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Looking forward, looking forward to the New Year has finally arrived. Morning noise of firecrackers woke me from sleep, I rubbed sleep Meng Meng eyes, put my mother to buy me new clothes, and my heart indescribably happy. Get up, I saw the sun would come out early, I immediately ran to toilet, eating a few dumplings, the family set off to grandma. To the grandmother, the grandmother saw early in the busy kitchen, watching grandmother smiling eyes, I am excited to run to ask: "? What are you busy grandmother it" Grandma smiled and said: "I'm doing you and brother favorite cooking circle. "" Really? "I am pleased to dance. "Wow! Great, great, there is a round cooking to eat." My voice faded, aunt and brother also went to them, also I boast about it, said my new dress is so beautiful, and that I tall, long handsome. Soon grandmother and round table ready to cook a tasty dish. Looked so much food, I am full of joy, many of which were my favorite. I immediately picked up the chopsticks gobbled up, Aunt them talking and laughing, looking at me like beggars, all laughing, everyone you look at me, I see you happy. Oh, the New Year is so happy, because it not only add interest, also on behalf of the arrival of the new year.

盼望着,盼望着,新年终于到了。 早上,鞭炮的喧闹声把我从睡梦中吵醒了,我揉揉睡朦朦的眼睛,穿上妈妈给我买的新衣服,心里别提有多高兴了。一起床,就看见太阳公公早就出来了,我马上跑去漱洗,又吃了几个饺子,一家人就出发去外婆家。 到了外婆家,只见外婆早就在厨房间忙了,看着外婆笑眯眯的眼睛,我兴奋地跑去问:“外婆您在忙什么呢?”外婆笑着说:“我在做你和哥哥最爱吃的炊圆。”“是吗?”我高兴地手舞足蹈。“哇!太好了,太好了,有炊圆吃了。”我的话音刚落,阿姨和哥哥他们也到了,还把我夸了一番,说我的新衣服真漂亮,还说我长高了,长帅了。不一会儿外婆就做好了炊圆和一桌香喷喷的菜。看着这么多的菜,我满心欢喜,好多都是我最爱吃的。我立刻拿起筷子狼吞虎咽地吃了起来,阿姨他们有说有笑,看着我饥不择食的样子,都哈哈大笑,大家你看我,我看你,其乐融融。 哦,原来新年是这么的快乐,因为它不仅增添情趣,还代表新一年的到来。


the lunar new year is a great occasion to the chinese people. it lasts about the first four days of the year, during which people do not work except for the workers on duty. students do not go to school, and shops are closed.

several days before the new year, people begin to prepare. farmers kill pigs, sheep, cocks and hens. city dwellers buy meat fish and vegetables. houses are cleaned; coupletsare posted on the doors. colourful lanterns are hung at the gate.

on the eve of the new year, each family has its members gatherd together and eats a family reunion dinner. after the meal they watch tv until the clock strickes twelve. then every family sets off long strings of small firecrackers and other fire works to welcome the new year. on the first day of the new year, almost everyone is dressed in his or her best. when people meet on the way, they say to each other "happy new year". friends and relatives pay new year calls and gives presents to each other. children indulge themselves in games.



前几天在新的一年,人们就开始准备。农民杀了猪,羊,公鸡和母鸡。城市居民买肉鱼和蔬菜。房子干净; coupletsare门上张贴。色彩缤纷的灯笼挂在门口。



Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. Before the Spring Festival People clean their houses,put red couplets on their gates,and set off firecrackers to drive away the legendary monster “Nian”.

On the eve of the Spring Festival, families get together and have a big dinner. Dumplings are the most traditional food.

The Spring Festival lasts about 15 days long .People visit relatives and friends with the words “Happy new year”. People enjoy the Spring Festival, during this time they can have a good rest.

Children like the festival very much, because they can have delicious food and wear new clothes .They can also get some money from their elders. This money is given to children for good luck.






The annual lunar month, usually around the beginning of spring, so people called it a day as the Spring Festival, commonly known as the lunar year. Spring has come, it means that spring will come, it means a new round of planting, which means we have to grow up a year old, which means that the earth is recovery.

Spring arrived, the rich family every household paste couplets, red lanterns hung up. People usually want to paste blessing, we must stick backwards, it referred to the blessing. Some people posted pictures on the wall; some ingenuity of man to cut the grilles ...... Spring Festival, the household must firecrackers, crackling sounds come and go, people began the old and welcome ...... legend, this is a man of very Geely, one on the trees in depressed, not raw herbs; in one over on all things grow, flowers everywhere, in the end how to do this years off? How that can allow people to live a happy life? People use firecrackers away the years, because of fear of red, so that people live a happy life. Spring arrived, and this is a happy and peaceful life, it is a family reunion. Eat dumplings, is north of the custom, we eat a reunion dinner, more intimate it! Southern custom is to eat rice cakes, because they want to steadily rise, let us work together to greet the new life! Spring arrived, men and women are dressed in new clothes, to give the younger elder red envelopes. Spring arrived, and every household to buy New Year, Spring Festival this festive atmosphere, not only filled with joy at home, and filled the streets, some in the lion dance, and some firecrackers, as well as in dancing ......

Looking ahead, the city where brightly, it was the city, really crowded! Spring Festival, the new year is about to begin!





Spring Festival is the most important holiday for Chinese people. Excitement and happiness are palpable this time of the year, and they reach the peak on lunar new year‘s eve.


Though the 15-day period, which starts with the first day of the lunar new year and ends on the 15th day (known as Lantern Festival), is relatively long, it is the busiest time of the year for Chinese people. The arrangements they have to make for family reunions, buying necessities and preparing food keeps them busy throughout the holiday. Many of them travel back home and meet friends over dinner and drinks. The celebrations include decorating the house and setting off fireworks.


But we are talking about a tradition that seems to be fading.


Spring Festival, as it is celebrated today, has undergone many changes, thanks to the country‘s economic development and globalization.


Yet no Spring Festival is complete without food. People could not get good food whenever they desired in earlier times, something that does not apply to society today. More often than not, people faced the risk of famine. The best time for people to celebrate was when food was available in plenty, and that was possible in spring, or the beginning of the lunar new year. That was the main reason why Spring Festival acquired such great importance among Chinese people.


But three decades of economic growth has ensured that people in China, except for those who are still poor, can enjoy a good meal whenever they want. Such has been the change in people‘s fortune that some have to be treated for obesity and other health problems associated with excessive eating.


In the past, celebrations were limited to events like song-and-dance duets in North China, dragon/lion dances in South China and fireworks, which required the joint efforts of the entire community. But economic development and urbanization seems to have weakened the social links among people. Many, especially those living in cities, are not interested in celebrating the festival with people they hardly know.


Many customs associated with Spring Festival have changed, too. In the past, people used to visit relatives and friends with gifts and lots of good wishes. Today, many people, especially the youth, use their cell phones or the Internet to send their good wishes and even "gifts" to their relatives and friends. Some may say this a sign that people have become less caring about their near and dear ones, but we should see this development as a time- and energy-saving exercise granted by the information age.


In recent times, many people have started praying for a career promotion or more money instead of invoking God or the Buddha for a healthy and long life and the welfare of their family. But the number of such people is decreasing now, which shows that people are becoming more reasonable.













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