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  孩童之道 Babys way

  F baby only wanted to, he could fly up to heaven this moment. 只要孩子愿意,他此刻便可飞上天去。

  It is not for nothing that he does not leave us. 他所以不离开我们,并不是没有缘故。

  He loves to rest his head on mother's bosom, and cannot ever bear to lose sight of her. 他爱把他的头倚在妈妈的胸间,他即使是一刻不见她,也是不行的。

  Baby knows all manner of wise words, though few on earth can understand their meaning. 孩子知道各式各样的聪明话,虽然世间的人很少懂得这些话的意义。

  It is not for nothing that he never wants to speak. 他所以永不想说,并不是没有缘故。

  The one thing he wants is to learn mother's words from mother's lips. That is why he looks so innocent. 他所要做的一件事,就是要学习从妈妈的嘴唇里说出来的话。那就是他所以看来这样天真的缘故。

  Baby had a heap of gold and pearls, yet he came like a beggar on to this earth. 孩子有成堆的黄金与珠子,但他到这个世界上来,却像一个乞丐。

  It is not for nothing he came in such a disguise. 他所以这样假装了来,并不是没有缘故。

  This dear little naked mendicant pretends to be utterly helpless, so that he may beg for mother's wealth of love. 这个可爱的小小的裸着身体的乞丐,所以假装着完全无助的样子,便是想要乞求妈妈的爱的财富。

  Baby was so free from every tie in the land of the tiny crescent moon. 孩子在纤小的新月的世界里,是一切束缚都没有的。

  It was not for nothing he gave up his freedom. 他所以放弃了他的自由,并不是没有缘故。

  He knows that there is room for endless joy in mother's little corner of a heart, and it is sweeter far than liberty to be caught and pressed in her dear arms. 他知道有无穷的快乐藏在妈妈的心的小小一隅里,被妈妈亲爱的手臂所拥抱,其甜美远胜过自由。

  Baby never knew how to cry. He dwelt in the land of perfect bliss. 孩子永不知道如何哭泣。他所住的是完全的乐土。

  It is not for nothing he has chosen to shed tears. 他所以要流泪,并不是没有缘故。

  Though with the smile of his dear face he draws mother's yearning heart to him, yet his little cries over tiny troubles weave the double bond of pity and love. 虽然他用了可爱的脸儿上的微笑,引逗得他妈妈的热切的心向着他,然而他的因为细故而发的小小的哭声,却编成了怜与爱的双重约束的带子。


  不被注意的花饰 The unheeded pageant

  AH, who was it coloured that little frock, my child, and covered your sweet limbs with that little red tunic? 啊,谁给那件小外衫染上颜色的,我的孩子,谁使你的温软的肢体穿上那件红的小外衫的?

  You have come out in the morning to play in the courtyard, tottering and tumbling as you run. 你在早晨就跑出来到天井里玩儿,你,跑着就像摇摇欲跌似的。

  But who was it coloured that little frock, my child? 但是谁给那件小外衫染上颜色的,我的孩子?

  What is it makes you laugh, my little life-bud? 什么事叫你大笑起来的,我的小小的命芽儿?

  Mother smiles at you standing on the threshold. 妈妈站在门边,微笑地望着你。

  She claps her hands and her bracelets jingle, and you dance with your bamboo stick in your hand like a tiny little shepherd. 她拍着她的双手,她的手镯丁当地响着,你手里拿着你的竹竿儿在跳舞,活像一个小小的牧童。

  But what is it makes you laugh, my little life-bud? 但是什么事叫你大笑起来的,我的小小的命芽儿?

  O beggar, what do you beg for, clinging to your mother's neck with both your hands? 喔,乞丐,你双手攀搂住妈妈的头颈,要乞讨些什么?

  O greedy heart, shall I pluck the world like a fruit from the sky to place it on your little rosy palm? 喔,贪得无厌的心,要我把整个世界从天上摘下来,像摘一个果子似的,把它放在你的一双小小的玫瑰色的手掌上么?

  O beggar, what are you begging for? 喔,乞丐,你要乞讨些什么?

  The wind carries away in glee the tinkling of your anklet bells. 风高兴地带走了你踝铃的丁当。

  The sun smiles and watches your toilet. The sky watches over you when you sleep in your mother's arms, and the morning comes tiptoe to your bed and kisses your eyes. 太阳微笑着,望着你的打扮。当你睡在你妈妈的臂弯里时,天空在上面望着你,而早晨蹑手蹑脚地走到你的床跟前,吻着你的双眼。

  The wind carries away in glee the tinkling of your anklet bells. 风高兴地带走了你踝铃的丁当。

  The fairy mistress of dreams is coming towards you, flying through the twilight sky. 仙乡里的梦婆飞过朦胧的天空,向你飞来。

  The world-mother keeps her seat by you in your mother's heart. 在你妈妈的心头上,那世界母亲,正和你坐在一块儿。

  He who plays his music to the stars is standing at your window with his flute. 他,向星星奏乐的人,正拿着他的横笛,站在你的窗边。

  And the fairy mistress of dreams is coming towards you, flying through the twilight sky. 仙乡里的梦婆飞过朦胧的天空,向你飞来。


  睡眠偷窃者 Sleep-Stealer

  WHO stole sleep from baby's eyes? I must know. 谁从孩子的眼里把睡眠偷了去呢?我一定要知道。

  Clasping her pitcher to her waist mother went to fetch water from the village near by. 妈妈把她的水罐挟在腰间,走到近村汲水去了。

  It was noon. The children's playtime was over; the ducks in the pond were silent. 这是正午的时候,孩子们游戏的时间已经过去了;池中的鸭子沉默无声。

  The shepherd boy lay asleep under the shadow of the banyan tree. 牧童躺在榕树的荫下睡着了。

  The crane stood grave and still in the swamp near the mango grove. 白鹤庄重而安静地立在檬果树边的泥泽里。

  In the meanwhile the Sleep-stealer came and, snatching sleep from baby's eyes, flew away. 就在这个时候,偷睡眠者跑来从孩子的两眼里捉住睡眠,便飞去了。

  When mother came back she found baby travelling the room over on all fours. 当妈妈回来时,她看见孩子四肢着地地在屋里爬着。

  Who stole sleep from our baby's eyes? I must know. I must find her and chain her up. 谁从孩子的眼里把睡眠偷了去呢?我一定要知道。我一定要找到她,把她锁起来。

  I must look into that dark cave, where, through boulders and scowling stones, trickles a tiny stream. 我一定要向那个黑洞里张望,在这个洞里,有一道小泉从圆的有皱纹的石上滴下来。

  I must search in the drowsy shade of the bakula grove, where pigeons coo in their corner, and fairies' anklets tinkle in the stillness of starry nights. 我一定要到醉花林中的沉寂的树影里搜寻,在这林中,鸽子在它们住的地方咕咕地叫着,仙女的脚环在繁星满天的静夜里丁当地响着。

  In the evening I will peep into the whispering silence of the bamboo forest, where fireflies squander their light, and will ask every creature I meet, "Can anybody tell me where the Sleep-stealer lives?" 我要在黄昏时,向静静的萧萧的竹林里窥望,在这林中,萤火虫闪闪地耗费它们的光明,只要遇见一个人,我便要问他:“谁能告诉我偷睡眠者住在什么地方?”

  Who stole sleep from baby's eyes? I must know. 谁从孩子的眼里把睡眠偷了去呢?我一定要知道。

  Shouldn't I give her a good lesson if I could only catch her! 只要我能捉住她,怕不会给她一顿好教训!

  I would raid her nest and see where she hoards all her stolen sleep. 我要闯入她的巢穴,看她把所有偷来的睡眠藏在什么地方。

  I would plunder it all, and carry it home. 我要把它都夺来,带回家去。

  I would bind her two wings securely, set her on the bank of the river, and then let her play at fishing with a reed among the rushes and water-lilies. 我要把她的双翼缚得紧紧的,把她放在河边,然后叫她拿一根芦苇在灯心草和睡莲间钓鱼为戏。

  When the marketing is over in the evening, and the village children sit in their mothers' laps, then the night birds will mockingly din her ears with: 黄昏,街上已经收了市,村里的孩子们都坐在妈妈的膝上时,夜鸟便会讥笑地在她 耳边说:

  "Whose sleep will you steal now?" “你现在还想偷谁的睡眠呢?”







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