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  1、A musical bell, bewitching flowers are subject to time constraints only blessing of eternal forever I will always bless you for giving me the wisdom spring-my teacher.悦耳的铃声,妖艳的鲜花 都受时间的限制 只有我的祝福永恒 永远永远祝福您 给我智慧之泉的老师。

  2、Dear teacher, thank you for illuminating my voyage of life with your own light of life. My grateful sentiments come from the bottom of my heart.老师,感谢您用自己的生命之光,照亮了我人生的旅途,对您我满怀感谢之情。

  3、My heartfelt thanks to you, dear teacher. On the voyage of life, you have kindled the light of hope for me. What you have done enriches my mind and broadens my view. On this day I honour you sincerely.亲爱的老师,向您表达我最衷心的感谢。在人生旅途上,您为我点燃了希望之光,您所做的一切润泽了我的心灵,开阔了我的视野。今天我向您致以崇高的敬意。

  4、No one deserves a bigger thank you than you. One day is hardly enough to show our gratitude.没有人比您更值得如此深厚的谢意。仅这一天远不足以表达我们对您的感激之情。

  5、No one deserves a bigger thank you than you. One day is hardly enough to show our gratitude.没有人比您更值得如此深厚的谢意。仅这一天远不足以表达我们对您的感激之情。

  6、On the journey of life you have kindled the light of hope for me to enrich my mind, add my wisdom to thank you! Teacher, I wish you healthy forever, happy, happy!人生旅程上您为我点燃希望的光芒丰富我的心灵,增添我的智慧 谢谢您!老师,愿您永远健康、愉快、幸福!

  7、Our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistens our hearts. The love and care you have given us will encourage us to go through a long and arduous journey.亲爱的老师,您就象那春天的细雨,滋润着我们的心田。您给予我们的爱和关怀将鼓舞着我们走过艰难困苦.


  8、Our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistens our hearts. The love and care you have given us will encourage us to go through a long and arduous journey.亲爱的老师,您就象那春天的细雨,滋润着我们的心田。您给予我们的爱和关怀将鼓舞着我们走过艰难困苦。

  9、Remembrance of things past, and so in the description, young age, is the teacher solemnly entrusted to us to correct deviation from the course, teacher solid hands Tuoqi our bright future.追忆似水年华,描述师生情深,在那青涩的年代,是老师郑重的嘱托为我们纠正了偏离的航向,是老师坚实的双手拖起我们灿烂的明天。

  Rivers pushes us to the vast sea, the dawn brings us bright morning; my dear teacher, you lead us to a magnificent life.江河把我们推向浩瀚的大海,曙光给我们带来明媚的早晨;亲爱的老师,您把我们引向壮丽的人生。

  Teacher, are the cultivator, the sower. Are you with beautiful sunshine, with beautiful moisten, our hearts to lush, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade.老师,是美的耕耘者,美的播种者。是您用美的阳光普照,用美的雨露滋润,我们的心田才绿草如茵,繁花似锦。

  The remotest corners of the globe have to do, only Shien infinite period. Thank you, teacher!天涯海角有尽处,只有师恩无穷期。感谢您,老师!

  The teacher you are the most unforgettable person in my life, because of you, let my life fun, you have made my life a turning point, thank you!老师你是我一生最难忘的人,因为有了你,让我的生活出现了乐趣,有了你我的人生出现转折,谢谢你!

  You are not only a good teacher but our close friend. Thank you for helping us make something of our lives.您不仅是一位好老师,也是我们亲密的朋友,谢谢您帮助我们奋发有为。

  You have been a qualified teachers and even better friend. Thank you for all that you have done. 您不仅是一位合格的教师,更是一位好朋友,谢谢您所做的一切。


  1.Goodbye, and have a good year.再见了,祝你未来一年都很顺利。

  2.We are gathered here today to send off one of our upperclassman, Mr. Smith, who has been appointed to his new post in London. 今天在这里我们在这里相聚,为我们的学长史密斯先生送别,他被派到伦敦担任新职。

  3.May you have the best of luck in San Francisco.祝你在旧金山会有很好的运气。

  4.1.I really don’t know whether to be happy or sad here today.今天在这里我真的不知道要高兴,还是要悲伤。

  5.A year seems like such a long time to be away, so we will miss you a lot, and we hope you will miss us, too.过了一年,似乎是很久远以前的事,我们会很想念我 你,希望你一样想念我们。

  6.We will miss him as a worker amongst us and also as a cheerful friend who could always brighten the day around here.他是我们的同仁,也是让我们在这儿的日子充满欢乐的一位开朗的朋友,我们会怀念他的 。

  7.I hope you will think of me from time to time as I shall be thinking of you always.我希望你们不时会想到我,就像我经常会想着你们一样。

  8.I certainly wish Mr. Smith the best of luck in everything he undertakes, either academically or socially, at Hope College and in America.我祝福史密斯先生在霍浦学院和美国,不论是在学术上或是在社会上,一切顺利,万事如意。

  9.Thank you for taking time off from your busy jobs to come here tonight to say goodbye to Miss Smith.感谢你们今晚从百忙之中抽空到这儿向史密斯小姐道别。

  10.All the members of your department are before you today to wish you farewell and good luck in your future.你部门的所有同仁都来到你面前,祝你一路平安,未来福星高照。



  You are really a good teacher, thank you, wish you a happy teacher's day.


  The gardener, lofty title, I wish you all the peaches and chunhui times square.


  Teacher, if compare you to a clam, so students are clams in the sand.


  Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey.


  You are a very special person in our life, teacher, we all love you.


  It's getting dark, I got your eyes. At dawn, I cannot leave you eyes.


  If not you thought moist, how can a plant so many good flower of soul!


  You are not only a qualified teacher, is a good friend, thank you for what you have done.


  Teacher, you are a sincere kind of good. I hope all students hearts are open to you.


  The wisdom of the teacher, we send out light, flashing your hand forever ignited the spark.


  The wisdom of the teacher, today we send out light, still flashing you lit the spark!


  Do you use the torch lit up my life along the way, I want to sincerely say to you: thank you, teacher.


  Spreading knowledge is sowing hope, sowing happiness. Teacher, you are the hope and happiness seeder.


  The teacher, the dazzling name, will be like a bright star, always hung in our chests.


  Love you, more serious than father, than a mother's love is more delicate, more pure than friendship.


  You are like a candle, although thin, but there is one hot, send a spectral, lights others, exhausted themselves.


  Teacher, thank you for using the light of my life, light up my life journey, I am full of gratitude to you.


  You praise highly sincerity and honesty to as norms of human behavior. You are the role model in students mind.


  Teacher, parting although long, but you that image is like a brilliant bright points of light, has been in my heart.


  White chalk, bouts of falling. Dyed your hair, it will set off your green youth more rich.







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