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  Overwhelming Popularity of a New Work Causes Shortage of Printing Paper

  In the Jin Dynasty (265-420) there was a famous writer whose name was Zuo Si who, however, was very naughty and did not like to study when he was a small kid.His father often got angry, and yet young Zuo Si was as naughty as ever and would not study hard.

  One day, Zuo Si's father was chatting with his friends. his friends envied him his clever and loverly son. Hearing this, Zuo si's father sighed, "Please do not mention him. My son Zuo si does not study as well as I did when I was young, although I did not study well enough myself. It appears that he is actually a good-for-nothing." So saying, he looked disappointed. All this was witnessed by young Zuo Si. He felt very sad, feeling intensely that he would not be able to have a bright future if he did not study hard. So he was determined to study assiduously from then on. Day after day and year after year, Zuo Si gradually grew up. Because of his unremitting afforts in hard study, he became an erudite scholar and wrote very excellent essays. The "Ode to the Capital of the State of Qi", which took him one year to write, showed his brilliant literary talent and laid the foundation for his becoming an outstanding writer. then he planned to write an "Ode to the Capitals of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu Han and Wu" with the local conditions and customs as well as the produce of the three capitals as its content. In order to achieve the desired effect in content, structure and language, he applied himself to research work with great concentration, and was so absorbed in creative writing as to forget food and sleep. It took him ten whole years to finish the writing of "Ode to the Capitals of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu Han and Wu", a literary masterpiece.

  The "Ode to the Capitals of the Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu Han and Wu" was well received by the broad masses of readers after it made its appearance to the public, and people considered it as superbly written as the "Ode to the Western Capital (Changan) and to the Eastern Capital (Luoyang)" written by Ban Gu (32-92) and the "Ode to the Western Capital and to the Eastern Capital" written by Zhang Heng of the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to A.D.220). As the art of printing had not been invented at that time, people who were fond of this "Ode" had to make handwritten copies of it themselves. As there were so many people who vied with each other in making handwritten copies, the supply of writing paper fell short of the demand in Luoyang went up greatly.

  This story comes from "The life of Zuo Si" in the book "Literary Field" of The History of the Jin Dynasty. Based on this story, people have coined the set phrase "the price of writing paper went up greatly", meaning the overwhelming popularity of a new work causes shortage of printing paper, to show how popular an outstanding piece of literary work is.







  In the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, Grand General Huo Guang was a minister who occupied a decisive position at court and was deeply trusted by the emperor. when Emperor Wudi was dying, he entrusted Huo Guang with the task of assisting his youngest son Liu fuelling (Emperor Zhaodi)in go verning the country. After the death of Emperor Zhaodi,Huo Guang made Liu Xun the emperor. who was Emperor Xuandi of the Han Dynasty. Controlling the imperial government for more than 40 years ,Huo Guang had rendered fairly outstanding service to the Western Han Dynasty. After Liu Xun ascended the throne, he made Imperial Concubine Xu his queen. Hankering after wealth and rank, Huo Guang's wife Huo Xian tried to make her youngest daughter Chengjun the queen of Lin Xun. So ,taking the opportunity of the queen's illness, Huo Xian bribed a woman doctor who poisoned the queen to death. The venomous scheme was brought to light,and the woman doctor was put into jail. Huo Guang knew nothing about it beforehand, and it was not until after the event that his wife told him about it. Seized with terror, Huo Guang reproached his wife for doing such a thing, He thought of reporting his wife for her crime, but at the same time did not have the beart to have her wife punished. After much hesitation, he conceited the thing offensive to God and reason in the end. After Huo Guang died,Emperor Xuandi was informed of the case. Someone was sent to investigate it. Hearing this,Huo Guang's wife discussed with her family members and trusted followers in order to find a way to deal with her family members and trusted followers in order to find a way to deal with the situation. Three decided to call the clansmen together to stage a rebellion. But the secret was divulged. Emperor Xuandi sent troops to surround Hue's home, and all the members of Hue's family were executed. Commenting on the merits and demerits of Huo Guang, historian Ban Gu(32-92) said in "The Life of Huo Guang "in his History of the Han Dynasty that Huo Guang "had neither knowledge nor skill and did not understand the major principles". That is to say, Huo Guang did not understand the truths concerning the overall situation because he did not study and had no knowledge. The set phrase" having neither knowledge nor skill" is later used to refer to being ignorant and incompetent.




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