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  Never Want too Long


  Each spring brings a new blossom of wildflowers in the ditches along the highway I travel daily to work.


  There is one particular blue flower that has always caught my eye. I've noticed that it blooms only in the morning hour, the afternoon sun is too warm for it. Every day for approximately two weeks, see those beautiful flowers.


  This spring, I started a wildflower garden in our yard. I can look out of the kitchen window while doing the dishes and see the flowers. I've often thought that those lovely blue flowers from the ditch would look great in that bed alongside other wildflowers.


  Everyday I drove past the flowers thinking, "I'll stop on my way home and dig them." "Gee, I don't want to get my good clothes dirty..." Whatever the reason, I never stopped to dig them. My husband even gave me a folding shovel for my trunk to be used for that expressed purpose.


  One day on my way home from work, I was saddened to see that the highway department had mowed the ditches and the pretty blue flowers were gone. I thought to myself, "Way to go, you waited too long. You should have done it when you first saw them blooming this spring."


  A week ago we were shocked and saddened to learn that my oldest sister-in-law has a terminal brain tumor. She is 20 years older than my husband and unfortunately, because of age and distance, we haven' t been as close as we all would have liked.


  I couldn't help but see the connection between the pretty blue flowers and the relationship between my husband's sister and us. I do believe that God has given us some time left to plant some wonderful memories that will bloom every year for us. And yes, if I see the blue flowers again, you can bet I'll stop

  and transplant them to my wildflower garden.



  The Basis of Love


  The following story took place long ago in Israel. One day when government officials were rebuilding a barn, they found a mouse hole in a corner and used smoke to force the mice inside the hole to come out. A while later they indeed saw mice running out, one after another.


  Then, everyone thought that all the mice had escaped. But just as they about to start to clean up, they saw two mice squeezing out at the exit of the hole. After some endeavor, the mice finally got out. The strange thing was that after they came out of the hole, they did not run away immediately. Instead, one chased after the other near the exit of the hole. It seemed that one was trying to bite the tail of the other.


  Everyone was puzzled, so they stepped closer to take a look. They realized that one of the mice was blind and could not see anything, and the other one was trying to allow the blind mouse to bite on his tail so he could pull the blind one with him to escape.


  After witnessing what happened, everyone was speechless and lost in thought. During meal time, the group of people sat down in a circle and started to chat about what happened to the two mice.


  One serious Rome official said: "I think the relationship between those two mice was that of emperor and minister." The others thought for a while and said: "That was why!" Thus the Rome official showed his arrogance superciliously.

  严肃的罗马长官说:"我认为刚才的两只老鼠是君臣主仆的关系众人思考一会后说原来如此! "于是罗马长官摆出一副高傲的模样。

  A smart Israeli said: "I think the relationship between those two mice was husband and wife." Again the others thought for a while, and all felt it made sense; so they expressed assent. There-fore, the Israeli's countenance, showed self-satisfaction.


  A Chinese, who was accustomed to the firm tradition of loyalty to parents, said: "I think the relationship between those two mice was that of mother and son. " Once again the others thought for a while, and felt this was more reasonable. So they expressed assent yet another time. Therefore, the face of the Chinese conveyed professional humility.


  At that moment, one pure-minded Samaritan who was squatted on the ground resting his chin in his palms, hewilderedly looked at other people, and asked: "Why did those two mice have to have a certain relationship? "

  此时,单纯的撒玛利亚人蹲在地上托着下巴,呆呆地望着众人,问道:"为什么两只老鼠一定要有什么关系呢? "

  Suddenly, the atmosphere froze. Stupefied, the group looked back at the Samaritan and remained speechless. The Rome official, the Israeli and the Chinese who had spoken earlier all lowered their heads in shame, and did not dare to respond.


  In fact, the true love is not established on benefit, friendship and loyalty or blood relationship. Instead, it is based on no relationship.



  Because of His Love因爱之名

  Job was not a brilliant man. He swept floors for a living. He believed that Tarzan was a real man, and that all those movies were really documentary of Tarzan's life. He was the butt of many jokes, yet he taught me about the essence of a "real man": love and respect for women, honor, kindness and gentleness.


  Job embraced life in unexpected, simple ways. He showed up for work, on time. He never bragged about himself, and he loved only one woman -his wife, Molly. Job filled void a in my life. He was principled straightforward and in my world of dishonor and lies. He loved me as his very own grandchild, even though he was a year younger than my father.


  I will never forget my graduation from high school. That was a day of hopeless inevitability for me. My father, who was a heavy drinker, began his celebration very early in the day. By the time we congratulated in the high school gymnasium my father had congratulated himself through nearly a case of beer.


  I tried to be invisible within a sea of faces. wanted to run away and disappear. Most of all I wanted was no one to guess whose kid I was. 1 was betrayed by my last name, which began with the letter "A" , so I was the first graduate on the first row. Being a red-head gave me even more exposure, and the becalaureate, speaker, who had never met me, decided to use me as his audio-visual aid.

  我尽力让自己在人海里显得毫不起眼。我想逃走。我想消失。我最希望的,就是没人知道我是谁的孩子。可我的姓氏出卖了我。我姓氏的首字母是"A",因此我是第一排的第一个毕业生。满头的红发让我更加显眼,而那个与我从未谋面的毕业致词者,决定把我当作辅助他, "教学的工具 "。

  "This young lady, this bright young lady with the bright red hair. " His voice rolled through the auditorium in sonorous phrases, as I sank lower in my seat. Over to my left, at the door of the auditorium, was a seating arrangement for the "elderly". And there sat Molly, age , and Job, age 47, with all of the grandparents. My heart ached when I looked at them, wishing with all my heart that I were, truly, their grandchild.

  "这位年轻的女士,这位长着一头亮丽红友的漂亮女士。 "他言词夸张,声音在礼堂里盘旋回响。而座位上的我,却缩得更低了。我左边的礼堂门口处,是给"长者 "的座位区。61岁的莫莉和47岁的乔布跟其他人的祖父母们都坐在那儿。我望着他们,心如刀割。我多么希望我真是他们的孙女。

  As the speaker continued with his speech, he reached a point where he had an uncontrollable urge to introduce "all the wonderful people who have made this day possible!"


  "All the siblings of the graduates, please, stand." I slipped lower in my seat, glancing hurriedly around, hoping to remain invisible.


  "Now, all the parents, please stand." Dear Lord, I thought, I'm sure my father can't stand, even if he wanted to. I didn't bother to look around.


  "Now the grandparents" I closed my eyes, dreading the hopelessness of my situation. I had no grandparent to stand proudly for me. I finally opened my eyes, and there they were, Job and Molly, standing proudly with all the other grandparents. Job looked over at me, his eyes beaming like diamonds.

  "现在,祖父母们… "我闭上眼睛,处境让我不堪设想。没有祖父母会为我自豪地站起来。我最后睁开了眼睛,他们站起来了——乔布和美莉,他们所有的祖父母们一起自豪地站起来了。乔布看着我,眼睛里闪烁着钻石般的光芒。

  "I'm so proud of you," he smiled as he mouthed the words that I will never forget. I knew that he stood there, not out of duty, but because of his love for me!


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