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  I knew little about English when i first came to America,so everyday i went to a language school to learn English.One day during the break i asked one of my classmates a question which i didn't understand.Then I thanked her for it ,and she said:"You are welcome! It's a piece of cake!"I thought to myself : America is really a society for money in which everything is done for pay,so i asked her:"I hadn't taken any pieces of cake with me today ,what about a piece of biscuit?"

  She showed a puzzled expression first,then she smiled ,Knowing that she hadn't got her words accoss ,she said,"A piece of cake means 'No problem',and it's just a traffle thing ." On hearing that ,i came to learn that a piece of cake not only means a piece of cake ,but also means things that is very easy.

  我刚到美国时,不太懂英语.于是我每天都到一所语言学校去学英语.一天在课间的时候,有个问题我不太懂,于是就问我的一个同学.她告诉了我答案,我向她道谢,她回道:"没关系!It's a piece of cake!"我心里在想,美国真的是一个金钱社会,做什么事情要都报酬.于是我说:"我今天没有带蛋糕,来片饼干行么?"

  听到我的回答,她看起来很迷惑,然后她笑了,明白我没有听懂她的话.她说:" A piece of cake的意思是'没关系',这只是一件小事情."听到她的话,我明白了,a piece of cake 不仅是一小块蛋糕,还指的是一件很容易做的事情.


  It happened when i just came to America.One day i went to dine in a fast-food restautant and I saw there was a kind of BBQ chicken sandwich in the menu on the wall.I thought I had never tried that kind of sandwich when I was in my home country.Therefore, I told the attentant that i wanted a BBQ chicken sandwich .Unexpectedly,she could not understand what i meant.

  Then I repeated what I said,but she was still at a loss .Finally i pointed to the menu on the wall and said:"Isn't that BBQ chicken sandwich?" After she saw the menu,she laughted and told me that "BBQ" should be pronounced as "Bar-Be-Cue".On hearing that ,i suddenly realized what it was .It turns out that "BBQ" is the abbreviation of "barbecue",which means food,especially pieces of meat,roasted over an open fire.




  I had a classmate who came from London.One day after class,we went to the school cafe together to enjoy our leisure time.We chatted about local conditions of customs of different countries at will.Suddenly he told me excitedly that his father was once a "Beefeater".

  I was a bit confused,a Beefeater?Isn't he a father who eats beef?That is nothing worthy of showing off.But to maintain my minimun good manners,i asked him politedly:"Is your father a Moslem?Does he eat pork or chicked beside beef?" Unexpectedly ,as soon as i finished ,my classmate looked at with a very strange expression,showing he was quited baffled.

  Through further communication,I realized the "Beefeater"that he said was not a person who ate beef ,but refer to " a guard at the Tower of London,famous for wearing the 16th century uniform."





  I am a nurse.I was lucky to work at and old people's home when i first came to America.As my English was poor,my aim at that time was to do more but speak less.One day i gave an old lady,Lina, her medicine.Linda was over 90 years old suffering from aged dementia.I tried several times,but Linda refused to open her mouth .Feeling anxious ,i said without thinking.

  "Linda,open your big mouth ."Unexpectedly ,Mrs Linda got angry and shouted,"You have a big mouth.Leave me alone!" I was dumbstrucked and did not know where my mistake laid.

  Later on a few pointers from others made it clear to me that "big mouth: in American slang refers to a person who talks too much and spreads sercets around.No wonder Mrs Linda got angry when she heard what i said.Acturall,I should have said:"Open our mouth wide"

  我是一名护士.初来美国时有幸在一家养老院工作.由于英误水平差,我的宗旨是:"多干活,少开口".有一天,我给一位年龄九十多岁身患老年性痴呆症的老太太琳达喂药.试了几次,琳达就是不肯张嘴.情急之下,我脱口而出: "Linda,open your big mouth ."不料琳达太太生气起来,大声叫喊道,"You have a big mouth.Leave me alone!"(你才是大嘴巴,走开,别管我!"我一下子呆住了,不知错在哪里.

  后来经人指点我才知道:"Big mouth"在美国俚语中指喋喋不休,随便乱说的人,难怪琳达太太听了会生气.我当时应该说:"Open our mouth wide".



  This story happened when i just came to America.One day I went to the fried-chicken fast-food restaurant attached to the school. A waiter asked me:"What kind of meat would you like ?"At that time it occured to me that i had learned in my college English class that "white meat"refer to chicked breast while "dark meat" means chicken leg.However, when I spoke it went like"Black meat,please."suddenly I found the waiter looking angry(for he happened to be a black).Then I realized that I had said something wrong.After I explained time and again that I just came to America and knew very little about slang,he became happy again.

  故事发生在我刚刚到美国的时候.一天,我到学校附设的快餐炸鸡店用餐,服务员问我:"要吃哪咱鸡肉?"当时我想起大学英文课所学的"white meat"是鸡胸肉,"dark meat"是鸡腿肉.但是口中却说成"Black meat,please."这时只见这位服务员面呈怒色(他正好是位黑人),我才意识到自己说错话了.几经解释本人初到美国不喑英文俚语,他才转怒为喜.


  Xiao Zhang just graduated from university and was hunting for a job.One day he was driving a car to go on an outing with several friends.They were caught in a traffic jam downtown,so they had to wait patiently in their car.They began to talk one after another about their experiences in looking for a job and exchange ideas on how to write a curriculum vitae.

  One of his friends patted Xiao Zhang on the shoulder and said:"You should blow your own horn!"

  As soon as that friend finished speaking,a burst of sounds of horn was heard.His friend quickly stopped him:'Hey, what will be you doing? Sounding your horn is forbidden here ,otherwise fines will be imposed.Did you see the sighbroad 'Don't Horn' over there?"

  Xiao Zhang felt wronged and said:" Didn't you ask me to blow the horn? I thought you wanted me to sound the horn to hurry the unmoving car in front."

  Later Xiao Zhang figured out that "blow your own horn" means "publicize or boast one's abilities or achievements ." There his friends meant that Xiao Zhang should not modest but show off his strong points and merits when writing his resume.


  其中一位朋友拍著小張的肩膀說:“You should blow your own horn!”

  話音剛落,只聽到陣陣的喇叭聲。朋友急忙制止:“喂,你乾什麼?這裡不准鳴喇叭,違者罰款。你看到那塊‘Don't horn!’(請勿鳴喇叭)的牌子嗎?”

  小張委屈地說“不是你叫我blow the horn嗎?我還以為你想讓我按喇叭催前面停著不動的車呢?”

  後來小張弄清楚了,原來“blow the horn”有“自吹自擂”的意思。在這裡,小張的朋友是指寫簡歷的時,不要謙虛,而要展示自己的長處和優點。。

  calling card “电话卡”---“特点、特征。”

  I was describing a friend whom I met at the supermarket the other day to my American friend Susan, for Susan also knew her. However, Susan could not think of whom I was talking about form beginning to end. She asked me :“What’s her calling card?” What she said kept me in the dark .I wondered what this had to do with the calling card of that friend. Did Susan have the ability of recalling whom her friend was by the calling card that her friend was using?

  After I queried her about it ,Susan couldn’t help laughing and explained that “calling card” could also have the meaning of “distinguishing features or characteristics” of a person beside meaning “telephone card.”

  我向我的美国朋友苏珊描述前一天我在超市遇到的一个朋友。这个朋友她也认识。可是,苏珊却始终想不起来我说的是谁?她问我:“What’s her calling card?”我丈二和尚摸不着头脑,这关那个朋友的电话卡什么事呢?通过她朋友使用的电话卡而想起她的朋友是谁,苏珊有这种能力吗?

  待我提出疑问后,苏珊忍不住笑着跟我解释说, “calling card”除了是“电话卡”以外,还可以指人的“特点、特征。”

  On one weekend I was free ,so I promised to accompany my good friend to watch a football match between teenagers and cheer for her son, who played the goal.

  The football field at the school was already full of teenagers bouncing and vivacious, whose bright football shirts dotted the field and made spring in the air. Standing or sitting by the field, the parents looked equally excited as their children.

  The whistle was blown, and the young players entered the field one after another. All of a sudden, a parent, not far from me, with a rough appearance shaped his hands like a tube and shouted towards the field, “Break a leg!”

  The man was really unreasonable! How could he ask the children to fight against each other as to break a leg in order to parade their superiority and strive to outshine others?

  I quietly told my friend about what I thought. She snorted with laughter and said: “You have misunderstood him, he has good intentions.”

  “Has he?” I still looked blank.

  “It is said that it has something to do with performers making curtain-call in a theater. The more brilliant the performance is ,the more times the performers have to give their encores and answer the curtain-call to satisfy their audience will continue.Therefore,every time before the performance, people like to say ,’Break a leg!’ to wish the perfumers success. It’s very close to ‘Good luck’ in meaning ,which we often say.”

  After saying that, my good friend made a curtain-call in the pose of “Breaking a leg” to me with her left leg pulled backward and right leg slightly bent.

  Oh! I had really wronged the kind-hearted man.

  ‘Break a leg’來預祝演出成功----Good luck


  校園裡的綠茵場上早已被四處蹦蹦跳跳的小不點身上鮮艷的球衣點綴得春意盎然。家長們在賽場邊或站或坐,顯得與孩子們一樣興奮不已。比賽的哨聲響起了,小將們陸續進場。突然,我身旁不遠處一位外表粗獷的家長,手所至成筒狀對著賽場喊了一聲:“Break a leg!”




  “據說這跟劇院裡演員謝幕有關。表演越精彩,演員應觀眾請求返場謝幕的次數就越多。大概到腿累了再也直不起來為止吧。因此,在演出之前,人們愛用‘Break a leg’來預祝演出成功,這跟我們常說的‘Good luck’意思很接近。”



  Can you dig it?-----你能弄明白吗?

  One day, not long after I started working in a surveying company, I was assigned to work done outside the office with a colleague at a construction site for surveying boundary markets. Perhaps due to the construction, the fixed maker ,which was previously surveyed and set up, was removed and lost .My colleague and I make a great deal of effort to look for the market but could not find it. As a result, it was almost impossible for us to proceed with our work. Therefore, my colleague decided to phone our company for construction in a public telephone booth.

  Before he left, he gave the computer forms for reporting statistics to me and said:“I know it’s got to be somewhere around here ,I want you to take a look at the sheets see whether you can dig it .”

  After a while, my colleague came back. he was really startled by what he saw.

  It turns out that “dig” in American English has another meaning than the dictionary definition. The second meaning is understanding or finding out by searching or looking for information, etc. However, I had already dug a big hold half a person’s depth in the ground.

  刚进测量公司上班不久, 一日我被指派与一位同事出外到一处工地勘测界桩.可能由于工地正在施工的缘故,早先测设的固定桩被移掉了,我跟同事两人费劲力气也没有找到界桩,以致接下来的工作几乎不可能进行,于是同事决定到公共电话亭与公司商量.

  他临走前,将电脑报表交给我说:"I know it’s got to be somewhere around here ,I want you to take a look at the sheets see whether you can dig it .(我知道它就在这一带,我想让你看看这些报表,看你能否弄明白.)










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