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Admire the full moon In the Mid Autumn Festival, China will celebrate the ancient customs, "book of Rites" in the records of "autumn month", namely the worship of god, Mid Autumn Festival customs. To Zhou Dai, every Mid Autumn Festival night to meet the cold and festival. Large incense table, put the moon cake, watermelon, apples, plums, grapes and other seasonal fruits, cakes and watermelon is absolutely cannot little. Watermelon also cut into lotus shaped. In the Tang Dynasty, the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon is quite popular. In the Song Dynasty, to celebrate the mid autumn festival wind more prosperous, according to the Tokyo Menghua recorded "record:" mid autumn night, your home decorative knot taixie, civil war accounted for restaurants play a month ". Whenever this day, the capital of all shops, restaurants have to re decoration, arch tie silk wounded, sell fresh fruit and refined good food, night market was bustling, people put on the balcony, some rich people in their own pavilions moon and put food or arrange a dinner, family reunion child together to celebrate during our chat. After the Ming and Qing Dynasties, to celebrate the mid autumn festival custom remains the same, many places formed big dipper incense burning, tree Mid Autumn Festival, point tower lights, put the sky lanterns, walk the moon, the fire dragon dance and other special customs.



中秋节的风俗习惯。到了周代,每逢中秋夜都要举行迎寒和祭月。设大香案,摆上月饼、西瓜、苹果、李子、葡萄等时令水果,其中月饼和西瓜是绝对不能少的。西瓜还要切成莲花状。 在唐代,中秋赏月、玩月颇为盛行。在宋代,中秋赏月之风更盛,据《东京梦华录》记载:“中秋夜,贵家结饰台榭,民间争占酒楼玩月”。每逢这一日,京城的所有店家、酒楼都要重新装饰门面, 牌楼上扎绸挂彩,出售新鲜佳果和精制食品,夜市热闹非凡,百姓们多登上楼台,一些富户人家在自己的楼台亭阁上赏月,并摆上食品或安排家宴,团圆子女,共同赏月叙谈。



"Dew from the night, moon is home to the ming". In the twinkling of an eye, but also ushered in the annual mid autumn festival. The Mid Autumn Festival, I went back to grandma and grandpa, over the Mid Autumn Festival together with them. Here, let me talk about a few interesting things happened in the Mid Autumn Festival! eat moon cakes "Eat moon cakes!" as I cry, a few lovely "Baby Cakes" is my "please" on the table. Looking at a lovely baby cakes, each intact, shine, I can't bear to eat them. Suddenly my mind emerges out of an idea: "why not yielded, held a competition to eat moon cakes?? the idea immediate access to the family's approval, so" first family eat moon cake contest "officially began. I am unable to hold oneself back took one I like to eat red bean paste cakes, a bite out of a crescent moon. Well, the home of the moon cake is really good, a large, thin, filling more. Really good to eat, and then look at the father and mother of the moon cake, but also did not eat half, and I have been in the stomach. This time I eat moon cake contest really happy to gain a complete victory! NO.2 moon As the saying goes: did not how the moon on Mid Autumn Festival "without the moon is not autumn? I hope of hope, the sun father-in-law finally fell mountain, sister moon slowly rises, she is embedded in the deep blue of the night sky like a white jade plate, sprinkled thousand wisp of silvery light, is like a layer of white frost. The moonlight shining on us, adds unlimited joy for the mid autumn festival. NO.3 was Jiajiang A month after, returned to the house, log in to your QQ, Shu teacher gave me a newspaper to the good news. I took part in the composition network "summer essay contest" won the first prize. The prize is the honor certificate and a set of stationery set. The good news for the Mid Autumn Festival has added a festive. "Fun every year, especially the mid autumn festival". This year's Mid Autumn Festival, I had a very happy, happy.










The Mid-Autumn is a very important Chinese festival. It falls on the 15th day of August. A few days before the festival, everyone in the family will help to make the house clean and beautiful. Lanterns will be hung in front of the house.

On the evening there will be a big family dinner. People who work far away from their homes will try to come back for the union. After dinner, people will light the lanterns which are usually red and round. Children will play with their own toy lanterns happily.

At night the moon is usually round and bright. People can enjoy the moon while eating moon-cakes which are the special food for this festival. They can look back on the past and look forward to the future together. It is said that there was a dragon in the sky. The dragon wanted to swallow up the moon. To protect the frighten the dragon away.

I think Mid-Autumn Day is an old traditional festival in Chi-na. Everybody likes it because it's a family get-together. You see> it is called“Mid-Autumn Day”, so it often comes in September or October. It is on the 15th of the 8th of the lunar month. Now, let's say something about this interesting festival.






Autumn, we ushered in the annual Mid Autumn Festival, I love the Mid Autumn Festival, love it the mooncake golden full, but also love it the elixir of love. Fifteen moon sixteen round, so we decided to go to the moon in the night of sixteen. Night fell, we came to the square, we sit on the grass, when the moon has not appeared, the sky is a dark blue, but in the square of the street lamps are hung with lanterns, the streets filled with festive atmosphere. People in the hands of the fluorescent stick, colorful, the streets are more beautiful dress up. The moon seems to want to play hide and seek, always refused to appear. The sky is only a few Zero Zero spread, exudes a faint light of the stars. Suddenly the sky appeared some white, as if the moon is coming, looking at the moon rising from the West. When the moon is very round, also do not have what light, a cloud strikes, the moon once again tested, finally to a perfect, beautiful gesture to show in front of people commotion. Everybody happens to coincide put up the fireworks, fireworks smile and Jiaojiao moon constitute the a beautiful scenery line, for a while, the fireworks finished, the crowd quiet down. Began to enjoy the moon, I can not help but think of the away at the home of the grandmother, grandfather, the Mid Autumn Festival is a family reunion when, how I want to grandma, Grandpa, in side with us together to enjoy the silence of the night, beautiful, and the moon bright and tender. Hope that the home of the moon is so beautiful, so round. In the moon, there seems to be so dribs and drabs shadow, which let me reminds me of the story of "the moon lady", the little drops of the shadow should be is the goddess of the moon Miss descendants, "Chang E regret to steal a panacea, bhqt night heart". Back home, our family around the table cut cakes, moon cakes have almond, ice skin, yellow and so on, but my favorite or double yellow, because it looks golden full, thin filling pretty, eating up the palate. I'm going to have to eat moon cakes! Qishuang high, I love autumn, all customs, habits also love mid autumn festival.





In China, Mid-autumn Day is considered to be a symbol of family reunion. On this day, all the family members gather together at home to celebrate this special occasion. Last year, I could not celebrate the festival with my family because I was in university. However, this special day left a deep impression on me.

I still remember the atmosphere of that evening. All the students who could not go back home assembled in our classroom, having a party to celebrate this traditional festival. We tried our best to show our own enthusiasm. As an ethnic minority, I performed a peacock dance, which received warm applause. After the two-hour party, we went out to the playground and sat together to appreciate the moon because it is a tradition on Mid-autumn Day. We ate moon cakes, played cards, and listened to romantic poems recited by one of our classmates. In that harmonious atmosphere, nobody felt lonely or homesick even though we were far away from our homes.

Thanks to our classmates, I experienced such a colorful and interesting Mid-autumn Day at my university. Thus, I learned to value all the festivals I spent during my university life.















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