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  1、 don't cry for what is lost. smile for what still remains.别为失去的哭泣,为还留在你身边的一切微笑。

  2、 anyone can make you smile. many people can make you cry. but it takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes. 谁都能让你笑,许多人能让你哭,但只有那个特别的人,能让你在眼中含泪的时候,依然能笑得出来。

  3、 do what makes you happy. be with who makes you smile. laugh as much as you breath. love as long as you live. 做让你开心的事,交能逗你乐的朋友;像呼吸一样频繁地开怀笑,像生命一样长久地全心爱。

  4、 use your smile to change the world. don't let the world change your smile. 用你的笑容去改变这个世界,别让这个世界改变了你的笑容。

  5、 there's always a person who can make you smile instantly by just a text.总有这么一个人,只用一条短信就可以让你立刻露出笑容。

  6、 i love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now. 不管我现在的生活是什么样,我还是爱着那些偶尔让我微笑的回忆。

  7、 no matter what happens… !!just smile!! 不管发生什么,笑一个!

  8、 today, give a stranger one of your smiles. it might be the only sunshine he sees all day. 就今天,给陌生人一个你的微笑。这也许是他一整天见到的唯一的阳光。

  9、 how much tear you have,how much smile is waiting for you. 你流过多少泪,就有多少笑容在等待你。

  10、 the best makeup is smile. the best jewelry is modesty. the best clothing is confidence.-----最好的妆容是微笑,最好的饰品是谦虚,最好的衣裳是自信。

  11、 there isn't a setback and comes with a smile, but there are some setbacks can be conquered in a smile. -----没有一种挫折是伴着微笑而来的,但有一些挫折却可以在微笑中被征服。

  12、 smile and silence are two effective weapon: a smile can solve a lot of problems, silence can avoid many problems. -----微笑和沉默是两个有效的武器:微笑能解决很多问题,沉默能避免许多的问题。

  13、 a woman can share her smile to many men. but there's only one man she would share her tears with. 一个女人可以和很多男人分享她的笑容,但她只会和一个男人分享她的泪水。

  14、 but a simple smile is the first step to solve the problem.艰难的时候也要微笑,尽管看起来于事无补、但一个简单的微笑是解决问题的第一步。

  15、 i still remember your smile from the first day i met you.我都还记得第一次我遇到你的时候你的微笑。

  16、 come on beautiful, pick yourself up, show me that smile of yours, everything will be okay, i promise.亲爱的,来笑一个,打起精神来,我保证一切都会好起来的。

  17、 smile like you've never been hurt.—— 微笑吧,像从没受过伤一样。

  18、 “you've got a smile that could light up this whole town.你有一种笑容,可以照亮整个城市。

  19、 life should be a little luxury, smile to everyone, even behind the sad lived.——生活要奢侈一点,把微笑留给每一个人,即使后面住着悲伤。

  20、 sometimes, tears is sign of unspoken happiness. and smile is sign of silent pain. —— 眼泪,有时候是一种无法言说的幸福。微笑,有时候是一种没有说出口的伤痛 。

  21、 give your smile to anyone, but give your heart to only one. 笑容可以给任何人,但你的心,只须给一个人就好。

  22、 sometimes think, the greatest sorrow than older. since then, no longer pure smile, cry no longer completely.——有时候想想,最大的悲哀莫过于长大。从此以后,笑不再纯粹,哭也不再彻底。

  23、 smile. let everyone knows that today you're a lot stronger than you were yesterday——用微笑告诉世人,今天的你比昨天更加强大。

  24、 the best makeup is smile. the best jewelry is modesty. the best clothing is confidence. 最好的妆容是微笑,最好的饰品是谦虚,最好的衣裳是自信。

  25、 never ever forget the things that once made you smile. 永远不要忘记,曾经让你微笑的事情。

  26、 have you ever talked about someone and all of a sudden,you catch yourself with a huge smile on your face你是否也曾经一谈到某个人,就突然笑靥如花呢?

  27、 having a calm smile to face with being disdained indicates kind of confidence.——被轻蔑的时候能平静的一笑,这是一种自信。

  28、 silence & smile are two powerful tools. smile is the way to solve many problems & silence is the way to avoid many problems——微笑和沉默是两个有效的武器:微笑能解决很多问题,沉默能避免许多问题。

  29、 even when you embarrass yourself, you still manage to create the cutest smile. 即使你为自己感觉很囧, 你还是能展现出最可爱的笑脸。

  30、 a smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks. 微笑是改善容貌的一种并不昂贵的方式。


  1、 i want to have someone who realize my pain even when i'm faking smile and saying “i'm okay.”—我希望找到这样一个人,即使我微笑着说“我还好”的时候,他也能察觉得到我的痛苦。

  2、 smile to cover up the sad, silent interpretation of everything.微笑掩盖悲伤,沉默诠释一切。

  3、 -a good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less smile often and realize how fortunate your are right now.好的生活就是,不瞎想,做得多,要得少,常微笑,懂知足。

  4、 never think hard about past. it brings tears… don't think more about future. it brings fears… live this moment with a smile. it brings cheers.——不要太想念过去,因它会给你带来悲伤;不要太思考未来,因它会带给你恐惧;用微笑活在当下,它会带来喜乐。

  5、 flowers open in the dust, more brilliant. smile stands in the dust, more calmly. ------开在尘埃里的花,更灿烂。伫立在尘埃里微笑,更从容。

  6、 love, begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, ends with a tear. -------爱,开始于微笑,浓于亲吻,逝于泪水。

  7、 would like to open the natural smile, see through must put down. hello, autumn in september! -----想开了自然微笑,看透了肯定放下。你好,九月的秋天!

  8、 let the world is not the sun, but your beautiful smile. ——使这个世界灿烂的不是阳光,而是你美丽的微笑。

  9、 trust is very fragile, must take good care. once it's damage, hundreds of smile is beyond repair. 信任很脆弱,得到了就要好好呵护。它一旦破坏,上百个微笑都无法修复。

  10、 a person who truly knows you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else still believes in the smile on your face.真正了解你的,是当别人都对你的笑容信以为真的时候,看得见你眼里的痛的人。







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