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  After months of reviewing the outlook for the pany in the wake of this economic downturn, I see no other alternative than to resign my position as chief financial officer with HHH (pany)。 Needless to say, after 12 years of service, this decision was not an easy one。

  Please make my resignation effective January 31, which is the end of my scheduled vacation。 I will turn over all pany books and settle my accounts prior to that date。

  I look back on the experience gained and the friends made with much regard。 My association with HHH has been a valued part of my life。

  Good luck to you in the years to e。














  Dear leaders:


  I regret that I officially resigned from the company at this time.

  First of all, I am very grateful to Yuhua for giving me a good internship opportunity. I am grateful to the company for its trust and care for me. I am grateful to the company for giving me a platform for personal advantage. During the company's n months of work, the company gave me a lot of nurturing. I learned a lot and improved a lot. At the same time, I also saw the cruelty of social competition. But because I didn't get what I wanted in the company, whether it was spiritual or material, I regret to submit my resignation to the company here. Yu Yuehua has been n-months old. Although he has been a bit saddened, after many considerations, I still intend to resign.

  In the past few days, I have carefully reviewed the work situation during the past few months. During my work, I worked hard to promote the development of the company. I have always focused on the interests of the company. In this n-month work, I Learned a lot of things, both in terms of professional skills and people, thank the company leaders for my care and cultivation.

  In the company, I don't get the treatment that I think I should value, but I deeply feel that my ability is limited, I can't meet the requirements of the company, and my ability is not enough in all aspects of the company's needs. Therefore, he now resigns to the company and hopes the company can understand it.

  Thanks again to the company for giving me good opportunities for environmental work and learning. I promise that I will not make any detrimental to the interests of the mission company after I left the company, nor will I disclose the situation inside the company. I sincerely hope that the company will continue to win and thrive in the future development journey! Company leaders and colleagues are doing a good job!














  Dear Institute Leader:

  How are you! It is a pity that at this time the official resignation was made to the hospital. I wrote this resignation report with extremely complicated feelings. Please believe me, this is not an impulse, but a decision that I made after careful consideration.

  It has been more than three years since I came to the hospital. It was here that I started to embark on a social journey and completed my transformation from a student to a social person. It can be said that the best time in my life was spent here. Three years of study have enabled me to have a deeper understanding of the theoretical knowledge I have learned in previous books, and my business abilities are constantly improving. What is important is that I learned how to be a person here; the equality of interpersonal relationships in a hospital, the open work style, and the humanistic management gave me the feeling of finding a way to rely on me. Here I can have a happy job and a happy learning. Whenever I encounter difficulties, everyone can give a helping hand and give them care. However, there is no challenge in the nursing work. The tedious and mechanical work of the nurses and the extremely low status of the nursing staff always make themselves embarrassed. This is true. From this I began to ponder, perhaps only suffering from frustration and setbacks, learning hard in the hard work, to find their own position, is my next choice in life.

  I am from the countryside. I am the son of a peasant and I have suffered a lot from hardship and suffering. However, I’ve been very successful since I was a child. This made me feel fortunate and I am now in deep misery, unable to extricate myself. Maybe people really want to learn to grow up. Accustomed to continuous efforts, continuous learning, continuous progress, but it is difficult to adapt to the protection of the environment, and often people will tell me introverted and personality is too prominent, this is a breakthrough for the hospital to cultivate talent or my own perfect Difficulties, perhaps this is also the reason why I find it difficult to adapt to this environment; I once thought why I was forced to adapt myself to the environment. Perhaps this kind of environment can no longer adapt to the development of the times. Please forgive my mouth for madness! Although my concept is: People need continuous development, progress, and perfection. In fact, I have also been trying to change and become adaptable to the environment in order to better play my role. But I think it's really hard. After considering it for a long time, I decided to leave! !

  Within two days of giving his resignation, I will leave the hospital and leave my colleagues who have shared the pains and hardships. I am reluctant to accept the leadership of the leaders, and I cannot bear the sincerity and friendliness among my colleagues. However, it has been decided that the retention will only make it harder for me to finally leave. Please ask the leader for approval! Thank you!

  Finally, sincerely wish the hospital will continue to soar! Leadership and colleagues work smoothly!

  Resigner: xx

  x year x month x day












  Dear management:

  Hello! First of all thank you for taking the time to read my resignation letter.

  I am very grateful that the company gave me such a rare internship opportunity. During the internship, the company leaders and colleagues' help and care for me, the company's equal interpersonal relationship and open-minded work style made me feel warm. After this period of internship in the company, I learned a lot of knowledge in the company's business field, accumulated a certain amount of experience, and had a deeper understanding of what I have learned. I am deeply grateful for this. I am very sorry that during this time, I did not create much value for the company. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will use what I have learned and do my best to create value for the company.

  The work experience in your company has brought me a lot of happy memories and also brought me the growth of my life experience. Unfortunately, because of xxx, I can't continue my internship in your company during this summer vacation. I'm ready for the x-month x Resigned from the company to leave the job, and during this time to complete the transfer of work in order to reduce the inconvenience caused to my company due to my departure.

  This experience in the company is very precious to me. In the future, I will be honored to be an intern for your company. I am convinced that this work experience in the company will be a very important part of my entire career development.

  Finally, I wish the company leadership and all colleagues good health and smooth work!






  Dear Mr。

  Please accept my resignation as associate chemist at the GERT Institute。 I plan to leave my job here on September 30, 19–, taking a few days of annual leave just prior to that effective date。

  As you know, my primary interest has been in the oil and gas industry。 Therefore, I’ve accepted a position with Fury Refining, Inc。, that should put me back in touch with my “first love。”

  Although I’m eager to accept the challenges in this new position, I reGREt leaving the institute。 You and the organization as a whole have treated me very well over the past three years。 I won’t forget the friendship and professional growth I’ve experienced as an employee here。

  Best wishes to all of you for years of expansion here。






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