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  Saving David拯救大卫

  Years ago, when I was working as a psychologist at a children's institution in England, an adolescent boy showed up in the waiting room, it was David.


  David wore a black raincoat that was buttoned all the way up to his neck. His face was pale, and he stared at his feet while wringing his hands nervously. He had lost his father as an infant, and had lived together with his mother and grandfather ever since. But when David turned 13, his grandfather died and his mother was killed in a car accident. He was very depressed, refusing to talk to others.


  The first two times we met, David didn't say a word. He sat in the chair and only looked up at the children's drawings on the wall. As he was about to leave after the second visit, I put my hand on his shoulder. He didn't shrink back, but he didn't look at me either.


  "Come back next week," I hesitated a bit. Then I said, "I know it hurts."


  He came, and I suggested we play a game of chess. He nodded. After that we played chess every Wednesday afternoon

  in complete silence and without making any eye contact. It's not easy to cheat in chess, but I admit that I made sure David won once or twice.


  It seemed as if he enjoyed my company. But why did he never look at me? "Perhaps he senses that I respect his suffering." I kept wondering and playing with him, until some months later, suddenly, he looked up at me, "It's your turn," he said.


  After that day, David started talking He got friends in school and joined a bicycle club. He wrote to me a few times, after that the letters stopped. Now he had really started to live his own life.


  Maybe I gave David something. At least I learned a lot from him. I learned how time makes it possible to overcome what seems to be an insuperable pain. I learned to be there for people who need me. And David showed me how one - without any words - can reach out to another person. All it takes is a hug, a shoulder to cry on,a friendly touch, a sympathetic nature - and an ear that listens.



  One True Love真正的爱

  He never believed that true love existed.


  His parents divorced when he was young and he didn't think that true love was able to survive in today's world.


  He was proven wrong.


  His grandparents were always supportive to the kids and tried to help them when their parents divorced. He knew they loved each other, just wasn't sure it was true love. He had never heard them say, "I love you or show any affection other than hugging. They had been married for over fifty years and he thought that their true love was gone.


  But again he was wrong. His grandfather, Ralph, was struck ill in his junior year of college and he didn't know how serious it was until he fell and hurt his hip. While in the hospital, the doctors found out a tumor in his lungs. They told him that he had lung cancer and due to previous illnesses, they could not operate and he was too weak for chemotherapy.


  It was around Thanksgiving Day and by Christmas his condition worsened. The cancer spread and in late January his sister away at college too, called him crying and said she was on her way home because the doctors told our family that their grandfather had only a week to live, that by the weekend he would no longer be with them. Their family came in from around the country and slayed next to his side.


  It was there he realized that true love does exist today and will survive beyond death. Every night as his grandfather grew more fragile, he would whisper sweet words to grandmother, Madge. The night before he died, grandmother was walking out of his room and he said to her "I love you Madge baby".

  就是在祖父身边,他才认识到当今世界上真正的爱确实存在着,并且可以超越死亡。每天晚上,当他的祖父变得越来越虚弱时,他会用甜蜜的话语同他的马奇祖母低声交谈。就在祖父去世前的晚上,当祖母走出他的房间时,祖父对祖母说"我爱你,亲爱的马奇! "

  The next morning he received a phone call at work that grandfather had passed during the night. Throughout his short battle with cancer, he realized how much two people can love each other and he realized how much it means to be loved and give love. It is the greatest gift on earth and it lasts beyond life because you never forget your one true love.

  第二天早晨,上班时他收到一个电话:他的祖父在夜里去真世了。在他的祖父与癌症病魔的短暂抗争中,他认识到两位老情人相互爱得是多么深,他还认识到被爱和爱意味着什么。这是? 世界上最伟大的礼物,它将超越生命而永存,因为你永远也不会忘记你的一次真正的爱。


  Waiting for Love爱的等待

  They had known each other for 3 years. Both of them were of conservative type, shy and introverted. Although he had never mentioned the word of love in her presence. She was able to vaguely detect burning passion for her in his different look. She dropped one hint after another to encourage him, but he remained big fool never dare to disclose to his own thought. Time passed by so quickly, 3 years later she was engaged to another young man. However, she could not drive his image away from her mind on the eve of the engagement.


  "If he comes and proposes now, I'm still willing to go back to him." She complained amidst the congratulations of her relatives and friends. Yet he did nothing of the sort at the difference of the look was a faint streak of melancholy. At least, it was the eve of marriage, nevertheless, for happiness of marriage mingled with a touch of sadness.


  "Even if he should come and propose now, I would give up all this in favor of this belated happiness." She said lo herself as she tried wedding gown, but again he was as silent as ever only his eyes betrayed great misery.


  50 years passed and passage of the time turned their hair silvery while. She was the first to collapse. In her critical condition, he come from other place to see her. Holding his hand in tight grip She asked him one question into which she had compressed the perplexities and expectations of the life lime, "Tell me, what on earth have you been waiting for? " "Waiting for you to..." he mumbled out his life long hesitations and expectations only when he made sure no one else was within hearing. "For me what? " "For you to break the ice! "

  50年过去了,两人都已两鬓斑白。最终,她先倒了下去,临终前,他从远方赶回看她。她握紧他的手,把一生的疑虑和期待化为一句话"请你告诉我,你究竟在等什么?""我在等你…啊,"他颤抖地说道,这也是他犹豫了一生的期待。"等我什么?""等你先开口啊! "

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