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  我们应该反对家暴 We Should Against Domestic Violence

  Li Yang, we know him as the founder of Crazy English, he was in the limelight few years ago, but now he is jump into the public eye again, for claiming himself as a spokesman of domestic violence. He make no secret of hitting his wife and said he would shot her if he had a gun in a speech. What was astonishing is, the listener applause after he said that. This behavior can be considered as a support for domestic violence, which I can’t agree with.


  Firstly, as to the Li Yang’s statement, his wife had said something bad about China, which has ruin his ability of tolerance. Therefore, his use violence to stop this. In my point of view, people once get married, they should understand each other, especially for mixed marriage. If their opinions diverge from each other, they should work it out in a peaceful way, not in a violent way. The worst as well as the best way is divorce.


  Secondly, domestic violence gets anything good for family. Regardless the emotion break due to the violence, if it get worse, bone broken could be happen. What’s more, if the family have child, parents quarrel or fight in front of their children, there is no doubt that the child will have an unforgettable childhood phobia, it’s probably that he or she will become a violent people. Therefore, couples should control their hot temper, and have a chill mind when they about to quarrel.


  To speak frankly, we should against domestic violence. No matter who did the wrong thing or said the wrong word, violence can’t be the solution. We should feel shame about Li Yang’s statement of becoming a spokesman of domestic violence.



  如何成为一个成功的英语演讲者How to be a Successful English Speaker

  English is more and more popular among people. But there are many people can write English well, while couldn’t speak English fruitly. How to be a successful English speaker? I have some advice. First of all, speak English more. People should take every chance to speak as much English as possible. Secondly, be confident. Do not afraid to open your mouth. Everyone should have confidence for themselves. Third, try to think in the English way. Four, take every chance to do practice. Last, be patient to yourself. Anyone is able to do these; he will be a successful English speaker on day.



  为贫穷投票 Vote for Poverty

  As all we know, universities offer scholarship to the outstanding academic students. And there is another policy for the students who are outstanding but with limited pockets. However, this policy has caused great controversy, because if someone wants to win the scholarship they must have to make a speech, which requires the current situation and family incoming of poverty. As to this policy, different people have different views.


  Some people think this policy hurt the poor students’ feeling every badly. The poverty-stricken students who want the money supported from university are required to make speech in front of the whole class. They have to list the evidence that could prove their poor situation. Some of them even speak out the tragic experience in their childhood to convince their classmate to vote for them. People who against this poor-mouth speech policy hold the opinion that it makes a double hurt to the poor students, poverty already make them feel bad and they have to expose their poverty to everyone in order to get rid of poverty, which makes their life more sadly.


  However, some people think that this kind of speech policy would help the poor students not only in the poverty but also could gain the faith to fight for their poverty. People cannot choose the family they were born into, but they can always choose their future, so if they want to get out of the current situation they have to face it first, and be not afraid to fight for it. No pain no gain.


  Weighting up there two arguments into account, I am for the former one, the scholarship seats are limited, and the number of poor students are large. Most of them are ended up with nothing. Hence, the policy should be changed.



  关于环保的演讲 The Speech About Environmental Protection

  Ladies and gentlemen,


  I feel it a great honor to have a chance to give a speech here, talking about the haze weather, which causes lots of bad effects on our health and life. We breathe polluted air, making us suffer from lung and liver diseases. Besides, because of it, the flights have to be canceled. All kind of transports may run into each other, resulting in much damages and lots of injuries.


  As far as I am concerned, it is high time that we did something. As individuals, we should ride the underground or buses instead of cars to reduce carbon dioxide. As government, more measures should be taken by carrying out the related law on pollution.


  In summary, we’re all looking forward to breathe fresher air and live a happier life. Everyone should be a part of this job.


  Thank you for your listening.



  邀请信 An Invitation Letter

  Dear Professor Wang,


  On behalf of the Student Union of the English Department, I'm writing to invite you to give us a speech on Chinese History.


  We're going to have such a speech at 2:30 p.m. this Tuesday afternoon in the Meeting Room 401. It would be great honor if you can join in our activity


  Please inform us whether you could come. We're looking forward to favorable answer.


  Sincerely yours,



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