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1. A; 2. D; 3. A; 4. C; 5. C; 6. B; 7. B; 8. C; 9. D; 10. B; 11. A; 12. C; 13. D; 14. A; 15. B; 16. B; 17. D; 18. A; 19. C; 20. D; 21. A; 22. D; 23. C; 24. B; 25. A




文章开头:Our brains respond to language...

26. E) differentiate

27. D) deliberate

28. B) aggravated

29. M) speculative

30. G) evokes

31. O) uncertainty

32. C) ascertain

33. F) discourse

34. A) activated

35. L) scenarios


文章标题:African countries must get smarter with their agriculture

36. E; 37. H; 38. B; 39. G; 40. C; 41. F; 42. I; 43. A; 44. D; 45. J


Passage One

文章开头:One of the great successes of the Republican Party in recent decades is the relentless propagation of a simple formula for economic growth: tax cuts.

46. B; 47. C; 48. A; 49. B; 50. A

Passage Two

文章开头:Journal editors decide what gets published and what doesn't, affecting the careers of other academics and influencing the direction that a field takes.

51. D; 52. C; 53. B; 54. A; 55. D



文章开头:The desert is deceiving. At first glance it is…..

26. D flat

27. A apt

28. F overflowing

29. C extremes

30. B burning

31. N synonymous

32. L stimulate

33. H probably

34. M sturdy

35. O unique


文章标题:Treasure Fever

36. F; 37. B; 38. I; 39. D; 40. G; 41. L; 42. C; 43. J; 44. E; 45. K


Passage One

文章开头:Could you get by without using the internet for four and a half year?

46. C; 47. C; 48. D; 49. B; 50. A

Passage Two

文章开头:Psychologists have long been in disagreement as to whether competition is a learned or a genetic component of human behavior.

51. D; 52. D; 53. C; 54. B; 55. D



文章开头:Modern US cities were designed to make exercise unnecessary.

26. G) impose

27. M) sprawl

28. A) correlation

29. F) imperative

30. E) foster

31. B) dense

32. I) longevity

33. K) recreational

34. D) equity

35. C) deter


文章标题:Can Learning a Foreign Language Prevent Dementia?

36. D; 37. F; 38. A; 39. K; 40. E; 41. I; 42. C; 43. G; 44. B; 45. H

46. D; 47. A; 48. B; 49. A; 50. C

Passage Two

文章开头:Spiders make their presence felt in late August and through early autumn…

51. A; 52. B; 53. C; 54. B; 55. D


Passage One

文章开头:Research is meant to benefit…..



With the development of economy and society,therehas been a significant change in the population

structure in China,gradually transitioning into an语aging society.It is expected that China's elderlypopulation will continue to increase,and the trendof population aging will become more obvious.Tocope with various challenges brought about bypopulation aging,the country is actively takingmeasures to strengthen support for elderly care.

Through the reform of the social security system,thegovernment has continuously increased social

security funds and gradually expanded the coverageof social security in order to benefit more elderlypeople.Furthermore,the government encouragesvarious social organizations to provide services forthe elderly.Through the collaborative efforts of thegovernment and social organizations,the elderly will

live a happier life.



As China is facing an ageing society,there is a

widespread concern over the issue of elderly care.What kind of care model for the elderly should beadopted is the most debated topic.The majority ofpeople believe that the care model for the elderlyshould be diversified.More and better elderly serviceinstitutions can be established,community servicecentres can be improved,and self-care for theelderly at home can be encouraged through

government guidance and social participation.It isalso possible to promote a model of the elderly thatcombines family and social care.The continuousincrease in government and social investment inservices for the elderly wittbring further

火英语1improvements in care facilities,gradual

enhancements in the quality of services and a moreconvenient and comfortable life with health and

happiness for the elderly.



In recent years,China's elderly population has

continued to grow.The Chinese government istaking various measures to promote the

construction of a service system for the elderly,sothat the elderly can live a healthy and happy life intheir later years.Various service institutions for theelderly have been built across the country.In orderto improve the service quality of elderly care

institutions,the government has issued a series ofstandards to strengthen the supervision of elderlycare institutions.In order to make it easier for theelderly to eat,many cities have opened communitycanteens to provide them with affordable meals.Meals on wheels are also available for the elderlywith limited mobility.At the same time,China is alsoactively exploring other old-age care models,such ashome-based and community old-age care,to ensurethat all elderly people have adequate old-agesupport.


As is known to all,gaining sound knowledge of the basics isof vital importance for students to master an academic sub-ject.However,not everyone is on the same page about thistopic.Some opponents may argue that some basic knowl-edge is outdated and not worth our time and attention.Inmy opinion,the former argument is more reasonable.

If we can gain sound knowledge of the basics,we can bene-fit from them throughout our lifetime.First,students whohave a solid foundation in their subjects usually have betteracademic performance,because these students have higherefficiency in study,which in turn bolsters their confidence.Second,if students can master an academic subject,manyopportunities may follow.They can choose to stay in the ac-ademic sphere,such as pursuing higher degrees,or findhigh-paying jobs where they can convert their academicachievements into tangible outcomes.These are largely at-tributable to their sound knowledge of the basics.Besides,sound knowledge of the basics can help attract more friendsin their academic domain,which is beneficial for thelong-term academic pursuits of those passionate about ac-ademic research.

To sum up,we should attach sufficient importance to gain-ing sound knowledge of the basics.To achieve this,weought to bear in mind that Rome was not built in a day,andlet's aim for slow,steady progress towards our goal.






With their valuable skills and experiences,elderly peoplecan continue to make significant contributions to society.This view is accepted by more and more citizens as they wit-ness firsthand the capabilities of these experienced individ-uals.

First of all,the older generation,especially highly skilledworkers,is still irreplaceable for jobs that require extensiveskills and expertise.Without them,it is highly possible thatwork quality and efficiency will be seriously affected.In ad-dition,these senior citizens play a significant role in trainingor cultivating the young generation by passing down theirvaluable skills and experiences.Young people,benefitingfrom this mentorship,can directly contribute to their organi-zations and country.Finally,the elderly can even be part ofthink tanks,offering precious advice or suggestions to themanagement teams of firms or to the government,thus pro-moting development.

Therefore,recognizing the significance of elderly peopleand encouraging their active participation in society is cru-cial,rather than merely viewing them as individuals whoshould retire from active life.





Nowadays,parents are increasingly aware that allowingkids more freedom to explore and learn on their own helpsfoster their independence and boost their confidence.Onsocial media,it is common to see many youngsters who areindependent and confident,a trait often attributed to auton-omy in their childhood development.

The importance of autonomy can be explained as follows.Firstly,children who are given more freedom can cultivatecritical thinking skills,problem-solving abilities,and resil-ience.As they navigate challenges and learn from their mis-takes,children become more self-reliant and resourceful,which in turn bolsters their confidence and self-esteem.Second,granting autonomy to children nurtures their cre-ativity and curiosity.When children are allowed to pursuetheir passions,they are more likely to discover new talentsand develop a lifelong love of learning.If they graduate andenter the workplace in the future,they are more likely tocreate a good impression on their boss and thus are morelikely to receive a pay raise or a promotion quickly.

To sum up,the increasing awareness of the importance ofautonomy in childhood development is crucial.It not onlyhelps foster children's independence and confidence butalso contributes to their overall well-being and future careersuccess.