. Fortune won’t fall from the sky, we need to pay our effort.



  成为一个勇敢的女孩 To Be A Brave Girl

  People tell us that we should to be a brave girl, so that we can get over the difficulties. But to be a brave girl is not easy for me, I always tell myself I must face the difficulty, but I give up in the last minute. So from today, I must learn to be a brave girl, I am not saying to be brave right now, I should take it step by step. First, I must tell myself not to fear the difficulty. When I meet the trouble, I should learn to solve it by myself instead of depending on others, so I will learn something gradually. Then I should open my mind, trying to know more things.



  秉烛夜读 Study At Night

  Since I came to middle school, I have to learn so many subjects, at first, I could not catch up with my classmates, I felt so worried. So I decided to keep studying every night. After finishing dinner, I went to my bedroom and did my homework. But when I finished my homework, I forced myself to go over other subjects. Though I was very tired, I still kept studying until midnight. But it did not work, I did not made progress. I talked to my teacher, she told me to relax and had a good rest, I needed to be patient and made progress step by step. I realized my mistake and adjusted my method and it works.

  自从我来到中学,我要学习很多科目,起初,我无法赶上我的同学,我感到很担心。所以我决定每天晚上坚持学习。吃完晚餐后,我去卧室,做我的家庭作业。但当我完成了作业后,我强迫自己复习其他科目。虽然我很累,但是仍然一直学习到午夜。但没有收到效果,我没有取得进展。我和我的老师聊天,她告诉我放松,休息好, 我需要耐心,一步一步取得进展。我意识到我的错误,调整了方法,确实奏效了。


  我的舞台 My Stage

  I am a shy girl, when my teachers ask me the questions, I will always low down my head and answer them with small voice. Because of my character, I miss the chances to make myself stand out and I also don’t have many friends. I really want to change my situation, I don’t want to be a stand by anymore, I want to be part of the group. So I force myself to join the class activities, I find I enjoy them and I talk to my classmate a lot. I become active and start to try more things, I take part in the debate competition and show my ability, I find my stage.

  我是一个害羞的女孩,当我的老师问我问题,我总是低下我的头低, 小声音回答。因为我的性格,我错过了让自己脱颖而出的机会,我也没有很多朋友。我真的想改变我的处境,我不想成为旁观者了,我想成为班里的一部分。所以我强迫自己参加班级活动,我发现我爱上这些活动,跟同学有个很多交流。我变得活跃,开始尝试更多的东西,我参加了辩论比赛,展现我的能力,我找到舞台。


  我爱班级活动 I Love Class Activity

  I am in middle school now, this is my second year, I have to learn so many subjects from Monday to Friday. When comes to the class activity, I will be very excited and take part in the activity. Class activity can take me away from the heavy study, I can take in the fresh air. What’s more, it is also provides a good chance for students to communicate. They will get further understanding of each other and build the deep relationship, what a happy atmosphere. This is why I like class activity so much, I wish we could have more chances to hold the activity, we not only pay attention to the study.



  隐形的翅膀 The Invisible Wings

  A lot of people complain about their situation, they think life sucks and there is nothing for them can do. But when we see the disabled who live happily and make great achievement, there is nothing for us to complain about. A disabled man who has no feet seems so miserable, but he learns the basic skills and lives as the ordinary people. His story inspires so many people, when they see him, they think what they face is nothing serious. The disabled have the strong will and invisible wings, which make them successful. So we should not complain, finding all kinds of excuses, just fight for our dreams.


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